Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 19


Brent is now coming back from Boston he was stay there for long to manage other something. Alex is keeping Cheska to one of villa, will let’s call he forcedly abducting her after that night.

“ it’s was very hard to find it all Lean and you know how she was good about hacking,? Her life there is just her apartment to school only and you’re cousin Troy his only one close to her. But the most important is she was in berlin 3 months after we see her. Then after berlin she miscarriage and it was 5months pregnant” i read all the files and i know it was mine but what is she doing in Berlin i need to talk to her.

“ Thank you Brent, and visit Alex update me ok?!” He nodded and leave.

I saw her talking with others doctors and i grabbed her wrist forcefully. She was trying to let go of mine but i hold her tightly. They’re looking at us but I don’t care. I push her to enter my car but before she open the other door I grabbed her.

“ what the he’ll Leandro??? Do you want to start a gossip about us?!” She yelled at me

“ will you just shut up Samantha??? We will going to talk?!” I told her I really trying to control my anger to her

She was quite until we enter the gate of my house, I grabbed her to my office and she was struggling to let go.

“ so?? What do you want?!” She ask me

“ about this!” I slammed the folder at the table in front of her, she pick at it and i see how she reacts about it

“ you investigate about me? Why!?” She said with anger with her eyes

“ why Sam??? Why?? You run away because of this? You carry my child and didn’t even try to tell me Samantha?!” I yelled to her but she didn’t even show a fear of mine i know her she was trained to be brave of her family

“ how dare you to say that to me? I try to reach up you at Berlin but suddenly you’re getting engage that day i hate my self and regretted to reach out of you to tell you that I’m pregnant. I decided to keep the child and i have money even without my family we can live without problems of money but suddenly i was hit by a car and my child died and i live? You know how it was painful to think I’m alive but my child didn’t make it? I was in depressed in almost fucking 2 years, and decided to move on and focus to live. And now you’re here showing you’re anger about it?! I hate you Leandro...i hate you?!” She sit at the floor and crying, I didn’t know about it if ever dad will know about or her family that I’ve been screwing her they will kill me. I try to approach her but he slapped my hands away and she stood up

“ Sam...!?” She look at me but still she was crying

“ Don’t worry Leandro still I’ll be marrying you but i want you to know that i will never forgive you!?” She walk to the door and leave.

I don’t know what to do, she is the second girl i love beside my mother. I was hurt when she said that it was just sex. But i try to reach her but when i got back she was gone and i was almost be married to other girl and dad stop it.

I got a call from dad to have lunch to their house tomorrow. She was so silent sitting across to me and she just listened to them.

“ I just want a simple wedding..and i want to be go on my job?!” She said

“ it depends Sam, cause I’ll be always in italy and I want you with me there?!” I told her

“ no?! I’ll stay here?!” She said, ok let’s play your game right now my kitten wait until you will be my mrs: Braganza

“ let’s see about it?!” I told her

“ Sam? I’m so happy you’ll be marrying Leandro! And lean take care her the way how we care her?!” Her mom said

She said goodbye first cause she have and scheduled for operation and her mother wants to ride with her.

“ don’t worry Alex she will be safe?!” Dad told to tito

“ i know and I don’t know what will happen to my wife if ever she will be in danger?!” Tito alex said

“ Don’t worry dad we will be found out everything ok?!” Victor said

Days past we both are busy and I don’t even see her. Alex and Brent was helping my dad our mafia and I’m here busy with this legal business.

“ I’m planning to stay here for good maybe tito?!” My cousin Troy is visiting here and dad is here too for some kind business to attend

“ I thought you like in Boston?!” Dad said

“ yes, but I’ll gonna try here and if ever it will work I’ll staying here for good?!” I know that smiled

“ a girl perhaps?!” I ask him and he smiled widely

“ yes...and she’s so different of others?!” He smiled

“ Troy?! Are you sure about it?!” Dad sound worried cause we know him and he was almost killed his self the last time

“ yes?! And it was not just sex between us!?” He sound like he was sure about this girl.


“ i can go?!” There is a medical mission and it takes for 2 to 3 months and this is I’m wishing for to field.

“ are you sure?!” The head of our department look at me like not so sure

“ yes?! I’m pretty sure about it?!” I know of that look it doesn’t matter I’m from in wealthy family I can’t do it.

I miss her so much and I don’t know where is she right now. Even Tracey is worried about it but we got message that she’s ok. I didn’t expect we were leaving tomorrow so i have to get home now and pack my things. It was on the spot cause the general surgeon got accident and no one will volunteer then i offer my self.

“ mom?!” I dropped office dad to let them know

“ sweetie come here?!” She was sitting at the couch and dad is in his table.

“ i miss you mom?!” I hugged her

“ Sam?! You know we love you right?! And i hope you’re not mad at me?!” Dad hugged me at the back

“! I love you both!?” Then i tell them about this medical mission at India and at first mom didn’t like it but I explained them about.

“ just always take care ok!?” Mom said

“ is Leandro know about it?!” Dad ask

“ yes?! His a our chairman so there is no reason he will not know?!” I told them

“ but sam his to be your husband soon!?” Mom said

“ yes i know mom but he agree about my career so there have no problem! “ i told them

“ sam? Why suddenly you hate him so much sam? This is not you!?” Mom said but before I respond Victor interrupted with angry face

“ it’s because they have thing before mom!?” He said and stood up in front of me with redden face

“ what did you say Victor!?” Dad is confused by looking at me and him

“ his the reason why she decided to go in Boston dad? Why Sam? Huh??” I know where he got this it’s from tracey

I told them about it but not about my pregnancy and i saw dad angry about it. Sam call true face time and he was coursing Victor cause why he doesn’t even sense when we were at the camp.

“ do you still love him?!” Mom ask and i a avoided her stare cause I don’t want to be caught

“ i know him, he will not risk if he didn’t feel something about you? But god sake sam? “ vic is angry right now but dad try to calm him

“ let’s talk about later when i back ok? And Vic I’m adult now so stop it and he’ll you even touch tracey when she was 15 or 16? “ dad stood up and punch him in face that was so fast promise

“ Victor?!? I didn’t expect this from you?!” Dad yelled to him gosh i stood up to help him but he look at me and nodded for no

“ that’s enough alex?!” Mom stood up too to calm dad

“ I want you and tracey in my house tonight we have to talk? And Samantha? We have not done yet!?” Shit this is the first time i saw him angry like this. Dad is very sensitive about having sex to a minor cause his sister died for a rape and his daughter died too.

I eat dinner to my parents house and even Samuel scolded from my parents about it cause he knows about it. Tracey now is crying in front of my parents. In the end dad warned Victor if ever he will hurt tracey again he will not see even her kids he will never see them again. I got all scolded from them and I don’t blame them and in the end they accept it and it happened all. We didn’t expect tito leo will visit here in the middle of the night.

“ I went to your place and you’re not there and i got called with Alex that you’re here!?” I look confused with tito leo

“ what’s the problem tito?!” I ask him and suddenly he lend me a small jewellery box

“ this is from my family ancestors and it past to my wife and then to you my dear?!” I open the box and it was a simple necklace a pendant of blue stone pair with a ring.

“ I can’t...!?” He look at me

“ Sam? You’re gonna be his wife and this only past to be a wife of our family!?” I don’t know but the way he talks there is something about it

“ thank you “ he stood up sit behind me and help to put in my neck and he put the ring in my finger

“ and sam wear this ring were ever you go?! Don’t let this leave it to your house ok?!” I nodded at him

I woke up early cause our flight will be 9 in the morning and my brothers will be dropping me at the airport. I got everything i need last night so after we eat breakfast I’ll be straight to airport. I saw them sitting at the waiting area and hell i know that look of them drooling from my brothers. But unexpectedly the nerdy girl? Will go with us and my brother Sam came to her.

“ woah?! Wait are you!?” They nodded at me will alice is nice person and hope she will last to my brother

“ Sam? Take care of her ok? “ Samuel whisper to me and I don’t blame him cause Alice is not like the other girls who have confidence to their self.

“ we say goodbye to each other. This will help to forget a bit of everything. Will I don’t know why but my sit is to the business area. Wait are they kidding me, i want to sit here with them. Then i got called from vic he handle that i can rest for this flight. Even alice will joining me but I didn’t see her so I’ll be looking to her.

“ you bitch? You plan all of it get close to her to get her one of brother? Wow?!” Its one of the doctor and they didn’t know I’m behind them

“ no, you’re wrong? How can like her to hung out with me? We didn’t even get along and please stop it?!” She was looking her around and she noticed about other are gather to see what happened

“ fake innocent huh? But a slut inside?!” She yelled to her

“’m not slut?!” She was sobbing what the fuck is she just cried,?

“ ladies? Do you ever try that to my soon to be sister in law cause it will be you’re night mare? So if you want this whole mission to be run in smoothly don’t cause any problems ok?!” How dare she try to slapped her if ever samuel know this he will tore you in pieces

“ thanks?!” She said by wiping away her tears

“ thank god im just in time cause i ever happened bad Samuel will kill me!?” I laugh at her and she smile of it

A white van approached us but suddenly there is a separate car who stop in front of us just tell that me and Alice get in. I’ll call them when we were arrive and stoping them treating us like vip. So we got into the hospital and been welcoming by them. Tonight we will attending a party for welcoming just a small. I and Alice shared a room cause I don’t want her to bully again. I decided to wear white strapless short dress and i wear tito leo give me. The ring always in my finger. In the middle of the party some of wife’s came to me.

“ hi? Doc sam? Can we get a picture with you!?” I look at them like confused

“ ahms.. sorry but I’m not celebrity or something!?” I’m try to be nice

“ is this you right? We are so fun of you and you’re friends about the adds you’re modelling and how you so kind to the children!?” The old woman said so i have no choice but to let them take pictures with me. I didn’t drink alcohol cause tomorrow will start our duties

“ woah?!” I was startled of her by sitting at one of the bar tool and eating breakfast!

“ goodmorning?! Let’s eat?!” She smiled at me,

Everything is ok, I’ve been in or every time, then go for visiting other villages of this country. I really so feel bad how there have other people can’t even go to hospital and proper a check up or medical help.

“ where is she?!” I heard a familiar voice inside of the office. I knock and someone say that i can come in and to my surprise i saw leandro standing in front of the chief doctor and for what i see he was angry

“ Chairman?! Good morning?!” I act normal

“ don’t Chairman me Samantha?! What the hell I didn’t know your here!?” Why is he acting like and a husband were not married yet

“ can you just calm down?!” I told him everything and he didn’t expect of it.

“ you’re going with me?!” He look at me and the chief was so confused right now

“ please? Leandro i have work to do!?” I try to make him understand when he grabbed my hands and saw the ring he was froze and look at me

“ tito leo give it to me?!” I told him

“ Chairman, They’re waiting fo you?!” His pa interrupted us and he loosen up my hands

“ I’ll pick you up later?!” Then he leave the room

“ I’m so sorry doc it was a misunderstanding of something?!” I try to apologise to him

“ it’s ok Doc sam you should talk to him?!” I saw a fare in his eyes.

So i got busy again to my patients then suddenly there is commotion at the emergency area.

“ please I’m begging help her please?!” A child begging to a nurse and when i came he was begging for his mother.

“ sorry but we can’t take to operation if you can’t get for deposit it was the hospital policy!” A doctor said

“ please...I’m begging my mother will die please?!” He kneel down and crying

“ where are you going?!” Alicia stop me but i ignore her

“ prepare the or I’ll operate it?!” I told him

“ but our policy we should be follow?!” He said

“ fuck that policy?! I’ll pay it? Alice! Here my card pay for deposit?!” Alice immediately get it and leave

It takes 8 hours and luckily it was success, i was exhausted of it. I saw him sitting at the corner and crying.

“ hey?!” I tapped his shoulder

“ doc? My mother?!” He ask me

“ don’t worry shell be fine ok?!” He hugged me and say thank you

“ i was scared my mom will leave me?!” He have some browses and i take him to clean his cuts.

“ are you hungry?!” I ask him

“ yes?!” He answered, i buy food for us and we eat. Then i buy some clothes for him to get him clean.

“ where were you!?” He ask me i know he was waiting at me

“ duty first ok?!” I just said

“ doc Sam? The patient is in ICU now?!” The nurse said

“ ok?! And please can you calm down?!” I leave the boy to one of the nurses and i even settle the payment of the patient.

“ you don’t have cash?!” Leandro asking behind me

“ i thought you leave?!” I ask him

“ remember i told you we will talk?!” He said

I give the money to the boy, then after making sure he will be ok, i and Leandro walk to his waiting car. I woke up from the ring of my phone and i heard growls behind me.

“ yes...hello?!” I sound like so sleepy

“ doc sam, I’ll inform you about the time we leave today and its 10am in the morning?!” One of the nurses

“ ok?! Bye?!” When i turn to see who is lying beside me i was startled cause it was him. I remember we were riding to his car and i feel sleepy then nothing. I look at my self and I’m wearing only a t shirt.

“ goodmorning?!” He sit up and look at me

“ i have to leave?!” I stood up and looking for my clothes

“ there!” He pointed behind of the couch i pick it and went to the bathroom

After 15 minutes taking a bath i fix my self after blower my hair. He was wearing only shorts?

“ wait for me at the dining table and we will eat breakfast and talk?!” He said while entering the bathroom

“ goodmorning Sam?!” Brent sitting at the chair and a cup of coffee in his hands

“Good morning?!” I smiled at him

After having breakfast with them and talk? Not just talk we were arguing about for and hour but i win it. He make sure that I’ll be being watched but i contradict it cause i know how to defends my self.

Weeks past and I’m always in the field, the patient i help is being discharged after i hand it to one of the doctors cause I can’t even check it because of my schedule. Then lately i and Leandro luckily we were not barking each other and I’m felt being comfortable being with him sometimes.

“ I’ll be gone for 3 days, it was and islands” i told him while we eat dinner

“ why that’s so long??” He sound like annoyed

“ well they said we should treating all of them?!” I shrugged my shoulder

“ maybe..!” I cut whatever he will say

“ don’t you dare Mr. Leandro Braganza? We done talk about my job? So you better just agreed of it?!” I glare at him

He just smirked at me and continue his dish. I saw them talking seriously and when I’m almost near to them Leandro dismiss Brent.

“ let’s go?!” I look at him and he just nodded. He was so silent at the car and it was very new to me

“ something wrong?!” I break the silence

“ you’ll not be listen to me? So there is nothing to talk about it?!” He just dropped me at our place then without a word he leave.

Honestly i try to my best so we can know each other but every time I’ll remember everything it give me hurts. I can’t to get hurt again, what if his still playing around with different girls out there that’s why i have to control my self and not fell him again.

I didn’t receive any txt or call from him, but will it’s good but deep inside there is something about didn’t even heard his voice. We have a long ride at this boat and i try to get distracted to not thinking of him. We were welcomed by the people and the island is beautiful. We were busy preparing everything and then there is someone I caught looking at me and I have this feeling there is something about it. I felt someone is spying me but i try to let it go maybe i just overthinking about it. After we eat dinner we enter in our different tents to get rest.

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