Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 2


“ Samantha is up!?” He ask Lira

“ I didn’t see her this morning Vic!?” She answer me

“ Sam!? Sam!?” He was standing now at the door of Sam but after several knocks no answer and i try to call her but I didn’t hear a ring tone of her phone

I felt something wrong about it, she didn’t try once to sneak us cause even she’s stubborn she didn’t want mom will angry with her.

“ please get the key of her room!?” He ask one of the maids who pass by

“ what happened!?” Samuel just out of his room

“ Samantha didn’t answer me, I’ve been calling her but no!?” After i got the keys I immediately open her room and she’s not here.

“ I’ll track her Vic!?” He get his phone to track her

But unfortunately she left her phone at her bed, we also track her from her ring always wear of, that ring is from of our lost sister and we make sure to put it a small tracking device that she can’t even notice.

“ hurry Samuel!?” Mom is begin to panic

“ how did she scape without alarming us? The guards?!” Dad is angry right now and he was scolded the security about it.

“ dad, she was at school now!?” Samuel said and mom grab her bag to the door.

We even call the head director to meet him at his office and call for the presence of Samantha at his office. We choose this school cause were of the investor of this school and they have high security to protect the student.


I didn’t know why the head director call me at his office even Chescka and Tracey look at me in confused. It’s my second day of school and I’m sure I didn’t break any rules or break any glass window. I knock softly at the door and open it. I was surprised my whole family is here at his office and i know why of suddenly they are here. Now i know why the student look at me like something cause of this.

“ Samantha!?” Mom stood up and hugged me

I felt guilty of what I’ve done earlier at early morning, i got scape at the house with out alarming the security of the house. They didn’t know I’m best of hacking and that i hide from them. My brother Vic run a highly security company and that’s start i start study more about it without their permission. After of a half hour talk with the director they excuse me for absent this day.

“ now Samantha explain!?” I know dad is very angry right now and i saw his both ears are red.

“ dad I’m sorry?! I just want to have a little freedom dad? Like other teens?!” I told him but of my surprise he slammed the glass at the table and even mom didn’t expect it

“ a LITTLE FREEDOM!?!” Dad clenched his teeth and another slammed of his hand to the table eve my 2 brothers are silent

“ Alex?!?” Mom trying to calm dad

“ Sam?! Were doing this for you’re own good and we hope you’ll understand?!” Victor said

“ because of what happened about Alexia right?!?” She finally got open first about it

“ this is my last warning Samantha and listen carefully?! If don’t want to get home schooling better be obedient all the time?!” Dad tone in serious said.

“ but dad?! Please!?” I’m begging for him but he just stood up

“ go to you’re room now?!” Dad said and walk away to his office

“ mom!? I’m sorry!?” Mom hugged me

“ I can’t take it anymore Sam if something happened to you sam?!” Mom is sobbing right now and I felt so guilty of what happened

“ one day Sam you’ll understand!?” Samuel said

“ go to you’re room now, dad have something to discuss to us so take a rest!” Victor stood up and heading to the office of dad.


“ dad i think we should discuss this right now!?” Victor said while busy to his laptop

“ Sammy? Please calm down ok? Sam is safe now!?” Mom still sobbing in his arms

“ how i wish she didn’t grow up in a normal kid like a special child so she just stay here?!”

I understand mom right now cause she was in depression in long time after Alexia died and she was in her 7 months pregnant that time and we nearly both of them Sam lost because of state mom about what happened Alexia.

“ what will we do our Samantha grow and a achiever at school and beautiful lady!” Dad said

“ promise mom we will tighten the security?!” Victor said

“ but what if she do it again? I know how Sam felt for being like this and you all know too!?” I said to them cause Sam is a teenager not a child anymore

“ what do you suggest?!” Dad ask

“ i was thinking this a long time ago what if one day Sam complaining this all and act to be like the teenager do right now? How we can prevent it?! So my suggestion is we can let want she want but also we were going to tighten the security?!” Dad and mom look each other and i can read mom she protests it

“ i think that’s a good idea Sam? We can’t be forever lock her and you all know that?!” Victor agree of it

“ no I can’t take the risk alex?!” He stare at his husband

“ well Samantha know how to protect herself if any goes happened if we were not around at her but we make sure of it, i want you two personally trained her well guys understood?!” Dad finally agree about it were hoping it well good in result.

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