Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 18


I have 4 hours more to have ready myself, I’m looking for cheska but I didn’t saw her? Where the hell is she. I keep calling her but no one answer it. I choose a turtle neck dress to hide hickeys of my neck and my collar bone. I’m not myself last night and everything is happened so let it just forget it.

“ hi?! Mom, dad?!” I greeted on them and they smiled at me but there is something about it

“ Sam?!” Tracey hugged me like it was a last hugging of her

“ and?!” I saw Samuel with the nerd intern from the hospital

“ she is my date now?!” He whisper to me and and i look to her not bad she hides her true beauty those big eye glasses

We were in a expensive restaurant and i think this is not a simple dinner cause they reserved it to a private room so if ever discuss for something else. The door open and it was tito leo and the jerk are entering the room. I look to my mom and she look unstable right now.

“ good evening everyone!?” Tito leo greeted us and we exchanged each other but I avoided the jerk who are looking at me

The food arrived and i feel something is not good. There is something behind of this family dinner thing. So i just act like normal replying the question of tito leo. Then when dad say word that I almost choke from the wine I drink

“ Where here to talk about marriage?!” Dad said and why are they looking at me? Are they know about us,? Wait there is nothing us

“ Samuel?!” I ask them but the nerd blush and Samuel nodded for no

“ let me finish it first Sam? It was happened before you born in this world. You’re mother and leo wife are childhood bestie, they separated for how many years and they see each other again about what happened to you’re sister. They’re family help us but unfortunately when Andrea dying from her illness she wishes one thing? One our sibling have to married to matter how age gap but until you’re 23? But if ever you have someone or married to other to the next generation have to be full-field this promises. So last month we talk leo and we noticed that you have no in relationship or married yet? So we decided to made this arrangements of you and his son Leandro!” Dad look at me and i stood up

“ but dad?? Are you sure about it?!” I ask him and look to tito leo

“ sit down first sam?!” Tito leo said

“ mom?!” I look mom but i saw tears in her eyes and it makes me break my heart to see her like that

“ listen Sam? I’m not getting younger anymore and before i leave this world i want to see my son to have family first Sam?!” I can’t see it in his eyes, they’re family helps my family once and this promises of bestie,

“ you said dad if? I’m seeing someone or I’m married i can’t take this?!” They look at me

“ Sam? Yes but unfortunately there have this situation that change!” Mom said

“ why so react Sam? Let’s just agree this and if ever it will not work then let’s end it?!” He look at me and I don’t know but i think the volcano just exploded from my self

“ how dare you?! I’m not gonna do it especially with you jerk?!” I stood up and walk away without looking behind and i heard mom calling me but i want to get out of here

It’s been a week past after that dinner happened i try to ignore their calls and i even avoiding him. I have to do something else to to scape this. I even worried about Cheska cause I didn’t see her again. But when i try looking at her, it was emergency she have to go.

“ Doc. Sam? The chairman summoned you to his office now?!” I’m eating my lunch here at the cafeteria and the jerk wants to see me

“ please tell to the chairman after this i have rounds for my patient Mr. Tim!” I told to his PA

“ doc? We can do it?!” One of my collage said but I don’t care who the hell is him

“ no?! “ his PA walk away

I don’t care if they’re gossiping for something, i love my job and i just sign the contract but if ever this going on i can pay the penalties. We have 30 minutes left for our break and suddenly my co doctors stood up and when i turn my head it was him who are walking to our table. I don’t want to make a scene so i stood up too for respect to the chairman.

“ Samantha! We need to talk now?!” He look so angry and this jerk just called me my name in front of his all staff here.

“ sorry chairman but...” before I’ll finish my words Victor and Samuel walk behind him so i have no choice.

“ Sam?!” Vic look at me and I nodded at them

“ I’ll be back for and hour call me?” I told one of under of me

My two brothers hugged me first before we walk to the office of jerk. What is his problem is he out of his mind. I just want to be a normal person.

“ tito leo?!” He was sitting one of the couch and my dad is here too.

“ Sit down Samantha!?” Dad is very serious

“ where is mom?!” I ask them

“ she’s resting Sam? You ignore her calls and she was depressed this past few days?!” Vic said

They talk about again about the arrange marriage and my mind I worried about mom. The jerk just listened to my dad and tito Leo.

“ but dad?!” I protested again

“ Sam? I know it is hard but Leandro and you will marry after you’re two days of your 23th birthday sam?!” Dad said

I even visited mom and she was crying to just to beg me to marry the jerk. I have no choice but to obey mom and I can’t look at her right now. Mom can’t be stressed because of her health so I’ll be obeying this all.

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