Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 5


“ vic can i have a bike 🏍 for my ride!?” They booth look at me

“ no! I don’t think mom and dad allowed it!?” Vic said and walk to the red Mercedes Benz and talk the owner yes the owner personally entertained us

“ hey!? What about yellow sports car!?” Samuel said i never responds of it

“ Vic!!? A minute please?!” He call Vic

“ why!?” He ask

“ what happened to her!?” He pointed in me

“ she wants a bike 🏍 but i don’t think is a good idea? “ vic explain

“ but it was my greatest dream Vic? You knew it both right?!” Yes cause I’ve been collecting motor bikes toys

“ ok?! I’ll buy for you but!? Promise me Sam!? Always wear a gear!?” Samuel said and i smiled at him and hugged

“ thank you Samuel!? And thank you vic for the lates car!” He smile and nodded

So Vic knows where we can buy a motor bike after i test drive the car we heading to the biker company and it was the most popular company. I choose the black Ducati big bike at first Victor protest about cause how do i handle it with my small body but when i test drive of it he agreed atlas.

Leandro Braganza

I’ve been busy this past few days and I’ve been stress too about this sagala tomorrow night I’ve been declining the invitation for how many years but this time i have no scape cause my father will be there.

“ woah!? Who was that!?” Alex said we were at the middle of traffic and he was looking to a girl who was in a big bike with a white dress!?

“ focus Alex!?” But i know no one can’t even caught you’re eyes to that girl, she’s wearing a black helmet too but the way she sit of it she have this aura that can’t take you’re eyes to her.

“ did you see the girl in a big bike earlier!!” Brent said while were entering the conference room.

“ yes, we saw it too damn what a badass girl!?” Alex said

“ good afternoon gentlemen!?” Mr. Knights entering the room

“ same here Mr. Knights” instead of dad will meet him he was sent me to meet this man

After a long day of busy I’m back here at My penthouse, I rarely use this cause I’m always in Italy to run the business. My father managed our business but I’m the king of under ground business. I was so busy lately cause one of my wear house was raid and i swear I’ve been killed 20 for that reason just to know who leak the information and luckily glad for the help of my friend who is my associates also.

“ lean were going now!?” Alex was leaning the bar who grabbed also another whiskey

“ ok, meet them!?” As i said before they go. Brent and alex are my most trusted men and also my friends.

Today is sunday and I’m going to meet father but I dropped by a coffee shop when i saw a girl in a white dress coming out the door. She was fixing or something from her bag when she bump at me. I caught her waist before she land at the floor.

“ oh, my sorry..!” She look up to me straight from the eyes and i was confused of colour of her eyes? The one is normal black but other one is dark blue eyes with red something around it and its rear whenever you saw in every eyes and she have a beautiful face and smooth white skin? But what that smell!? I was in other world that she and i only people right now i was back in reality when someone excuse to enter and i saw she was blushing of it.

“ I’m sorry Mr. Excuse me?!” She said and walk away i turn around to see were she heading into black big bike we saw yesterday

After that encounter earlier she’s keeping appearing at my mind like a rewind, i keep on focus of what they saying but i can’t concentrate of it.

“ what’s wrong!?” Alex ask me

“ hey!? I’ve been talking here and you’re not listening to me?!” Brent complain about it cause for now we’re discussing something important before we were go to the Sagala but I’m not in state right now because of the girl.

“ let’s continue later! “ i stood up and walk to the bar to get a whiskey

“ after you came back from the coffee shop you’ve been quite and thinking so much?!” Alex said

“ nothing it was just an encounter of some girl!?” Brent smirk of what i say

“ this is the first time we hear of it you’re distracted because of a girl!?” Alex is serious of what he say

Yes this is the first time I’ve distracted of some girl and it makes me angry about it. I can get who i want to get laid cause I don’t like and a serious relationship and every time I’m thinking of marriage it makes me annoyed cause I can’t give whatever girl demands about relationship. I hate of thinking about demanding to make some time to be with her or like to handle their drama.

“ we have 4 hours left before the event so i just take a sleep for a bit” i leave them cause i know they’re not stopping for asking about it.

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