Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 22


I almost blown the whole apartment when she didn’t appear at the party of the new marriage. She insisted not to pick her cause she will dropped by at the hospital and when we get the cctv footages we saw a black suv dragging her and when she try to fight someone drug her.

“ vic??what you got?!” His trying to locate her, I secretly insert her a chip when she was missing the last time.

“ the location of them is heading to Russia?!” He said and the first thing came in my mine is luca malcov

“ brent get ready the jet we were going to russia and informed them?!” How dare them to these.

After a long flight we were welcomed of Alexis he was the don who handle here but there is another group are enemies to our.

“ king we got their location but it’s not related to them?!” I look at him

“ lean? Luca want to meet at you’!?” Alex said

“ ok tell him the location?!” I told him,

When we arrived at the mansion of alexis, Luca and his man is already there.

“ we heard about doc sam missing, Leandro and were willing to help?!” I glare at him

“ what is you’re purpose luca?!” I ask him wrong move in the he’ll I’ll kill him right now

“ let’s just say it’s payback time Leandro, don’t misunderstand this” for now I’ll accept his offer but i have to keep on eye on them

Its been two days we plan this, we got her location and it was in the middle of forest. I can’t take a risk to get her hurt. Tonight we were rescuing her. We silently down the guards outside, i was surprise when we reach the room and there she is ropes with her hands and feet’s and the captor is my cousin troy?

“ troy? Let her go!!!” I yelled at him

“ no! She is mine cousin? You stole her again to me? I told you about her but still you stole her. “ this is were always worried dad about him

“ she was mine before you meet her Troy! So let her go before something else happened?!” But he tighten his hold to her and pointed the gun to her head

“ no! She will die with me cousin...” but before he pulled the trigger Alex shoot him directly to his head.

“ Sam?!” She look at me them collapsed to my arms


When i open my eyes i saw white ceiling and then to the side of room, there they are Samuel, Victor, Brent, alex and my love Leandro peacefully sleeping at the couches. Then the doctor and nurses enter i sign them to not make sound to wake them up.

“ how was you’re feeling doc Sam?!” The blonde doctor ask me

“ a little dizzy but I’m good?!” She smiled at me

“ everything is fine you’re test but we more get some test and we found out you’re pregnant doc sam congratulations, the baby is healthy Don’t worry?!” She smiled at me

“ doc liza right?” I saw from her name tag and she nodded

“ about my baby let’s make secret between us ok?!” She nodded at me and after some reminder they leave.

“ you’re awake Sam?!” Alex said while entering the room

“ yes?! Lex can we talk?!” He look at me confused, before i got abducted I found something about Samantha and i was keeping it to Leandro but before i can confront them i was kidnapped by troy.

“ what it is Sam?!” He sit near at my bed

“ where is she?!” He knows how to act that he doesn’t know

“ who are you taking about?!” He try to be innocent

“ you know who I’m talking about Alex? Tracey was right there is odd of her disappearance and i even went to her parents then investigate it more and the last time i saw her at the club you know what I’m capable of alex even you tried to delete the footage i can retrieve it?!” I try to control my temper right now

“ Sam? I don’t know what....!?” But I yelled at him

“ stop it ALEX!!! WHERE THE HELL IS SHE AND DONT TRYING TO DENY IT AGAIN ALEX?!!!” I yelled him and that cause of them to wake up that there is something wrong

“ Samantha!? What the hell?” Leandro walk toward us

“ don’t you dare Leandro,? Now tell me Alex where is cheska?!” Leandro froze when he heard my questions

“ Sam? Please calm down?!” Vic said and what I noticed even my brothers know about it

“ you all knew? You all behind of this?? I’ve been asking about her lean? You know how I worried about her? But you act nothing??? NOTHING!!!!!” They try to calm me but for now i feel so betrayed like hell

“ call the doctor brent?!” Samuel yelled to him, i stood up pulling the iv from my arms and trying to leave but i feel my pain at my head

“ Sam...sam?!” I hold to Vic in his arms then the doctor came

“ doc Sam calm you’re self?!” She said and for now i don’t want them to know about the baby

“ doc tell them to leave!!” They look at me and the doctor explained to them and then they just nodded

“ you’re blood pleasure is hight doc Sam? You know how risk in the first semester doc so stay out of stress ok?!” I nodded at her

I heard a knock and for my surprise it was Luca, i saw him that night when them when they rescued at me.

“ how are you doc Sam?!” He smiled at me

“ call me Samantha and I’m ok now luca thank you for helping them luca?!” I smiled at him

“ and congratulations about the baby?! “ i was shock to his words

“ how?!” He smiled at me

“ is the king know?!” I look down to my hands, I don’t know how to tell him what if his not ready for now??

“ Sam?! I saw how he loved you Sam and how he was angry about what happened to you? He almost want me dead when he knows you’re here at russia but luckily i make a move first to meet him,so try to open it to him ok?!” He wipes the tears at my face and that’s the scene Leandro witnessed when he enter the room with doc liza behind him

“ luca!!!” Before luca react he punch him at face and he was stumble at the floor

“ Leandro stop it!!!” I yelled at him and doc liza run to luca

“ mr. Braganza I think you should ask before hitting a person?!” Doc liza yelled to him

“ you touch my woman luca!!!” He yelled

“ stop it leandro?!” I yelled at him

“ luca?! Try to explain it?!” I saw how luca react to liza

“ it was misunderstanding liz promise?!” He told her

“ doc Sam I think you should talk to your man!” She and luca leave the room

“ i want to go home!! You know I still angry Leandro?!” He try to reach me but i stop him

After 2 days of staying here, Leandro apologies to luca and doc liza is fiancée of luca after the party we last see him, he and her meet at the club and I laugh when he said that he will find a woman but it will a doctor. Luca is the new Alliance of leandro so the whole Russia is his under control now. Mom is crying when we arrive at home. I shut the boys out cause I don’t want to see them until we didn’t want cheska back. Tracey and the kids is staying here with me she was so angry to Victor. Alex try to explain to us but we shut him out too.

“ you’re 2 months pregnant doc Sam, here is the babies!” Wait is she said babies?

“ babies??” Then i saw them at the screen, i lost one but here my two babies

“ doc Sam? I suggest you to out of stress cause you’re blood pressure keep higher and its not good for them?!” How can i not? Till now we didn’t see cheska

“ i will..thank you doc..and please lets make this secret ok? I have some problem to handle now?!” She nodded at me

Dad and mom noticed about my eating habits i hate strawberries but now I always eating strawberries even my juices, ice cream and others food that have flavour of it. Its been a month pass and Leandro keep begging to me but i always shut him out. He try to understand and explain to me about the situation but hell i care for that man. He kidnapped my bestie because she keep denying him.

“ Please tracey??!” I heard vic begging to her but she just ignore him

“ no VICTOR!!” She close the door to his face

“ Sam? Please..i miss my family so much?!” He kneeled at me

“ you should know the consequences vic? You know how Cheska to us??” I keep eating my ice cream

“ Samantha dear!” We heard tito leo at the door

“ tito?!” I stood up and hugged him

“ you look gained weight dear?!” He look at me

“ maybe tito? I still in my rest because of it?!” I try to hide

“ I’m here to visit you? And say my apologies about troy?” He sit at couch

“ I’m ok now tito?!” I smiled at him and he look to Vic

“ still in mess vic?!” He just nodded

“ how is he tito?!” I ask him and he smiled

“ well sam? Luckily the mansion is still nut burn but every time you refuse him? Half of it is damage and yelling to alex?” I feel guilty

“ he choose him to protect tito, what about us? My feelings?!” This is i hate being pregnant cause I can’t control my emotions

Tito explained how alex and Brent came to his life and about the past of alex. I understand him but it’s not the reason you force you’re self to someone. Tito leo stay for dinner then he and dad talk.

“ seriously Sam? It was 2 in the morning?” Samuel startled when he saw me at the living area eating strawberries and strawberry cake

“ i was hungry ok?! “ i just rolled my eyes he sit beside me but i just ignore him.

“ we were so sorry sam, !!” He look mess

“ just leave me alone sam ok?” I told him

“ alice was angry at me when she found out Sam? Well i got kick out to our home so I’ll staying here?!” He stood up and leave when I just ignore him

I woke up with unfamiliar place then i realise I’m in the hospital? I try to remember after i pass out, sam leave heading to his old room then i stood up to get water but i feel dizzy and I don’t know what happened.

“ how are you feeling doc sam?!” Doc ben ask

“ how long I’ve been here!?” I ask him

“ you’ve been here for two days and i highly recommend you to take a bed rest doc Sam? Stay out of stress it’s for the sake you and the babies?!” I feel guilty about it

“ thank you doc?!” Then the door open and i saw my parents enter and Brent?

“ thank god sam you’re awake?” Mom hug me tightly dad look so worried

“ I’m ok now mom?!” Doc ben say leave the room

“ Sam? Why you hide it from us?!” Dad look worried

“ i try to tell dad but it was the situation dad?!” I look down to my hands

“ what if Samuel not there? Sam? We almost lost you and the babies sam?” Mom said yes i felt so guilty because of my stubbornness

“ Samantha?!” Someone called me at the door and there she is cheska?

“ ches?!” She walk towards me and hugged

“ i was so worried Sam??!” She said and start crying

“ did he hurt you ches? Where were you all this time?!” I ask her

Then she tell me all about it, how alex force her to stay with him. Then he forced her married 3 days after he hide her. When my parents and brent leave the room she tell us how she great full he force to bring her cause her parents are already set her up into a arrange marriage.

“ ches? Should talk to him?! “ Tracey said with worried in her eyes

“ you know how he almost blown our house sam? When i heard you were here? I was so worried sam and felt guilty i was just so scared to face my parents sam?!” We catch-up and talk for everything. Then alex enter the room with vic behind him

“ Sam? I’m so sorry for the cause of all this!?” Alex is sincere about it

“ and sorry for my stubbornness lex..!” I smiled at him

“ so little sis? Were forgiven!?” Vic said and i smiled at him

“ I’m hungry?! Vic can you buy strawberries?! Please?!” He nodded and bring tracey with him

“ wait? You hate that fruit right?!” Cheska ask yes she’s right she even witnessed how I vomited when I accidentally eat the strawberry cake before

“ the babies like it ches?!” I giggle about it

“ Sam? You should talk to him? He blame his self how you almost lost it?!” I feel so guilty about it

“ where is he?!” I ask him

“ his in the office sam? He was here all the time when you are unconscious and he can’t even face you when you woke up!” I see how worried alex to him

Then when they say goodbye and then vic bring my strawberries. After of half hour he leave and I’m all alone here. It was 4 in the afternoon i have to face him right now. Everyone greeted at me when i pass them by, Brent saw me and he motion to stop

“ not now Sam?!” He look so worried

“ let me pass Brent?!” I glared at him

“ i told you to leave brent?!” He yelled

He look mess, his hair is messy and dark circles from his eyes? I was standing for a while before he raise his head and was shock when he saw me standing here in front of him.

“ lean?!” I called him

“ sam? Why are you here? “ he was so cold

“ i...lean sorry?!” He didn’t say a single word

“ fuck Leandro! I’m here in front of you to settle this all and you just ignore me?? What hell Leandro huh?!” I yelled at him and when he saw i sit in the couch and crying but I feel dizzy right now

“ sam?? Sam?! I’m sorry ok?! I just hate my self about everything? I almost lost you and the babies sam?! I lost once sam and I can’t live without you sam?!” He kneel and hugging me tightly

“ because of my stubbornness and didn’t even listen to you? Lean? It also my fault and i was so guilty about leand!!” I cried in front of him

“ shhh... sam? Stop crying please? It’s not good to you’re health please? I love you Sam, the first i saw you and you’re full of mystery that makes me curious you a lot and ended to fell for you? I promise my self I’ll never let you go again sam? Even you hate me? And i also planning to kidnapped you and force to marry me sam? I will risk everything for you sam?!” I kiss him passionately

“ lean? You know how stupid i am? I even fuck you without knowing you’re name? Not once but more than right? At first will it adventurous to sleep into an old mysterious man? Right? But that time you ask me about us? I feel scared lean what if you felt bored to me? You’re my first of everything lean and I don’t know how to handle to get more hurt?! I will love you till the end lean and I’ll willing to kill lean for you remember that so don’t you dare think of cheating on me leandro?!” He smiled at me

“ I’m only yours my mysterious girl?!” I smiled of him widely

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