Mysterious Girl

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He wants me to marry before our kids were born but i arguing him to wait till the babies is burn but my stubbornness fiancée didn’t listen. I stayed for a week at the hospital cause he wants to make sure we were safe. Brent was cursing one night when I called him to buy me strawberry candy and ice cream because it was 1 in the morning. I didn’t stop crying in front of Leandro till they can’t find it. After that they make sure to buy everything and stock here. Leandro keep nagging about my eating habits but what I should do? My babies always hungry and I always wanted is strawberries only.

“ you look so beautiful sweetie?!” Dad is emotional while looking at me, yes Leandro make it all that we will marry sooner. He prepared everything and here i am will be Mrs Braganza soon.

5 years later

“ Alejandro?!?! “ Leandro was shouting to our son and my little son running towards us

“ mama?!? Dada is angry?!” He giggle while saying it and i saw my husband red face

“ what it is now dad?!” I ask him

“ well they just broke into pieces table from the living are?!” I look to my son,

“ sorry dada? Promise it will never happen again?!” He making pouty face to him and he knows one of his father weaknesses of him

Every Sunday we have this family day, our mansion full of laughter from the kids. Tracey and vic have 4 kids, sam and alice 3, alex and cheska 5 then brent and tina 1.. i and Leandro only the twins and we were planning to make more. Alejandro more like his father but his twin sister Sandra was more quite but dangerous this is we were so worried about cause she likes to be alone and one time she stabbed one of our maids cause she caught her sneaking to his father office.

“ Sandy? Go play with them?!” Cheska told her

“ its Sandra tita cheska ok? I’m more like here with my tab tita?!” She politely said

“ sandy baby?!” She stare at me

“ mama? I’m not a baby anymore please?!” She stood up and pick her tab leaving us

“ she is like his father sam when we were kids?! “ brent said

Well I’ll talk to my husband later about her. They stay till dinner before leaving. Mom and dad are busy lately while daddy leo busy with his new girl. Leandro cursing a lot when he knows dad got into new relationship with young girl.

“ they sleep?!” I ask him

“ yes?! And Sandra always demanding about having her own room?!” He lay down beside me

“ well handle her tomorrow ok?!” He smiled

“ i love you sam,?!” Kissing my neck

“ and i love you forever my leandro!!”

The end

Hope you like it, sorry if there is some error about i use only my phone to right it. Hope you enjoyed it.❤️❤️❤️❤️

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