Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 7


I was in the bathroom to get a wet towel to make her clean but when i got out it was empty and she was nowhere to see. I call Brent but she didn’t see her. I checked the cctv and there she is after fixing her self and run away?

“ where is Alex!?” I was still awake til this morning I can’t sleep because of what happened last night

“ looking for me? Oh!?” He was surprise to see me this early at the office

“ where were you!?” I ask him

“ wait!? Did you sleep last night or you’re still up till now!?” His asking like there is something happened last night cause he was out of nowhere with the blond girl

“ i want you to find this girl and i need it as fast!?” I give him the print picture from the cctv last night

“ the black lady!?” He ask

“ yes and i need her profile immediately!?” I stood up and went to the bathroom without waiting for his words.

I needed a break so I went to the coffee shop where the first i saw her. I was hoping to see her here cause of what I’ve notice this place i always seen her. I’ve been here for and hour and for expectedly i saw her with her 2 friends again. She was busy talking to her phone and order a 2 box of cupcakes and a 1 box of chocolate cake. She likes chocolate cause even her drinks is made of chocolates. After and 20minutes i try to stood up to make and approach to her.

“ Sam?!” She sweetly smiled to a guy who enter at the door and to my surprise its Samuel Knights and he was smiling too with her.

So this is the girl he was been buying expensive stuff when we meet at Italy. When she walk to him Sam hugged her and kiss to her nose. Every girl who witnessed growled of it and if ever I didn’t know Sam right now i can kill him but no.

“ what you’re problem!?” Brent is asking cause my secretary running out of the door and crying

“ she was stupid!?” I said with angry voice

“ here you ask for and you will bot believe of it!?” Alex hand me and a folder

Samantha Knights, 17 years of age and she was adapted of knights? And nothing else to be seen about her.

“ i told you complete details of her!?” I glare at him

“ they’re blocking every information of about her but she was and adapted of the family? You know they are so careful about their family matter. Well you’ve seen her right? She was so different to the knights!?” Alex explained

“ but where is the youngest daughter of them!?” Brent ask

“ remember what history of their family? They’re hiding her away from everything?” Alex said

“ but we all know someday that mysterious girl will be marrying him!?” Brent said and after what he said I clench my teeth

“ I gotta go!?” Stood up and walk to the door but before i open the door

“ lex tell Victor I’ll visiting them, i think it’s time that i pay visits them!?” They look at me like confused

Dad will be leaving 3 days from now and before alex tell to Victor dad wants to visits them for the last time so i think it was a good opportunity of it. I was waiting for her to get out from the coffee shop.


Its been a week since that happened that night and I’ve been seen him every where. It was just a one night stand what he wants. Like now i see him outside of the coffee shop and every girl was looking at him. Well there is no one can’t take eyes of a greek god who are standing at his Lamborghini. Suddenly the college girl from their school approached him with her friend, she was the hot chick of our school campus.

“ as always Verna gets whatever she wants a guy for!?” Cheska said

“ wait chest!? Its that the great Leandro!?” Tracey whisper at her

“ I don’t know if it was him? You know even us we didn’t see his face at the magazine cause he was so mysterious right?!” Cheska said

“ guys mom wants to meet you about lunch tomorrow?!” I change the topic.

“ so we were skipping our class!?” Tracey said

“ maybe!? It was a lunch celebration for my birthday and i just want for lunch!?” Yes we always celebrating my birthday for exclusive for a family no grand parties and i use to it.

“ yes you’re birthday? But we are so thankful to joined!?” I see the excitement of eyes of cheska cause every time she saw my brothers she was make always approached them but they’re always gentle man as always.

“ Samantha we need to talk!?” I was froze a bit of someone speak behind us

“ yes!?” I turn to face him like innocent looking at him like do we know each other? And i saw the faces of bitches

“ I think we should talk!?” He ask amd my two friends here are looking at me in confused face

“ sorry mR. But I don’t think i know you? And I don’t easily go with the stranger!?” It was late before I realised what I’ve said to him and i saw him smirked like a devil but before he came forward a car just beep and thank god it was the car of Tracey so i turn to leave without saying.

“ do you know him!?” Cheska asking while were sitting at the car

“ no!?” I lied to them i just don’t want to open it for now

I woke up early but it was a surprise cause my family wakes up early.

“ happy birthday princess!?” Dad said

“ blow your cake!?” Victor holding the cake and i close my eyes before blowing it

“ it was you’re 18 birthday but you just want a special lunch and for the first time with a friends!?” Mom emotional said

“ mom!? I’m planning to visit the orphanage this coming Saturday and I’m so gladly happy I’ll spent the money to them than to a grand birthday party?!” I smiled at them

“ here!? Happy birthday my little angel!?” As always Victor call me his little angel

“ thank you!?” I hugged him

“ and this is from mine princess!?” Samuel give me a big box

“ thank you!?” I kiss him at the checks

Mom and dad also give me a gifts I’ll open it later cause I’ll be getting ready for cooking yes I’ll be helping for today. I always love to bake and Victor always complaining cause it was all about chocolates.

“ will be back by 11am Sam!?” Dad said and mom also go with them so I’m alone with the chef.

I hear my friends arrive and Victor was approaching them cause I’m busy with the dining table. Cheska first who greeted me and tracey was behind her but what I observed Victor is irritated 😣 for something and Tracey is a little bit uncomfortable?

“ happy birthday Sam!?” Cheska said

“ happy birthday Sam!?” She sound like sad but trying to smiled that i can’t notice about it and i look to Victor he was looking at Tracey

“ Vic can you call them please!?” I told him and he just walk

“ woah!? Is he always like that!?” Cheska ask

“ sometimes but i used to it!?” I smiled at them

“ hello girls!?” Mom smiling to us dad with her and my two brothers behind them

“ hello?! Mr. And Mrs: knights!?” They said both

“ mom? Dad? This Cheska Moore and this is Tracey lim girls my parents!?” I introduce them

This is my most memorable birthday celebration. It was so fun while having lunch with these my friends but I noticed Victor and tracey they’re keep distancing to each other. After we eat lunch we decided to hung out at the pool. Dad was back at the office while my two brothers joined us at the pool. I have lots of swimsuits at never been use of it. So cheska wearing a black two piece, Tracey in a red one piece but it was open at the back. While me usual my white swimsuit gift from Samuel. They’re busy talking about something but they stop while looking with my two brothers walk to us. Cheska was talking to Samuel and Victor while me and Tracey is here at edge of the pool it was my opportunity to ask her.

“ Trace?! Are you ok!?” I ask her but she smiled at me

“ I’m ok Sam? Why!?” She ask

“ is there something happened with you with Victor!?” When she hear the name of my brother she look down and i see she was about to cry

“ it.. was..” but before she say something Samuel swims to us

“ Sam we have guest tonight do you want to joined for dinner!?” He ask

“ nope, sam maybe I’ll spent more with them thats why I’m not disturbing for something!?” I said to him

“ but mom and dad said it’s more be if you joined the dinner!?” But I’m not feeling ok with it

“ no, sam!?” I stare at him and he nodded

It was almost 6 in the evening when cheska and tracey left the house and i am so tired. I already finish taking bath. I look my self at the mirror and to see my usual colour of my eyes. It was rare colour like a dark blue and light red and i was look like and a vampire if I’m not wearing a contact lens. I always hide my true identity like my true colours instead of being and a white skin we make it tan, my red haired change to black. Maybe someday I’ll be out for being my true self but Victor said it’s not the right time.

“ Vic?! “ I knocked his room

“ come in!?” I open to the door and his standing in front of his mirror fixing his self

“ Vic? Can we talk!?” I sit at the edge of his bed

“ why? Is there something wrong!?” He sit beside me

“ this coming Saturday we plans to go in camping? So i just need and permission?!” I look at him like a baby look

“ Sam?!” I know that tone and it’s a no

“ please?!? Please?!? You can go with us if you want?!” I make pouting to him and a puppy eyes

“ I’ll see to it at my schedule but if I’m not free Samuel will go with you!?” He smiled at me

“ what!? You know Samuel Vic?? “ but he just shrugged his self and patted my head

“ it will me or Samuel will go with you no other than ok!?” I nodded at him

“ ok!? Goodnight then?!” I smiled at him and kiss him by his checks

It was 9 in the evening and i didn’t drink my milk yet, yes I can’t sleep peacefully without it. So i walk silently to the kitchen and it was so quite at the living area maybe they’re gone.

“ so?!?” I was startled of someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him

“ what are you doing here!?” I shivered of his touch and shit I’m wearing my pjs with out bra inside and my breast are touching his chests

“ hello to you sneaky kitten?!” He smirked at me and look down to my chests

“ let me go or I’ll...” before I could he pulled me behind the curtain and kiss me passionately, my mind is saying to push him but my body craving his touched

“ don’t talk with a stranger huh? But you’re so wet for me my dear kitten!?” He said while kissing my neck and I didn’t notice his hands is at my womanhood playing, i moan to his touch shit this is insane i let him do this to me but i didn’t know even his name and in the second time i let him touch me. I heard someone steps to the kitchen.

“ shhh..don’t you want then see us like this?!” He whisper at my ears and i see Victor whose coming at the kitchen but when his phone rings he turn around and i push him hard.

“ Angel!?” Vic ask me god my hair is so mess

“ i was at behind you Vic!?” I told him

“ Sam? You’re still up!?” Samuel talk behind him

“ yep forget my milk!?” I told them and Samuel walk to the fridge and get my milk

“ here, drink it!?” I drink the milk but Vic is staring at me like observing

“ jump!?” I jump to him like a baby he always carry me at my room if i was so sleepy i rest my head to his shoulder

“ you’re always a messy Angel!?” Samuel laugh at our behind


I don’t think he noticed me, my kitten is so close to them and I don’t feel comfortable they’re touching her like that cause they’re not blood related and everything will happened. I was getting a water when i saw her walking to the kitchen. I was so bored for not seeing her earlier for dinner and I’m was surprised to see her with her pjs.

“ you smell something!?” Alex ask while where at the car.

“ shot up Lex!?” I barked him

“ you’re playing with fire Lean!?” Brent in a warning tone

“ I don’t care of them I’ll get her no matter what it takes!?” They know even my father can’t do anything if my decision if fixed

“ so...what the plans!?” Alex ask

If the solution to kidnap her, I’ll bring her and hide her somewhere no one will known. I don’t care if i start a war of their family all i want is her.

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