Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 16


“ Sam?!” Before i get closer to them someone just grabbed to my waist

“ Troy?!” I was surprised of him presence he was my senior at Boston

“ you’re beautiful Sam? How are you?!” His always handsome as always and i miss him his the only one i got close back then

“ I’m more happy now to see you!?” I smiled at him and hugged him

“ me too sam?!” But before anything else Someone cleared his throat behinds us and it was my brother Vic and they’re all looking at us

“ cousin?!” Leandro approached him first wait did he said cousin?

“ lean, tito?!” He hugged tito leo and I can’t even look at him

“ you know each other?!” It was Samuel and Troy tell them

I’m avoiding him, I don’t even look at him, but i feel his stare to me but i try my best to ignore it. I even dance with troy but unfortunately he walk came near to us and ask for dance.

“ it’s hard to look at me Doc. Sam?!” He was so formal to me as if nothing is happened

“ I don’t understand Mr. Chairman!?” I didn’t even look at him in the eyes when the song is stopped it was relieved that ends. I saw Cheska talking with Ben but i also see Alex he look veryswe angry.

We return to our table but we interrupted by a women walk to him so i excuse my self. I saw dad and Tito leo talking seriously and i saw their faces look at me like I’m involved of their conversation. Samuel is busy talking to a girl witch one of my under and the one who always shyness and nerd.

“ are you ok sweetie?!” Mom tap my shoulder

“ Yes mom, maybe in 10minutes I’ll be go first i have work tomorrow?!” Honestly I can’t take anymore to watch him with other women and kissing? I thought it was all over but the pain is still there.

“ Sam? I’m a little drunk, and we have work tomorrow!?” Cheska said

“ ches? Are you ok?!” Tracey sounds worried about her

“ I’m ok? Trace? I’m so happy to see you marrying the man who love you?!” We saw a sadness in her eyes

“ let’s say goodbye first ok?!” I told her

We woke up early and exactly 8am were in the hospital. I just ignore the different glances of others. I have 3 schedule at the or then rounds my patients. After my 2nd done at the operating room i felt hungry so I decided to order food.

“ so this is the new Samantha?!” I startled of someone just spoke behind of my door

“ Mr. chairman what a pleasure surprise you’re here at my office?!” I sit at my chair and stare at him

“ why is so formal kitten?!” He came closer to my table and bend little

“ as far as i know you’re my boss and I’m you’re employee so it was rude I didn’t pay respect to Older?!” I press a little the word Old and i saw his reaction about it

“ what..” but before he will say something someone knock my door

“ excuse me..!?” Then i went to the door and i saw doc. Sy from pedia

“ Doc. Sam i..” but he noticed someone behind me and usual i know that look of him

“ chairman? Sorry for the rude, good afternoon” he greeted him

“ were done talking, with chairman so it’s everything ready!?” At least i can run away of him for now

“ see you again Doc. Sam?!” I saw him smirking but I just ignore him

Everything is run smoothly, i felt so hungry right now, after i done my rounds i got paging to VIP area and i was confused about cause I have done their.

“ miss me?!” He grabbed my waist and slammed me to the wall

“ shit?! What do you want!?” I yelled at him

“ do you hate me that much kitten? Huh?” I know he was angry

“ yes!? And we are NOTHING!?” I’m trying to hold my tears

“ let see?! About it,,” before i react he crashed his lips to mind and it was not passionately like it was punishment i try to push him hard it’s no use. I hate this feeling, why my body reacts like this only him just him.

“ oh..kitten...!?” He keep pounding me at the back

After 30minutes of fucking i stood up and fix my self, who the hell he is like messing always my life. He stood up and fix him too but before i walk to the door he grabbed my wrist.

“ what now,? You take want you want? So please let me leave?!” I slapped his hand and i walk out the door.

I cried whole night, even cheska try to calm me and keep asking but i shut my mouth. He always keep hurting me. I have to do something that he will be out of my life for good. I keep avoiding him for a week and i know his ways so i keep busy my self at the OR. I even keep someone to not leave me alone so he have no chance to get close to me. I need distraction and get date thats why he will stop all of it.

“ hey?!” Someone tap my back I’m here at supermarket to buy some of groceries

“ Troy?!” I’m really surprised to see him again

“ how are you!?” He ask

“ well..i was busy all the time and today is my day off so I decided to cook something for lunch?!” I keep pushing my cart

“ you’re always a cooker you know?!” He smiled at me and a idea just popped to my head

“ care to joined for me?!” He look at me

“ is that and invitation? Cause i will accept it right away?!” I laugh of his comments

After we’ve done we go straight to my home. He help me to prepare lunch and we talk so much.

“ you’re staying for good?!” I ask him

“ maybe!?” He sound like something but i ignore it

“ i..” but he crashed his lips to mine, my body was froze, I don’t know how to react about it

“ I’m sorry Sam it was...” but before he finish he was saying I grabbed his neck and kiss him.

I woke up from a call i try to reach my phone when I felt something in my waist and I realised about something earlier. I looked at him and he was sleeping beside me. I slowly unwrap his arms and i answer the call.

“ hello!?” I didn’t even read who was it

“ Sam? I’m sorry for waking up you but..” it was tracey and she stopped when he heard someone called me and it was troy who just woke up

“ sorry sam, but Vic want to let you know about a family dinner and it was very important this sunday night, see you!?” Before i answer it she ended the call and i let out big sigh

“ hmmm...!” Troy hugged me from behind and starting kissing my neck down to my back

I woke up from the alarm of my clock and it say it was 6 in the morning. I felt sore and aching my whole body. Honestly we just fuck whole night and i just sleep 3 hours. It was my first time to sex like that and it was new to me. We didn’t use condom but i got shot cause i hate taking pills.

“ Troy...i need to get ready?!” I told him cause he still holding me

“ let’s shower together?!” He have still energy? But instead of showering we sex in bathroom then after we shower. Cheska was shock when she saw us entering at the kitchen.

“ goodmorning?!” I smiled at her and she already knew Troy cause they meet at the party

“ hungry!?” She laugh at us but i just smiled at her and she rolled her eyes

“ see you later?!” He dropped us at the hospital and when he kiss me i know i will be a top of issue today

“ drive safely?!” We say goodbye to him and cheska was looking at me like seriously

“ what?!” We swipe our ids

“ don’t what me Doc Sam cause it all over you’re face you have sex all night?!” She whispered at my back and i just smirked at her

“ see you at lunch?!” I wave her and go to my locker

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