Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 4


After that night my sister is there something bothering to her. It was 2 weeks past and i can sense she have problem.

“ please...leave me alone!?” Who is she talking about, I’m looking for her cause it’s been 2 days she didn’t go to school and she just in her room.

“ what do you want? “ i hear sobbing while talking to the phone and then she sat at the bench and cried

“ Alexia...?!” I call her and when she saw me she hugged me tightly

“ vic??always remember i love you guys!?” I don’t know but I felt something wrong about it

She was far to herself before, she was now like loner and always by herself and this time our parents are not her they are in a business trip for a week.

“ Sam do you have idea what’s wrong with her!?” We were looking at Alexia while sitting at edge of the pool

“ Vic there is one time i saw her getting out with the black SUV I thought it was just nothing but after that night she was silence!?” I need to call dad for this

“ we should call dad about this!?” After we talk sam I called dad and they will be home for 3 days cause mom is not felling well she was 5 months pregnant for a girl and we are so happy for that.

But before my parents arrived Today we didn’t see Alexia got home from school and the last txt she said is we go home first cause she will be late.

“ where is she!?” Dad is looking at her

“ she’s not here yet dad she said she will home late!?” Samuel said but dad is worried about it

And that’s the day my sister didn’t got home and she was missing for about a 3 months and the most more affected of Alexia missing is our mother and she was in a critical condition right now because of the baby. After dad do everything to get our sister he decided to ask for help it was his collage friend. After a week they find our sister but she was in coma for almost 2 years and died. Dad keep the secret of what really happened to Alexia’s when she was kidnapped and why she was in comatose.



Mom is crying till dad carried her to their room and victor and Samuel explained everything about my freedom atlas I’ll be a normal teenager like the others. But i will always wear contacts leans and dye my hair into black not the original colour of it.

“ goodmorning sis!?” Victor kiss my head and sit besides me

“ what are you’re plans to day!?” He ask me

“ hmm..maybe exploring at the mall!?” I said to him but honestly I don’t know cause i never been into the shopping mall i always into online or mom buy for my personal belongings.

“ or!? I’ll go with you!?” Samuel said

“ goodmorning!?” I greeted to him and he kiss my cheeks

“ Goodmorning mom, dad!?” I stood up and kiss both of them

“ Starting Monday Sam you can go to school without you’re brother!?” Dad said but mon protest about it

“ mom?! I can take care my self ok so don’t worry and besides i have no were to go i have just 2 friends in school and I’m lucky to have them cause they didn’t care what i look like!?” Mom stare at dad but dad decided already, and I’m so happy right now

“ so for the rides Sam, I’ll accompany you later after my meeting we will buy you’re own ride ok?!” Dad said

“ no dad? Its my treat ok?!” Samuel said

“ what?? But we talk it already Samuel I’ll be the first gonna buy for her!?” Victor protest about it

“ no me!?” But Samuel don’t want victor to buy first

“ stop it..!? What if I’ll choose the most expensive car? Can you two handle it!?” I tease them but i know their capacity they can buy how expensive of car is.

“ no problem!?” They both said

“ are you sure about it? No business meeting or work in office!?” I ask them cause i know how busy they are

“ no, i been clear my schedule for to day!?” Victor said

“ also mine Sam? I even cancelled the tv guesting to day so I’m free?!” Samuel said

“ okay, but I’m so thankful of both of you!?” She smirked of them

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