Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 20


“ what do you mean she was not there?!” I sent my men to check on her be sure she is safe there. Brent bring a bad news to me that this another group here is not our alliance and i have done something to them.

I even contacted the alba they are my alliance and they are willing to help me. Once were married ether she will or not she will obey to me. I have lots of enemies but they know what are my capable and they know what war they will facing off.

“ lean?? I contacted Alice and she said this morning when she will go for her tent it was empty and her things is still there,!” Brent said

So we were all be leaving and will go there, then when we got here the head look fear when he see me. I ask them and no one of them how she was missing.

“ excuse me Chairman?!” One of the nurse came to me and she was shivering and pale

“ what?!” I ask her

“ i woke up about 3 am in the morning to pee but i saw doc sam facing a person and.... he covered her and then collapsed, i was so scared cause i saw there lots of them hiding not so far?!” She was crying and scared to death

“ Brent?! Search everything?!” I yelled

I sent them back to the city and I called them to get ready and back to the new York. Even vic and sam is coming here to search for her. It’s been a week and there is no lead where is she.


I woke up and i was in the dark room, one of the men enter and when i try to scape and fight with them but i was beaten and throw at here. My both hands are chain so I can’t even try to scape. I don’t remember how long I’m here but when the leader of them enter.

“ who are you and why I’m here?!” I ask him

“ my brother got killed because of you’re husband and i want him to fell how we hurt when we lost him?!” He was angry by saying it

“ huh?! You’re wrong cause I’m not his wife?!” I yelled at him but he slapped me hard

“ you think you can toy with us?? When one of my man saw you wearing those necklace and ring we know you’re his? Cause only a wife can wear those?!” I try to speak but he slapped me again

“ i..” i feel dizzy from the last hit

“ i just want my revenge for my brother! I’ll sent your dead body to him later?!” He pointed the gun to my head but suddenly there is a boy running to here

“ stop papa?!” The boy from the hospital

“ what are you doing here!?” He said to the boy

“ mama is awake now papa and..” when i raise my head he look at me and he step back

“ luck you? But later..!?” The boy speak

“ doc sam?! “ he try to walk came near to me but his father stop him

“ what are you doing!?” He look confused to his son

“ she was the doctor I’ve telling you papa?! She is doc Sam?!” He look at him them to me then walk with his son out of here.

I woke up and at first i saw is I’m in different room, then i have and iv connected to my arms. I try sit up and i saw bandage from my wrist.

“ doc Sam you’re awake?!” The boy run to my side

“ what happened!?” I ask him

“ it was a long story doc sam but for now I’m glad I’m on time but didn’t expect you there?!” He look so sorry about it

“ I’m ok now?!” I patted his head then he tell me everything and her mother wants to see me.

“ you’re awake?!” His father enter the room

“ papa?!” The boy came to him

“ I’m Benjamin and this is my son Jamin, he was talking a lot of you when we get them from that hospital. I try to reach you but suddenly there is encounter my men and the men of your man but I didn’t know the doc Sam he was telling is you, I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you doc Sam and thank you for helping my family when they needed me I’m not there but you? Didn’t hesitate to help even you don’t know them?!” He said and i saw to his eyes that it was true

“ i just do my job Benjamin and i can’t just sit and look a person dying because of they can’t give that damn deposit?!” He smiled at me

“ you have a big heart Doc Sam but it’s sad to say you’re involved to the wrong person?!” His smiled faded

“ I don’t know what really happened but maybe you and him talk and clear everything?!” He look at me confused

“ you don’t understand Doc Sam?! He is the king and every one feared to what capable he will do and the reason why tell now they’re not reach you cause this island is not reach for the signal but if they will get here he can burn this and killed every one in just a day?!” I felt confused about it?

“ don’t worry about it i can stop them?!” He look at me

“ this is not my thing honestly doc sam but when my brother died i step in to ruled this small family we are not like the other gang who are bigger but we can fight till end?!” He said

“ but Benjamin i have to go back i have my family is worried now and my mother she can’t take another stress again?!” I look at him and he was silence for a while

“ papa?! “ jamin hold his hand

“ I’ll sent you tomorrow morning Doc Sam!?” He said

My body is aching but thankfully the pill i can handle it. I check his wife and she was out of danger and she is getting better soon. She was so sweet and kind also he scolded his husband about beating me. Jamin cried a lot when i say goodbye to him and I give him my number if ever something happened he will contact at me. I was transferred into 5 different boat and I understand them why. In the port I called for a cab and bring me to the hotel where he was staying.

“ Sam?!” It was Samuel who was in lobby when I enter

“ Samuel?!” He grabbed me and hugged tightly

“ what happened Sam?! And..” he look at me and saw my bruises

“ first? Please pay first the cab his still waiting outside?!” I smiled to him and he rush to went to the cab and when he came back Victor and Leandro behind him.

“ Sam?!” Vic hugged me tightly and i saw Leandro he look a mess?

“ where were you?!” Leandro ask but for now i need to rest

“ need to rest?!” I look to them and Leandro pick me up like bridal position and i look to my two brothers they just shrugged there shoulders.

“ do you want to take a bath first?!” He ask me while he still carrying me to his arms

“ yes..!” I feel so awkward to him,

He went to the bathroom to get filled up the bathtub. After i got bath i was startled when i saw him sitting at the edge of the bed and he stood up with a shirt in his hands slowly put on me. He was so silent, i want to ask him but for now I’m so tired.

“ I’ll sent food later!?” Then he leave

I don’t know how long i sleep but I’m pretty sure it was long rest cause my tummy is trembling now for hungry and I think it’s evening now cause there is no sunlight outside of the glass window.

“ you’re awake Sam? How are you feel?!” Victor sit beside me

“ feeling good now but totally I’m so hungry?! “ he smiled at me and he stood up and leave but when he returned he has food with him.

“ thank you?!” He just stare at while I’m eating my food.

“ full?!” He ask

“ yes!? Thank you?!” I smiled at him

“ sam? What happened?! We’ve been searching for you and Leandro he was so furious of you’re disappearing?!” He look at me then i tell him everything but except who are they

“ Sam?! Hi?!” Brent interrupted us and he lend to vic and whisper something and he stood up i know that reaction something is not good

“ why?!” I ask them

“ stay here?! I’ll be back?!” They leave but for my curiosity i stood up and followed them

“ Vic you’re staying here with sam I’ll finish this, how dare they to hurt mine?!” I heard Leandro said they didn’t notice me I’m here behind of vic

“ will make sure vic no one will survive them?!” Samuel said and when i heard it i know what will be happened

“ NO!!!” Vic and Brent turn around and Samuel try to came near to me but i stop him

“ Sam?! You should have rest now?!” Leandro said

“ I don’t want all of you hurting innocent people their! Leandro can i talk to you alone?!” I look at him and they tap his shoulder and say goodbye first they nodded at me

“ what Sam?!” He sit at the couch and i sit in front of him then i told him everything he was so silent

“ but Sam? You must understand of it?!” I know he was still angry but before he stood up and leave i hold his hand to stop me

“ can you just listen to me Lean?!” When i was in that dark cell i hate my self for not giving him a chance this all to work out and I promise my self if I survive this that I’ll give it a try

“ Sam? You must understand?!” I stood up hugged him he was shocked of my actions

“ please lean? Please?! “ he hugged me back and kiss my head

“ ok?! But I’ll talk to him and settle it?!” I smiled at him then he called brent about it and changed the plan. He told me about it and what the reason why it happened

3 days past and I’m full ok now, but the most important is were ok and there have more improvement of our relationship. My brother explained everything then Leandro tell everything about him and at first i was surprise and he thought I’ll not accept it and I’m ok with it when I decided to accept him it will everything of him no matter who he is or what he do. After they settle the problem in then end it was good result cause they are alliances now.

“ doc Sam?!” Alice running when she me getting out at the elevator

“ easy Doc al?!” I laugh of her cause he almost fell at the floor, yes I’m back at my work and it was a week i stay at my parents house to get full rest. Then i even arguing Leandro about going back at the hospital but in the end i win it.

“ we were so worried of you?! “ this is what i like her cause she was so innocent and clumsy

“ I’m ok now ok?!” I just laugh at her, our head department don’t want me to take any surgery for the mean time and I’ll just checking patient only and i know who is behind of it.

“ u busy?!” He sent message and we were like new teenagers keep txting

“ almost done and it’s my lunch break?!” I replied to him with a smile to my lips

“ doc Sam? You’re in love!?” I was surprised for a 10 year old for saying this

“ oh? And why did say that?!” I ask him,

“ the last i saw you’re eyes it was sadness and now? You’re happy doc sam!?” I can’t believe him, he was stage 2 cancer and after we removed it and he is now fully recovered.

“ you’re so young to understand right?!” But he just smiled at me

After i done more patient to see I called him and ready for lunch. Instead of eating together at the cafeteria he ordered food and we will eat to his office and make sure no one will interrupt us.

“ what are you’re thinking?!” He tap my back

“ i just miss cheska, I didn’t hear from her lately and i feel worried about it?!” He froze a bit and act like nothing

“ why?!” He sit beside me and hand me a bottle of water we just finish our meal

“ even Tracey is worried about her and she called her parents and they said she needed a space for awhile?!” He look at me

“ maybe she have a real reason?!” He just said but my gut is telling me that there is something going on

“ maybe!?” I lend my head to his shoulder

“ let’s eat dinner tonight? I’ll pick you 8?!” I smiled at him and nodded for ok

“ it’s time, I’ll better go bye?!” I peck his lips and run to the door to leave

I got bored for just checking the patient but try to handle it. Then i always accidentally heard talking about how Alive got in relationship for my brother and how she isn’t deserved it.

“ did you see the new doctor? He is so gorgeous but Chairman is more to him!” The nurse giggle

“ you’re right, but honestly he is also breathtaking right?!” I just listened them while I’m busy with the different charts of my table

I choose a black short dress and pair with black heels. I heard a doorbell and when i open the door there he is looking handsome of his black suit.

“ ready?!” He said

“ yes!?” I smiled at him

He choose to the most expensive Italian restaurant. While we were eating our food we enjoyed talking about each other. Then usual his teasing me and I flirting him i just smirked every time he react.

“ Sam??!” He stood up and kneed in front of me and a small box in his hands

“ lean what are you doing?!” I ask him

“ sam? I make this proper to propose you? Without our parents sam? Will you marry me?!” I don’t believe this, he was there asking me to marry me?

“ yes lean?!” He slip the ring to finger and grabbed my neck and kiss me passionately

I woke up from the ring of my phone, when i try to get up a strong arms at my waist was holding me and then i remember what happened last night after we eat dinner then I accept his proposal even we were engaged already then ended here at my place and make love yes we were not just fuck but made love.

“ hello?!” I sound like i have sore throats but honestly because of last night

“ don’t hello me Sam? I know you’re the one at the picture?!” Tracey said

“ what picture!?” I told her

“ will my bestie your fiancé is trending at the social media and we both know how he is celebrity right?!” I ended the call and search about what she said and there it is a photo of me and leand when he was proposed and we kiss but my face is not clear cause i was facing back from the one who take the pic and it was Leandro face was clear.

“ Leandro wake up!?” He just growled to me and tightened his hold to my waist

“ please, you need to see this?!” He laziness sit up and watch the posted picture of ours.

“ let it be Sam..ok? So now we can be in public right?!” He said

Today is my day off and he decided to stay here with whole day. So we enjoyed spending each other and he always said he always say sorry about the lost of our first baby. We were planning to tell everyone our engagement this coming yearly event where we first meet.

“ goodmorning? Big guy?!” I kiss him

“ goodmorning babe?!” I like the way he called me like that then he started kissing my neck

“ lean, I’m sore please?! And i have to work?!” He grind

“ sorry?! Let just shower,?!” He said but instead we were just taking bath we ended fuck at the bathroom

“ hmmm...” he was hugging me at back and sniffing my neck,

“ lean...!?” I moan his name

“ I’ll dropping you first? I have something to fx ok?!” I nodded at him

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