Mysterious Girl

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Her life was full of mystery her families hide her true identity just to protect her but her life was changed when he meet the rustless guy

Romance / Mystery
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Mysterious Girl

Chapter 1

Samantha Knights

“ goodmorning!” I greeted them, they’re sitting now at the living area and i saw a piece of paper 📝 in dad hands.

“ sit down!?” His sound like something is not good

“ why dad?!” I ask him

“ what is this!?” He give the paper to me and I realise its a notice from school

“ you broke the glass window again!?” My mom raised her voice asking me

Well it’s not the first time i do it, i hate that school, I always tell them I don’t want in a church school, it’s only exclusive for the girls.

“ I’ll talk to mother teressa to give you another chance?!” Mom said

“ mom please!? “ I’m begging to her but she just glare at me

When my sister Alice murder, they make sure that I’m always be school straight to home that’s my routine always. Even my 2 brothers are always checking on me. I’m not a rebellious child but at lest i have freedom. I’m turning to 18 next months but I didn’t even go by my self for shopping or buy something i need.

My mother is angry right now cause our school director didn’t give me another chance. So right now they will start looking for a new school. I’m happy to be get out that school but I’ll be grounded for 6 months.

“ we have no other choice to sent her to another school instead of online schooling!?” My brother Samuel say

Well we are at the living area and for them it’s a big deal to choose a school. They are so over protective of me well i know they just love me but i felt like prisoner of it. I won this time to enter a normal school for me but there are lots of rules to be followed. My dad is really piss at me right now he even cancel his flight just for this kind of family meeting.

I’ve been like a nerd 🤓 person, i have no friends because of my family. They try everything just to keep me away from people who will teach me in a bad habits.

“ Sam? Wear something dress,?!” My brother Victor is annoyed 😑 again with my dress. In back at school we have school uniform to be followed and this time no dress code so i can wear what ever i want.

“ I want to be a normal student Victor no especial attention ok!?” I enter his car and just ignore him

Well i cant blame him cause now i wear a hoodie and jeans. It was just a simple hoodie but this was a limited edition given from Samuel when he was at the vegas and my jeans is expensive too. Well i came from in a wealthy family and all my stuff are expensive.

“ maybe Samuel will pick you up later so wait for him ok?!” Victor remind me in 3 times right now.

“ yes Vic, take care!?” I kiss and hugged him before getting out at the car.

Yes this is it, i protest Victor to enter the school i made him to dropped me at gate. I smiled at the guard before entering the school. Well this school is one of the prestigious school so every where you can see here are came from at the different riches family.

“ hi!?” The two girls approached at me while I’m eating alone here at the cafeteria.

“ can we sit?!?” A Chinese girl smile at me, well it’s not bad to have accompany since I’m new here.

“ sure!?” They smiled at me and sit

“ I’m Tracey Lim and this is Cheska Moore!?” Tracey introduce their self

“ I’m Samantha Knights and..!?” I didn’t finish what I’ve gonna say

“ the badass of st. Terese school!?” They both say

“ badass!?” I’m confused of their word

“ well Sam?! Every one knows it ok?!?” Cheska say

Well we spent talk our time before the bell rang, i like them really cause they are not boring to hung out with. We separated with our last classes. Cheska and tracey are both in cheering squad so I’m here now alone with my last subject. After my class I received a txt from girls and apparently they want to hung out a bit but for now I can’t go with them cause my brother Samuel is waiting at me at the gate. I’m heading to the gate when i saw some of students gather there like they saw a celebrity.

“ where are you!?” I call him

“ I’m here at the front of gate!?” He said

I can’t get through this students cause they’re blocking the way so i make and excuse to get pass on them. And now i know why the girls is here because of my brother. I walk slowly to him not even take glance with them.

“ let’s go!?” I ask him

“ what the face!?” He ask me while were heading to our house

“ well usual you’re presence again!?” I didn’t even look at him cause I’m scrolling at my phone right now

This is the reason i want to live like just a normal girl who enjoying my being teens but unfortunately its not.

“ what happened!!?” Mom ask when we enter the living area

“ well his trending again at the instagram mom!?” I sit at the couch

“ so!? Its not my problem right mom’!?” He smile at mom like his enjoying to annoy me

“ just for once please can i have my own space?!?” I said and before mom tell something i stood up and went to my room.

I didn’t join the dinner cause I’m not in the mood to eat right now. I spent my time to study and my dinner was sent here at my room to make sure i eat dinner. I don’t know the whole story of my sister happened cause before i was born she was died. I ask one time to Lira one of the old maid at our house but she just said it’s better not know it.

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