Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 14


5 years later

It was hard to leave them, but after that night the last time i saw him, I didn’t see him anymore, after a week were back home from travel I didn’t hear about him and i got scared to ask my brothers. I decided to stay here in Boston, my family was arguing about my lifestyle cause i spent my time for studying medicine. I take classes both online and actual in school i want to make my self busy to forget him. I didn’t know what really happened but as I remember after we arrived from travel I didn’t see my two brothers for two weeks and after that they came home I didn’t receive anymore a gift from different suitors or disturbing my parents for a arrangement marriage. I didn’t even go home for every holiday seasons even especial event like birthdays. I just want space nothing at all and stay away for everything.

“ hello Princess!?” I didn’t expect Samuel will visit me

“ Sam!?” I hugged him tightly

“ you look great and more beautiful my princess!?” I let him in and we sit at couch, he was very angry when I decided this and even avoiding them

“ how was mom and dad!?” I saw sadness in his eyes

“ they’re ok, but not at like the same when were you with us?!” I look at him

“ is everything ok Sam??’!” I ask him but I sense he was in hesitate to tell me

“ yes?! Ahms.. vic and tracey will getting married!?” I was surprised to his news, I remember they broke up for two years

“ thats good to hear sam!?” I smiled at him

“ you don’t want to attend!?” I look at him, what should i do

“ I’ll think about it, I’m so busy Sam? Its the first year of my internship and i even busy for online schooling?!” He look down

“ I think you should know? When you decided to stay here? Mom is always sad and unfortunately she’s not in good health now?” I was shock when he said,

“ but? Why no one even tell me!?” My tears starting flowing

“ it was you always denied to visit Sam? Mom said one day you’ll come home?!” I see mix emotions on his eyes and i don’t blame them to angry with me cause it was my fault.

“ I’m sorry Sam?! It’s...” I can’t tell him what is the real reason why I should stay away.

“ I’m not staying long i have to catch my flight tonight, take care always Sam?!” He stood up and he hugged me tightly, I sensed that there is something wrong

I have to decide soon, but first I have to fix here before to go back. After a week of process of everything i have to pack my things.

“ I’ll miss you?!” It was troy, we are not in a relationship but were close.

“ I’ll miss here, but i have to go back..but let’s keep in touch??!” I smiled at him and we hugged each other before i enter at the boarding

Tears starting to flow when i step outside of the airport, yes they thought I’m strong inside and outside but even myself I don’t know after what happened when I decided to move to Boston. I took and uber to take me at our house, i can easily search about him but I decided to let it go everything to heal my pain.

“ Ms. Samantha,?!” When the guards saw me at the monitor he open immediately the gate.

“ thank you!?” I smiled at him, it was all the-same when i last hear nothing is change.

I walk to the door, it was so silent here, it was all all the same but you can feel the different ambiance, i heard something dropped in the floor and it was the head of maids.

“ you’re back Sam?!” She step forward to me and i see tears in her eyes

“ Elena?!!” I hugged her tightly

“ hungry!?” She ask me but i shook my head for no and i look at her

“ they are in the office, you’re mom always stay at the office,?!” She sound like sad

“ I’ll change first, i have appointment later?!” I smiled at her before walk upstairs.

I miss my car, so I decided to use it, cause i have to meet first someone. After we talk and settle about my continuing my internship here I decided to go groceries and cook for something about dinner. But they didn’t come home early, so I decided to go to my room and sleep. I woke up late but unfortunately they are all gone? So I decided to go at the hospital to get my schedule this coming Monday.

“ sorry?!” I just bumped into a girl and to my surprise it was Cheska

“ Sam?!” She was froze to see me, and i saw tears starting flowing to her eyes

“ ches?! I miss you!?” I smiled at her but to my surprise she was wearing a nurse uniform?

“ what happened to you’re dream?!” I ask her but she smiled at me

“ lets talk later? I have duty first ok? You’re no?” I lend her my phone to type her no.

Its been 3 days I’m here but unfortunately they didn’t know I’m home? Samuel was out of the country and my parents was out for work. Victor was busy with preparation for his wedding.

“ goodmorning?!” I greeted the reception girl

“ may i help you maam?!” She ask look at me head to toe

“ is mr: and mrs: knights here!?” I ask her politely

“ do you have some appointment to them?!” She ask me

“ no? But i came here to see them? So may i know if they are here or not!?” I sound like annoyed

“ but maam you can’t just barge here without any kind of...!” I didn’t make her finish i just walk to the private elevator and ignore her calling behind

“ ma’am? Please cooperate to us nicely!?” One of the security approach me when i step out of the elevator i look at them and smirked

“ well..gentlemen? Try me?!” One try to hold but I’m so faster, then in less than a minute they are all down. I see the starting gathering and shock to saw the 5 big guys was down in the floor.

“ excuse me?!” I fix my self before walk to straight at the office of my dad

“ ms. Sam?!” His secretary stood but i stop her i just want to surprise my dad, I put my hand print to open the door.

“ Dad?!” I slowly called him and mom stood up

“ Samantha?!” I saw mom and i felt guilt that she was not look find like before last i saw her

“ mommy?!” I run to her and hugged

“ Sam...!?” I started crying to her and dad hugged me

“ mom? I’m so sorry mom? Dad?” I’m crying with mom arms

“ why you didn’t call us that you’re going home?!” Dad ask and I rolled my eyes

“ dad? I was home 3 days ago? But unfortunately you guys didn’t know?!” I told them

“ i told you? Her room was open right?!” Mom ask dad

“ I want to spent my time to her, lex?” Mom said to dad

“ mom? Don’t worry I’m not going back? I’m staying for good?!” They look at me in surprise and they hugged me again

“ lets have a family dinner tonight ok? I’ll call the boys?!” Dad smiled

But i got a little scolded by dad for my actions earlier and i just say sorry a bit? We spent mom talking here to dad office about my life at Boston. Dad was busy but he didn’t want us to walk out.

“ Mom?! Is something wrong?!” I heard Samuel arrive but i hide my self

“ dad? Dad?” Victor yelling calling dad

“ son? You don’t have to yelled?!” Dad said

“ Tracey..Come to grandma Scarlet?!” I heard mom said and i was surprise that i have a niece?

“ it was more happy if Sam is here?!” I heard Victor said

“ who said not?!” I surprise them and i see the surprise in their faces

“ Samantha?!” They said in unison and I can’t breathe of their hugs

“ I can’t breathe!?” I told them

“ we miss you?!” Vic said while peck my head

“ you silly?” Samuel said

“ and my dear friend? I think I’ll listen the whole night about it?!” I smirked to tracey

“ Sam?!” She hugged me and I wiped the tears in her face

“ as always Trace?!” I smiled at her

The dinner was fun by talking and i see my niece Scarlet is more resemblance of my brother Vic. We were separated by 12 midnight and it was so fun.

“ goodmorning mom?” I greet her I’m done making our breakfast dad and two brothers also greeted on me

“ you’re so early?!” Dad kiss my head

“ it’s my first day of the hospital so i have to get up early?!” They look at me

“ huh?! Where!?” Dad ask

“ at the Amore Hospital?!” I told them

I told them about my studies and mom was complaining that why i work so much about it, then usual i lied to them what is the real reason. So when Samuel want to dropped me but I declined it cause only the head director knows that I’m related to this family. I don’t want special treatment at my work place.

“ don’t you ever Sam? Vic? Please?!” I glared at them and dad was laughing behind us. I miss my baby bike but not now? So I decided make a ride to mom and dad but they dropped me across the street.

My first day is find, because of my records i was called to assist the operation with my superior and I didn’t disappointed them of my skills. I’m the top of my batch thats why it’s hard to them to let me go when I decided to transfer here.

“ first day? Sam? But the others was gossiping about you!?” Cheska and I eating our lunch at the cafeteria

“ ignore them ok?!” I smirk

“ Sam? What is the real reason why you cut off us?!” I saw sadness in her eyes

“ one day I’ll tell you guys ok?!” She smiled at me and i can see the look of others to me

My shift ended at night and when i got home the car i told the butler buy for me is at the garage. Samuel was asking why I’m using the red vio? Simple i want my life easy everyday.

Month past and the more I’m always at the operating room the more i have enemies that what always cheska said. I even told Vic to blur my picture at everything in the internet so even in my work place no one can recognise me.

“ are you alright?!” I ask cheska cause she look so pale like she saw a ghost?

“ it’s...” i look where she was looking and i saw a tall man who enter at the front door wearing a grey suit and every women he walk past they’re admiring him

“ ex?!” I tease her and to my surprise she dragged my wrist to hide at one of the corners

“ gosh...I thought I never see him again?!” She look confused

Then she told me that after I went to Boston she and alex didn’t work out and i like to ask her about him? But i retreat cause I’m not ready yet to open up


It’s been 3 years last I’m here, i was force to come here because of dad, to find the culprit of the hospital. I received the full report and it was 2 years been missing money. I was busy to my underworld business and dad at our legal businesses. After her, i have no interest in any girl and my two buddies always tease me but i just ignore them. Alex don’t want to back here because of cheska, we saw how he was broke after she left him, the old Alex awaken and even Brent was worried about it. I don’t know how many times he killed women’s flirting him.

“ He just arrived at the hospital? And inform the chief director about everything.” Brent said

“ and?!” I’m drinking my scutch

“ meeting at the club tonight?!” He said, I stood up and went to my room

It was Saturday and the club is busy, i called Vic but he was out of the country and Samuel too. I’m eager to ask about their sister but i can’t. I decided to forget her, i was hurt because of she said that it was all hooked up? I the mafia leader? I have to stay away from her cause she was my weakness and I can’t let my enemy see that.

“ damn..” he slammed his hands at wall glass by looking at the dance floor.

“ Alex?!” I warned him I don’t want any trouble now and i know him

“ shit man? Is that?!” I stood up and look what they’re looking and i saw a girl in white dress dancing with a male like grinding him

“ Alex?! Calm down!” He look at me then sit at couch

“ shit...shit....!” He storm walk away and Brent just smirked

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