Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 21


Well lucky me? He didn’t use his usual car when he is here but i still receive and confused of look again of others. I was busy looking at the chart when someone hugged me at back.

“ Sam?!” I got turn when I realised it was not him and it was Troy

“ Doc Troy?!” I was surprised he was here and for what i saw doc alice behind his was froze of his actions

“ i was so excited to see but when i look around you? You’re busy then i got stuck at the or but now? You’re here in front of me?!” His acting weird yes but i have to clear things with him about me and Leandro

“ well talk later ok?! Bye?!” I got the chance to leave when i heard my name was paging to the OR and i have to think a better plan how to tell him that it was just a night stand and I’m engaged with his cousin

Alice giving me a confused look and i know she is waiting for my answer but before i my word say our great chairman enter my office without knocking and with a big smile but when he realise I’m with someone he look at me them Alice turn around to see who I’m looking at.

“ hello, chairman good evening?!” She greeted on him and her eyes widened when Leandro came near to me and kiss my head

“ are you done?!” He just nodded to Alice to respond her greeting

“ almost?!” I smiled at him

“ I’ll go first doc sam?! Chairman?!” We just nodded at her and she leave but before she close the door she surely to luck it.

“ i miss you?!” He is kissing my neck not sniffing

“ lean?? I have something to tell you!!” He just humming i have to tell him before he will know to someone else

“ what is it...” how can i tell him when his giving me a pleasure again

“ oh...please lean listen to me first ok?!” But he didn’t stop then my office filled with our moan and grunts but i try to make it loud cause it will might hear it outside.

“ what were you saying about? “ he is fixing his pants

“ about your cousin Troy?!” He froze a bit and look at me

“ what about him?!” He sit the couch then i told him about everything and he is so silent for a while after i told him

“ lean...” i sit his lap

“ tell him ok?! And stay away from him?!” He look a bit angry

“ yes I’ll tell him?!” I hugged him tight

“ I’m hungry lets eat dinner!?” He said

“ yes?!” I kiss him before we leave at the hospital

The next day, i was confused of staring of nurses and others doctors and this time what it is time again. I saw alice and she sign to talk with at my office

“ oh my god doc Sam?! Are you a two timer?!” She said with wide eyes

“ no?! And what you think that?!” I told her

“ it because everyone does ok?!” So that are all odd staring well I don’t care of them i have more issues to fix every time i got a chance to talk troy were always got interrupted

“ hi?! Sam... let’s eat dinner tonight?!” I was busy with my files when he enter my office

“ doc troy there is something i have to tell you?!” He try to came near to me but i stop him and motion him to sit across my table

“ what is it sam?!” He look at me in the eyes

“ about what happened to us?? It was nothing just like a one thing and...!?” He stood up abruptly

“ so you mean that night it was nothing to you?!” He look at me

“ yes troy..lets just move on ok?!” He nodded and ready to leave

“ because of someone else Sam?!” I nodded at him before he leave

I called Leandro that I’m ready to go, then he said he will be at my place later cause he was stock at the board meeting. Days past and we were ok with Troy like the old times at my stay at the Boston but I didn’t tell him who was it. The rumours about Chairman and me is still at our work place but we just ignore it. One day when we were flirting while in groceries one of the nurses saw us but she didn’t saw it was Leandro cause his wearing a cap with eye glasses then the chairman they know is always wearing a business suit but that day his wearing a black shirt and ripped jeans. Then the rumours is changed i dated a hot and simple guy they said. Even Troy try to figure it but i just smiled at him. Only Alice know our relationship but others they are all blind.

“ doc Sam flowers for you?!” It was red roses

“ ok, thanks “ i smiled cause i thought from Leandro but it was someone else

Then i keep receiving everyday of it and leandro is getting jealous of it one day were arguing about it then i told him when you get flower from me? Then instead of roses he sent me a bundle of tulips every day. Then the flowers i keep receiving I donated to every patient here.

“ What are you doing here?!” I saw my brother at the lobby

“ I’m here for Alice” this is the first time he appeared here looking for her cause as far as i know their relationship is secrets. Then i hate keep witnessing they bullying Alice for getting close to Samuel. All they know she was just a close friend of him but apparently it’s Alice the girl on caught with making out at the parking area.

“ she’s in the emergency room? And they are in busy right now so you can see her for lunch?!” I told him then he decided to pay visit Leandro

“ doc Sam, we need your signature for this” a nurse interrupted us then i get the chart and sign it. The. Some of the girls taking pictures or sign an a autograph.

“ Sam?!” Leandro spoke behind ask he secretly touch my hand and rub with his thump

“ you look more good bro!” Samuel tap his shoulder

“ well someone keeping me shine?!” I smiled to him and Samuel smirked at me and I realised were at the nurses station

“ ill leave you too i have work to do!!” They say good bye to me

Well i keep hearing that how lucky i am, for having a great brothers, from wealthy family and i have a most eligible bachelor boyfriend but they didn’t know about how I hide before for 18 years.

“ busy?!” I ask Alice while she’s so busy eating her meals

“ yes.. and i hate doc Irish She always yelled at me in front of others?!” She look so stressed, this is i hate the most is in emergency room and will unlucky to her cause people making fun with her always.

“ hon?!” She dropped her spoon when someone hugged her at back with kiss in her neck, this is interesting I never see my brother in public with girls like this

“ hi, brother?!” I smirked at him then usual people taking pictures of them

“ what are you doing?!” Alice stood up and worried looking at him

“ I’m visiting my girlfriend why?!” And thats it i know that look of them

“ good luck?!” I wave at them and laugh

“ you’re in good mood?!” Leandro ask when i enter his office i just smile to him widely and sit at his lap

“ i just happy today?” I’m a little bit tired and while his working to his laptop I’m just to his arms.

“ paging doctor Samantha, or no. 3” i heard him growled

“ i have night shift so I’ll stay here over night?!” I stood up and ready to go but i kiss him and leave

There is a commotion at the ER and i saw 3 black Suv and lots of mens wearing black suit? The nurse keep saying to wait,

“ hey, what happened,?” I ask one of the intern

“ there have a buss accident doc Sam and almost of them is seriously injured and all of OR are full so i came telling to that man to keep wait...” she run to the patient

“ let me see of it?!” His bp is dropping

“ doc sam?” He look worried cause I’ve got done 2 surgeries and now I’m here

“ I’ll open him here now get ready?!” I yelled at them

“ wait...wait...what are you doing?!” The big guy interrupted us

“ nurse, get him away here, sir if i were you? Listen to me or else his gonna die?!” I told him

The bullet is one of his lungs and near of his heart, he was almost died because of the internal bleeding,.

“ get ready the icu and please keep eye on him ok?!” I told one of the nurses

“ doc how is he?!” I look the mens behind him and as what of you see they are not just simple person, i hope leandro is not here

“ his out in danger now but still will monitoring him for 24 hours” i told them

“ thank you doc?!” They said in unison

“ and please other people here are look scared?!” They look around and they understand what i mean

It was 6am in the morning and I’m still awake, i keep checking the man and luckily he transferred into room now.

“ doc Sam?!” One of the nurses

“ you can rest now doc? We can handle here?!” I nodded at him,

I went to the office of leandro and i know the code, his couch is better that our quarter ls bed. I got shower to his bathroom and use one of his shirts then sleep at his couch.


I have and early meeting and i saw 2 head doctor waiting at my door. Only me and sam have the code even my pa or brent didn’t know. Doc Vile was stop of what was she saying when she saw someone at my office. I past her and i saw my love sleeping at my couch and her face was cover one of the pillow.

“ lets talk this at the conference room and please notified others head doctors bu each department ?!” And they nodded and leave

“ I’ll buy some breakfast sir?!” I nodded at him

“ goodmorning babe!” She stretch her body and the she is sexy with my shirt on her

“ goodmorning babe?! You surprised doc Vile seeing you here lying peacefully at my couch!?” Her eyes widened what i said but before she react for something i kiss her passionately

“ shit...she saw me?!” She sound worried

“ no...,!? Eat before you leave ok?!” She smiled at me and nodded. We call one of my people to sneak here at my office to pretend that it was her.

Luca Malcov

In 3 days of unconscious and when i open my eyes I’m in hospital and my second in command is here at my side. They called the doctor to check up on me and i was mesmerised of her beauty and she was look so familiar.

“ maybe in a week you can discharge just be a good patient ok?!” She have an angelic voice

“ thank you doc?!” She just smiled

Then Andre explained about what happened that night we encountered the Ross mafia, it was trapped when we were at the port. But they handle it while I’m here.

“ boss, you’re not safe in here I already called our doctors?!” He said

“ ok, “ I’ll be back for her


I’m a little nervous right now cause tonight we will appear in the public together as a couple. I choose black sexy gown with a long slip to show my right legs. Then my man his so gorgeous to his 3 piece suit.

“ I’ll kill every man look at you?!” He whisper at my ears

“ you know what? I like to rip you’re suit right now and driving you like crazy?!” I bit his earlobe

“ then i more willing to stay here and..!” We were interrupted at the nock of the door

“ lets go?!” I wrapped my arms to his waist

The reporters keep flashing their camera to us and keep asking questions then one of the reporter caught the ring I’m wearing and she keep asking if I’m his rumour fiancée.

“ you look beautiful dear?!” My mom approach us first, i saw my two brothers with their partners and I’m so happy with them. Vic and tracey was came back yesterday from their honeymoon, we were surprised when they move the wedding date and it was private event only.

“ how are you mom?!” Leandro excuse for a minute cause dad called him

“ I’m more felling better now sweetie?!” We were interrupted of someone and it was the man at the hospital

“ doc Sam, sorry for the interrupted but my boss want to speak with you?” He politely said and I excuse to mom and I’ll be back

He was talking some of the old man and we he saw us he excused his self and approached us.

“ doc Samantha?! I’m planning to pay visit this past few days to say thank you for saving my life?!” Not bad he is more handsome and he is russian it’s clearly from the way he spoke

“ its my job mr. Malcov!” I smiled at him

“ just call me Luca doc Sam ok? I owe you my life and i hope we can meet for another time?!” I know what he means but before i can respond someone wrapped my waist and the way he reacts it’s not good

“ babe, vic want to talk you?!” He whisper my ear

“ Luca, this my fiancée Leandro, babe his the one i told you about at the ER?!” They look each other and i know Leandro he is not please right now.

“ its a pleasure to meet the king in this closely doc sam?!” Luca sound like something and before i can speak brent and luca man is came near to us

“ stop it boys, don’t make a scene here! Luca? It’s good to see again and healthy.” I smiled at him

“ thanks to you doc sam, but i more surprise right now?!” I feel leandro tighten his arms at my waist

“ excuse us, we were have to greet the others?!” He just nodded

Then i feel the tension about Leandro right now and brent is nowhere to see. I keep on busy talking to the girls but my brothers and Leandro keep whispering like something.

“ is everything ok?!” I ask him

“ yes...babe!” He is focus for something

After that night of appearance we got lot of greetings from my co worker then usual some of them is fake. Then we were more surprised after that night dad is furious in the next evening cause Samuel married Alice without getting blessings from their parents then we just know that her family is not favour of sam cause his to much to their daughter and they didn’t want her to get hurt.

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