Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 15


I was dancing with my co worker at the hospital, every Saturday we go clubbing if we were not in shift. Luckily Sam is with us, I didn’t realise she was a drinker? We were waiting for her to open us of what happened.

“ need to pee!” I whisper to his ears and he just nodded

After i done at bathroom, i saw a familiar man making out with a blonde girl who are grinding his lap. When i was so close to them spot the guy turn to me and i felt my world was crashing down. I saw anger in his eyes, well I don’t blame him cause i was a coward before to run away from him. But it too late to realise cause he just disappeared And until now his still with my deepest heart.

“ are you ok!?” Sam ask

“ let’s go home?!” I try to hold my tears

“ wait...!” We say goodbye to our colleagues

While were in the car i told her everything, i was crying by telling her all. She decided to bring me to their house.

“ goodmorning ches?!” Her mom smiled at me

“ goodmorning Tita?!” It was sunday and our shift is evening.

“ mom? My prof say that we have a residence to stay near at the hospital so there are no hassle to go work?” Sam while eating

“ we talk about that dear and we have a place for you to stay? Ches? Can you stay with sam?!” Her dad ask me and i smiled at him

“ sure tito?!” Sam smiled at me

“ don’t worry about the packing sam? You’re brother handle it ok?!” Her mom said

Samuel was so excited to let us see the apartment, it was huge apartment and honestly it was so beautiful, the furniture and everything.

“ thank you brother?!” Sam hugged him

“ so girls, there is no hassle to driving from you’re work to here it was 10 minutes to walk” he said

After 3 days we finally move in to our new apartment, Sam was complaining about the food at the cafeteria cause honestly it was sucks.

“ Sam? I got message we have all staff meeting?!” We were ready to go work

“ huh? I got just called i have to assist to OR, I’ll see you at lunch??” She said

We say goodbye when we enter the entrance, I’m walking to the locker area when someone grabbed me behind and slammed me at the wall.

“ well..hello?!” I didn’t move i was froze when i heard his voice

“ Alex?!” I see the angry in his eyes

“ it’s good to see you live well my ches? It’s good to see..!” Then he walk away

Not all of the staff are here cause others can’t leave their post, Ben sit beside me and stare at me like and asking what happened i just shrugged my shoulder. I was surprised when the head director introduced the owner of the hospital. How can I forget that face? His not just a billionaire business man he is also a mafia leader the boss of my ex.

“ are you ok!?” Ben ask by holding my hand

“ huh?!” He look at me worried

“ you look pale ches? Are you really ok? You’re hands are trembling and cold” I nodded at him

I can’t clearly understand everything because of his presence standing behind of his boss while talking to the microphone. He look at me like he can kill you by blink of eyes.


“ opps... I’m sorry!?” I bumped into a hard chest and without looking who was it i pick up my pen and walk

“ shit..!” I heard a man curse but i just ignore him.

I was called to the office of the head director and I don’t know why. As far as I remember I didn’t break any rules.

“ come in” a voice command

“ sir? Goodmorning” I greeted him and i saw others doctor is here even my prof.

“ sit down” he said

“ in you’re 3 months under of dr. Lim is incredible ms. Sam? And I received different compliments about you!” The head director said

“ I’m a fast learner sir” i just said

“ then we were glad you’re here at our hospital and congratulations you are no longer and intern Ms. Sam here are the contract” he handed me a folder

“ thank you!?” I smiled at him

“ no, it was doc. Lim all suggested and we can’t take a risk to make other hospital to snatch you?!” After I received a different congratulations of others seniors doc i said goodbye

But i was froze when i see a familiar person who are entering the other door I’m not sure if it was him or it was just a look a like. I called my parents and brothers and they want to celebrate for a dinner tonight. I was glad that it was cheska and the head director knows only my relationship about the Knights family.

“ congratulations my dear sister?!” Sam greeted me first and followed by my parents, Victor and tracey

“ but I’m more happier if you work for me Sam? Damn you’re good at hacking but decided to be a general surgeon?” Vic said

“ i want to help Vic? And being a doc is more to it?!” I laugh at him

“ I review the contract Sam? Its not bad, but honestly? Being a doctor is not bad!,” Samuel comments about my work

“ Sam? This coming friday? Our family was invited about anniversary of their company?!” Dad said

“ friday? Sorry dad but i have plans that night it was its my first time to attend the party of my work!” He understand about it

Seriously this past few days I’ve been receiving death glare or mocking how i was im no. Even cheska got a fight to other nurses cause they talk me at the back.

“ huh? I’m not surprised how she get it in that fast? Hahahah!?” The bitch from the pedestrian ward said

“ or else? She have a back up like? Sugar daddy that have a strong connection?!” I recognise that girl it was from our department and every time she was jealous about something.

I just ignore everything what are they gossiping about don’t care about it. Tonight I’ll make sure at them I’m not just this simple person to mess with it. We have already got our gown and cheska was so beautiful to her off shoulder red gown and me? It was black strapless gown that more revealing my skin. I use my black Lamborghini. We arrived at the Braz Hotel one of the most expensive here.

“ Ms. Sam, come I’ll introduce you some of my colleagues” doc Lim guided me to some of groups and cheska walk to our table and talk with other nurses

“ you look familiar?!” One of them ask and i just smiled at him

I received different compliments of others doctors, I’ve been talking to other doctors, talking about works and usual others are making glare at me. Cause I’m too young for this achievement and there lots out there are jealous about it. I received different calling cards from different person, then I didn’t expect one person with our head director heading to us.

“ Good evening Chairman!” They greeted the old man and he look at me

“ this is Doc. Sam chairman the youngest general surgeon I’ve telling you earlier!?” The director introduce me but they are surprised when tito leo speak

“ my dear Samantha,? You surprised me dear!?” I hugged him

“ I didn’t know this tito?!” I smiled at him

“ they here!” He look to a group who enter the entrance and it was my family and they walk to us

“ mom, dad!” I hugged them and i saw the shock on faces people see us

“ right thats why you’re so familiar doc Sam cause you’re Samantha Knights?!” One of the board member said

“ yes?!” My brother Sam was usual flirting with the girls

Suddenly i sit at the table with my family and tito Leo, i even called Cheska cause Tracey is date with Vic. Then the time is speech to chairman and unexpected when he introduce the new chairman i was shock. There he is as always walk to the stage with black suit and every thing of him is perfect. When he done for speech i stood up and excuse my self.

“ Sam?!” It was Brent

“ Brent?! Excuse me, nice to see you again” but before he said something i walk past in him

Everything is back, my tears starting to flow in my eyes. I thought I’m over with it but it always the-same, i still in deep hurt. Shit I suffered enough but why now,? My phone ring and it was my mother looking at me. I fix my self before i leave the bathroom. I see him in our table talking with others doctors and directors.

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