Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 6


Mom choose my gown and my dad buy the mascara the motif is black and white mascaraed so I’m ready for tonight’s event and it’s my first time with my fam. It takes me 2 hours to prepare and Samuel keep calling me to get out. For the last time i check my self at the mirror, it’s a long sleeve gown with a slit up to my thighs it’s not more on showing skin and i just apply and a light make up so no need to effort cause I’m wearing mascara.

“ I’m ready!?” They are standing at the edge of stairs and my mom is so stunning with her black gown with a small white with it while dad and my 2 brothers in their black tuxedo.

“ you look so beautiful Samantha!?” Samuel said

“ Sam? I have something for for you!?” Victor give me a square box like jewellery l.

“ really?!” When i open it, i was speechless of the necklace with matching earrings

“ let me help you to wear it? It was special maid it for you!” He helps me to put in my neck

“ and this is also for you!?” Samuel open the box and it was a bracelet made from pure white diamonds with a ring

“ and Sam? This ring is for you? Even you’re in bathing don’t pull out this to you’re finger” dad put the ring at my finger and it was a diamond ring but it was small so it’s not noticeable at my hands.

“ perfect! “ mom said

“ thank you so much!?” I hugged them

So we were be in two cars and I’m riding with my two brothers and when we were at the car they both reminded everything that I’ll never leave at there side it was for my safety they said. Will I’m not complaining about it cause the reason why my sister is died because start with the parties.

“ you’re our date Sam that’s why we didn’t invite for being our date for tonight!?” Victor said

“ and I’m sure there lots of girl will jealous tonight!?” I giggle before i put my both arms each of them

I’m a little nervous cause when we start walking of the red carpet all reporters are asking with my two brothers who i am but they just ignore them.

“ this is why i hate reporters!?” Victor complaining while we reach the door.

When the door open i was speechless of what i see, different people are here and wearing most of expensive dresses. I’m a little uncomfortable because of the people staring at me.

“ just ignore them Sam!?” Samuel whisper to be sure I’m ok

We were at our table and it’s only for us maybe dad make sure that I’m not being more make attention for others. When the party begins speech of different highly and respected person in the country and also welcoming.

“ Alexander!?” Someone came to our table and dad stood up to approach the man i just ignore

“ Leo!? “ dad smile to him wait did i hear Leo? His friend from college maybe??

“ glad we meet here, I’m planning to visit you yesterday but i was so busy!?” Leo said

“ it’s been so long last we talk?!” Dad smiled at him

“ and Sammy you look beautiful as always and..?!” He stare at me and dad came near to me

“ my youngest daughter Samantha “ dad said and he smile at me

“ finally i meet you’re daughter!?” I accept his hands

“ same here Mr.?!” I politely said

“ just call me tito like you’re brothers does call me!?” He face my brothers and they smiled for response

“ then Tito leo!?” I smile him

“ I’ll borrow you’re father for a bit Sam!?” He said and they walk to some group of people of course mom too.

“ I’ll go to restroom!?” I whisper to Sam

“ I’ll go with you!?” Vic said but before we reach the hallway someone called him

“ I’ll handle it I’ll be quick!?” I said

“ I’ll be waiting here ok!?” He said before turning to the 2 men

I go quickly to the restroom and some of girls follow too.

“ whose that girl with the knights!?” They’re talking about me

“ didn’t you notice how they guard her? “ someone say

“ maybe she’s the mysterious youngest daughter of them!? I heard one time my parents talk about it!?” Why are they so curious about it

“ but I’ve heard with my sister that there is one of her classmate daughter of knights but she was so ugly and they said she’s adapted” the other said

“ lucky for her right!? You’ll see every day the 2 hunks!?” As always

When they’re gone I slowly got out from the bathroom but before i walk balk i saw the open door and the view of a fountain. I glance one to Victor and his busy talking with the 2 mens so I’ll take a look for a bit. It was beautiful and breathtaking to look at and i like the smell of the flowers around it. I close my eyes and feel the cold of the night and the amazing smell around here.

“ Ms,,,!?!” I was startled of someone talk behind and before i flash my self at the water i feel the arms grabbed my waist and i was so close to this man

“ oh my!?” My hands touching his hard chest and I slowly face him, I gasped to see the pair of green eyes staring straight to my eyes

We were like this for a minutes and i was so mesmerised of his stare and I don’t know how to explain but this is the first time i was speechless and like my world stop because of stare and touch. If my brothers see us like this I’m sure they’re gonna throw a fist to him and speaking of brother. Victor will looking to me now need to go.

“ excuse me?!” But before he can say i walk faster to the door without looking back and usual Victor and Samuel is standing at ladies restroom

“ Vic?!” They turn around and face and i saw the red faces of them

“ where were you? You said you’ll be quick!?” Victor said

“ I’m sorry? Let’s go!?” I grabbed them to back at the event. I take last glance at back and I didn’t see him

I whisper to Samuel that I’m not feeling well so i can go home early. I stop mom to go with me cause dad need her accompany by greeting the others so Sam will go with me cause Victor no where to see now after we reach the table. I have been receiving call from the girls and i answer them i gotta go first. I was so quite in the car because of that man at the fountain and his eyes is so familiar.

“ Sam!? Do we need to call our doctor?!” His voice is worried about me

“ I’m ok, just need to rest sam!?” I rested my head to his shoulder


After that encounter with girl at the fountain she was keeping appear at my dreams. These new to me i never been bother with girls.

“ babe!?” Verna enter my office, i meet her at the bar and she’s my sex partner for a week now.

“ come here!?” She sit at my lap and i need distraction for to not keep thinking of the the girls.

After our whole night sex at my office she get up early and ready to go. I never ask her if she’s at work or still a student I didn’t know even her true age.

“ are you serious with that girl!?” Alex ask me while were having a coffee in this coffee shop where i first saw that girl

“ no! Just need a distraction a bit!?” I told them

“ from what!?” Brent ask while giving me a piece of cake

Before i answer his question i was interrupted by the ding of the door and entering a 3 girls. They are giggling something and i was more focus to the girl whose wearing a white hoodie with a ripped blue jeans. The two girls keep talking for something and she just smiling with them. She was so different with them, her black hair was simply loosely up to her waist with big round eye glasses that almost occupied her whole face. Even she’s not wearing and expensive dresses like the two but she’s wearing a expensive too. Even shes a simple girl you can’t just buy that limited edition of she wear if you’re not come from in wealthy family.

“ Lean!?” Alex tap my shoulder to get my attention

“ what!?” I irritated answer him

“ you’re so obvious by staring at the teenager lean!?” He mock at me and before Brent also said another of nonsense i stood up and walk to the door.

I was sitting at my office here at my club to finish other business matter.

“ where is Alex!?” I ask Brent while busying with his phone

“ he is at downstairs eyeing for new prospect!?” He smirked at me well Alex is always a playboy

I was standing at my office and observing downstairs i can see the whole there at my place. I saw Alex talking with a girl whose wearing a white dress and that’s the reason he went their cause his weakness is a girl wearing a white dress and we were so confused about it. My attention was caught of a girl whose wearing a black dress and its not like the other girl nowadays whose wearing a revealing outfit . After observing her so much i can see who is she the girl from the coffee shop.

“ where are you going!?” Brent ask while stood up too

“ downstairs having fun!?” I smirked him and he just smile at me

We were walking downstairs and sit for a few step away from their tables. From what I’ve observed her she was drinking a ladies drinks. I saw Alex dancing at the dance floor with the girl who I recognise a girl from her group.


I’ve been alerted the man whose keep staring at me. I recognise him at the coffee shop earlier too. Shit this is my first time to hung out with my two bestie and there he is making me uncomfortable of his stare. Cheska was dancing with hot guy she meet here and not bad of him his hot and handsome but the guy there is more hottie than him,

“ trace? I’ll go to the restroom stay put ok!?” She smiled at me and i know she’s a little bit tipsy right now

After I done i was startled of someone grabbed my wrist at the door and slammed me at the wall.

“ what!?” I ask him while trying to get off from his tight hold my wrist

“ who are you!?” He ask me like I’m a suspect of something

“ what!? You’re harassing me just to ask me who i am!?” I glared at him but I don’t know i feel something about his touch

“ answer me kitten!?” He rested his head at my shoulder and sniffing my neck, I shivered of his breath it likes my whole body craving more to him

“ why you’re so curious about it!? And please let me go!?” I try more to get of his hold but instead of getting me free he grabbed my wrist and walked way to the centre of the dance floor and pass way to like a staircase way to the vip rooms?! He open one of the door and what I observed it was and office. He close the door and turn around to face me and walk slowly to me but every step he walk i step back till my back reach the table of his office. I can protect my self from him if he will do anything else i can kill him right a way. But before i react of him he grabbed my neck and crashed my lips at first it was like a hungry but its slowly turn to sweet kiss and this is my first kiss. He was a good kisser cause i learn it faster how kiss are.

I don’t what happened but this is insane what I’ve done, he was surprised 😱 that he was my first. When he was stood up and went to the bathroom i feel ashamed of what I’ve done so i gather my dress un fix my self and without a word I exiting his office. Tracey was looking at me and i got so much txt and called from her so when i reach her, she was so worried face.

“ where have you been!?” She ask first and looking at me like questioning about my mess

“ just there? Where is cheska!?” I ask her

“ well she was with the Italian boy so you and i were alone and were going home!?” She said

“ ah, yes!?” I smiled at her.

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