Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 3


It’s been a week since that happened and i can felt dad is a little in distance right now and i cant blame him cause i make trouble. So I’ve been school to home my routine again. The difference is I’ve been trained again with two brothers and I don’t know why cause i know how are busy they are but they always spent time with me.

“ whose gonna pick you up!?” Tracey ask we were here at the gate and usual girls are waiting if Samuel will pick me up

“ I don’t know who!?” I just shrugged cause I didn’t receive any call or txt right now

“ so I’ll see guys Sunday evening?!” Cheska say and I don’t know what she meant for

“ for what?!” I ask her and they both stare at me with wide eyes

“ no way! You didn’t know? “ tracey said

“ it was a event for the year and all businessman/ businesswoman, highly in politics and other of respected government will be there Sam?!” I just stare at her

“ I’ve been attended 3 times and you can’t imagine how it was felt?!” Cheska say while closing her eyes

“ well when i was 14 I’ve started attending this event with my parents and every year it was breathtaking for every event and you’ll see and meet different popular celebrities their so Sam see you there?!?” I don’t know what to answer cause i never been attend parties.

“ I don’t know!?” I just node at them

“ hi! Girls!?” Its Victor

“ hello there Mr. Knights..!” Tracey greeted my brother and i can feel she like him but sad to say I know Vic

“ so girls i gotta go!?” I say goodbye to them and hop in to his car

“ how was you’re day at school!?” Vic ask me

“ nothing special but it’s good!?” I’m busy right now at my phone cause my friends are on the topic for this coming sagala

“ this is the first time you’ve been busy of your phone Sam any suitors perhaps!?” I look at him and he was serious of it

“ No! It was the girls!” I can’t believe him to ask me like that

“ so it’s just the girls? Sam? Please if ever it happened let us know ok!?” Woah what the hell

I didn’t respond him and back to my phone, well who can gave and interested like me?? A nerdy girl who are always wearing pants and hooded jacket and there is more gossip at school that I’m adopted child of Knights and where ever i walk i get death glare from girls. But i just ignore them unless no physical harm I’ll let it be.

“ goodmorning my dear sister?!” Sam greeted at me

“ goodmorning!?” I smile at him and Victor behind him

“ Samantha? I have something to tell you after we eat!?” Dad said

“ ok!?” I responded to him and finishing my food

“ i always wonder princess? You didn’t getting fatty even you eat a bunch of foods?!” Victor mocking at me

“ woah...easy brother! She’s not that fat right!?” Mom laugh 😂 of it

“ so??? I don’t care about it! “ then i ignore them and finish my dish

Here we are at dad office and I’m little bit nervous about it. What if dad decided that i have to stop go to school and finish it while take home schooling. Mom is just relax while drinking her tea and my brother Samuel eating and chips? While victor is busy with his laptop.

“ I’m sorry Sam for being locking you here and over protective about you? “ dad seriously saying right now?

“ it’s ok dad, I’m ok!?” But deep inside no but i have to

“ no, we decided to give you what you want Sam, you deserve it!?” Dad say

“ what? Really dad?!” I think I’m dreaming right now oh please don’t wake me up

“ but there are rules you have to follow!?” As always Victor

“ and what are those?!” I ask him

“ it just simple Sam, always be safe and tell us where are you that’s why mom will not start worrying for something you know that!?” He said will it was simple

“ but there is one thing i have to know? What is really happened Alexia? Please i need to know?!” It was all silence and I don’t know how long but it feels me creepy.



“ let’s go I’m ready!?” My sister Alexia even she was in 16 years of age she grown into a beautiful girl, she was almost a perfect big sister to us with Samuel. She was so excited to attend the party it was the birthday party of one of the business partners of dad and we are all invited.

“ you look so beautiful with that dress my princess and you’re dad who chooses that?!” Mom said

My sister is kind and a soft hearted and that’s why there lots of our school who are jealous of her beauty and brain what do you expect right. But everything was change when there one person who got eye to her or you may call it love at first sight.

“ hello my lady?!” He was wearing a white suit and not bad his handsome but his appearance is not good

“ well hello Mr.?!” My sister smile to him well my sister is not a snob person so she smile every person who approaches her

“ I’m Roy Maranza and may i know the name of yours?!?” His a little gentleman but when my sister accept his hand i saw a smirk on his lips

“ I’m Alexia Knights and this is my brother Victor nice to meet you Mr. Maranza!?” My sister politely say to her

“ just a Roy please!?” He ask and my sister just smile at her, i think it’s not appropriate to call him by name cause his more older to us

“ may i dance with you!?” He ask my sister and she look at me like something she wants a rescue this moment but before I interfere he hold her hands and way to the dance floor

“ Vic dad wants us to go home?!?” Samuel is standing beside me and we were watching now the two

“ ok, let’s just wait till they done?” But when i turn to see my father his not in a good mood to see Alexia with that man. Thanks to the song that ended so i have a chance to go to her

“ excuse me? al dad wants us!?” I whisper to her

“ excuse us Roy but i have to go with my family!?” She politely ask him and he just nodes and smile

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