Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 17


I was pissed this lately cause she’s avoiding me like i have some kind of deceases or something. And Alex was being always angry and without thinking second chance he killed. Like his angry for someone and put all of it to every enemy we captured and even Brent worried about it.

“ she is something right?!” The nurses are gossiping something

“ yes, at first we thought she just a bitch that fuck around to back her up reach were she is now but unfortunately she was came from at a wealthy family!?” The blonde said

“ i search about her and she is smart like she’s genius and i even ask my cousin if ever he know about her? He tell she keep herself alone and keep making busy herself?!” Sound suspicious about it

“ but I think there is something behind of everything why she just cut off everything right? And damn the guy earlier was so hot She’s so lucky..!?” The other one said

I walk back to my office, i try my best to forget her but she’s always in my deepest hearts that no one can replace about it. I’ve fuck different women but I’ve always longing to her.

“ what the face?!” Brent enter my office

“ nothing?! Brent i want everything happened to her in 5 years while she’s in Boston everything?!” He look at me like seriously

“ ok. You’re father don’t skip the family dinner this sunday cause it’s very important!” I just nodded at him and he walk to the door.

I have to finish everything here before i fly to Italy to manage our business. I have a bad temper and I don’t want to expose it here so i prefer always in underworld.

“ everything is settled” alex handle about the shipment of guns at port but i got report that he killed 5 men there.

“ what happened!?” He knows what i asking for

“ it was a little misunderstanding and it quite settled?!” He sit at couch and drink a whiskey

Saturday and the club are busy right now, i stood up and look at glass wall and observed downstairs. There she is, wearing a sexy red dress and dancing with a man behind her? And she’s with her bestie again? I heard tracey and Victor are getting married and i know Victor how he is so possessive of Tracey.

“ lex? Don’t drowned yourself with that? Face her?!” He stood up and look what I’m looking right now.

“ shit!?” He curse about seeing her kissing with other guy

“ let’s have fun?!” I smirked at him and he smile like a devil

People make us way, people do recognise us and i saw fear in their faces. I smirked at them, they’re dancing like they didn’t care around them. We sit at beside the tables of them and they were surprised to see me and show a respect.

“ Chairman!” A guy came near to us and other give them respect to us.

They stop dancing and they both froze to saw us and usual greeted me cause I’m their boss but Sam rolled her eyes.

“ Alex? How are you!?” Sam came to Alex

“ well not so ok Sam?!” He replied and look to cheska but the girl just ignore

“ well, it’s my treat for the night,!?” I ask then and they say yes in unison

“ I’ll prepare it!” I nodded alex and he walk upstairs

Cheska and Sam wants to get home but they forcedly to go with them. I order different expensive liquor and i saw them smiling. I observed them and what i saw the rest of the girl are faking their intentions to sam. The blonde girl sit beside me and I smirked at her. This Vip room are one of the special you can have your own here like whatever you want it look likes small version of dance floor like downstairs.

“ still avoiding me?!” Alex ask cheska and i saw the reaction of her.

He grabbed cheska and i know where alex will take him. I stood up and went to the back of sam and i dance behind her. She still react of my touch and i saw jealous of their eyes but I smirked at them.

“ let’s play you’re game Lean?!” She whisper at my ears and breath at my neck

“ don’t tease me kitten cause i can fuck you here right now in-front of them?!” I growled to her but she just smirked

We were I interrupted by my manager and i excuse for a bit. I saw Sam saying goodbye to them and they’re just nodded at her. I make excuse to leave with my manager and tell them to enjoy.

“ and where the hell you going!?” I stop her by closing again her car

“ what do you think lean? Step away?!” She said but i signal the to take care her car and I grabbed her to my car.

“ Sam?!” I sit beside her but to my surprise she stood up and sit at my lap and cuddle to me

“ i always like you’re smell?!” But before I could say she kiss me and making moan to my touch

“ because of you i lost my only hope..i try everything to move on but you keep coming again and the cause you’ve done is still here?!?” She pointed her heart and sobbing until she sleep.

After we fuck she rolled to my side starting sobbing and just said that like i cause a big broken to her. Even I’m tired i still awake the whole time until she woke up. She stood up and picking her clothes.

“ what is the rush kitten?!” I ask her but she went to the bathroom

“ shit..this is supposed not gonna happened again!?” She look at me

“ but last night happened you’re begging for it?!” I smirked at her but she glare at me

“ fuck you!?” She yelled

“ we just did?!” She storm to the door and slammed it behind her.

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