Mysterious Girl

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Chapter 8


Were at the shopping mall now to buy some things we will use for our camping.

“ I forgot my phone? I’ll get it?!” I leave them for a minute to get my phone at the car of Tracey.

I’m at the parking area when a black SUV was stop at my front.

“ ms. Come with us!?” There are 5 men in a black suit who will approach me

“ i think you’re mistaken?!” I smirked at them

But before one of them can grabbed my arms i kick him at the face. They think its simple to bring me like that? The hell with them. With in 10 minutes they are all down. I just smiled at the driver make him promise not to tell anyone.

“ did you run!?” Tracey ask me cause I’m all in full of sweat my self.

“ maybe? So what did you get?” I changed the subject

We spent our time to buy of our needs and we back at the school cause my bike is their.

“ mom?!” Mom is sitting at the couch

“ Sam! Hungry!?” Mom smiled at me

“ yes mom!?” We walk to the dining area and to my surprise my 2 brothers are preparing the table

“ mom call dad the table is ready?” Vic said and usual I’m excited to sit in my chair

“ this is awesome my brothers cook of it!?” I smiled at them

There is something odd, but i just step aside of it cause I’m enjoying now the food. Samuel bake also my favourite chocolate cake.,

“ Samantha? I and you’re mother will be flying tomorrow morning to Berlin? So you’ll 2 brothers will take care of you? Behave Sam, we will gone for long this time!” I was stop by slicing the cake and stare at them.

“ how long this time mom?’” I ask her with sad face

“ maybe a month dear but I’ll make sure to get home early Sam!?” My mom is emotional right now

They have to stay their for the expansion of the business. Mom help me to prepare my things to bring at the camp later and i also sleeping at their room. They’re flight is 6 in the morning so we went with at the airport.

“ Sam? Enjoy you’re first camping!?” Samuel said

“ Vic? Can we just ride the school bus assign to take us please?!” This is the idea of our P.E teacher our last year and to experience the camping. But instead ride with them at the school bus my brother vic bring his black SUV.

“ I can’t stand the noisy of you’re school mates Sam ok!?” He just said while were walking to his car.

So i have to tell my teacher I’m riding at my brother and I’ll bring along my two friends of it. We were at the school parking area where the student will meet here at 1:00pm and there are two busses of it. They was looking at my brother who are talking to my teachers and usual they agree about it.

“ I’m so excited of it?!” Cheska said while we were at the car

“ every year before the senior graduate they do this and this is what I’m waiting for!” Tracey said in a almost whisper to us.

“ I can’t gonna wait to swim at the lake!” Cheska said

I just smiled at them but i was thinking Victor always take a glance with mirror for tracey. There something going on them that why they both uncomfortable to each other.

We arrive safely at the camp place and the teacher gives us and instructions for everything. Others taking the cottages but we were choosing to build tents cause it makes so fun and more experience for camping activities. Victor bring a huge tents for us so we can share at the same tents. Usual others bitches are envy’s for my friends cause they’re sharing with one of the famous bachelor of our country.

“ meet me at the lake” I received and a strange txt

I just ignore it, I received more txt that’s why I block the no. We were go to the camp fire area cause but before i reach the place someone grabbed and pulled me at the Darkness area.

“ more to deny me kitten and I’ll face you’re brother!?” I gasped of what he say

“ what are you doing here?!” I ask him, he crashed his lips to mine, i gather some strength to push him and lucky me i heard vic calling me

“ this..” before he speak for something Victor saw me and thank god this man was in the dark

“ coming vic!?” I ran to him and without taking look back

Why this guy is bothering on me, I can’t take this is anymore. Why of suddenly he was here? Is he a stalker or should i tell to Vic? But what he tell him, my reckless was a mistaken and it never be happening again.


I’m so tired of hiding this feelings? There he was sitting with my bestie and it’s making me more painful seeing him with others bitches who flirting on him.

“ need to walk a bit” I mumble to my self, while walking at the Darkness forest i heard someone is talking, so for my curiosity i walk slowly and to see who was it but at my surprise it was him with a girl

“ i like you Vic?!” The girl confess to him

“ but I don’t like you? And you’re age is like my sister and I don’t like it?!” He was in a serious tone, but after i hear about being age like his sister i more felt pain in my heart, but why?! I don’t care if they will see me i just want to run.

I don’t know how long I’ve been run but I’m sure I’m far away of them. I sit at the grass and tears keep flowing in my eyes. I was so stupid...stupid...keep telling at my self. I was crying when the rains start flowing, i more cry because of the rain. Someone grabbed my arm to make me stand

“ what the he’ll you’re doing!?” I raise my face and there he was standing at me with and angry face

“ i..” but before I’ll say something I grabbed his neck to mind and i kiss him, at first he was shock of my action but slowly he responded it.

I take advantage of him, and this time I’ll let it go of my feelings all I’ve carried every time i think of him.

“ please, vic?!” I begged for him and I grabbed him again. At lest for the last time I’ll make him mine tonight.

We were both panting our breath after our sex under the rain. And luckily we were at the forest in the dark so no one can notice us and our mounds are covering with the heavy rains.

“ trace?!” I miss the way he call me trace cause other than my bestie his the one who called me that.

“ nothing to worry Tor!” I stood up after i put my clothes and walk away with out waiting him talk.

It was midnight and thank god no one is walking from the rain beside me. But to my surprise Samantha is startled 😮 after seeing as if she saw a ghost. She look mess and she fixed herself after seeing me.

“ why you’re so wet?!” She ask me

“ i miss the rain so i played a bit!?” I lied to her

“ ah, ok! Wait I’ll get you a towel!?” She was a bit tense and that make me think.

“ thanks?!” She smiled at me and i walk to the bathrooms its just near our tents.


I woke up late at the morning maybe 9am and i still see it was raining outside and I’m the only one left here. I’m a little bit feel sore at my body. Last night again in the 2nd time we did it at the one of the storage rooms. Shit my whole body was little aching cause i fight him before we did it again.

“ goodmorning Angel!?” Vic enter the tent with a plate in his hands

“ goodmorning Vic?” I smiled at him

“ here eat it!?” He hand me the plate and i start eating and when the girls back he sit at his space avoiding tracey?!

“ thank god the rain was stop!?” Cheska smile at me

“ and now you’re happy? Earlier you was just complaining about you’re new boy by not answering you’re call?!” Tracey nagging at her as always her being like big sister to us start again

“ i was mad him but he just reply that he was at plane to rome!?” She make us look to her phone and there message form her new bf.

“ hmmm?!” All was we react tracey and smirked at her

The rain was stop and our teachers called us for the activity to day. It wAs so fun promise cause this is the first time i enjoy for being and a teenager. Vic was in the tents, he have some video call meeting.

“ that was so fun!?” We were taking a bath after the dirty on our body because of our activity earlier. I saw a red/purple mark on Tracey body.

“ trace!? Is that!?” She wrapped her self a towel and look at me like pleading that I’ll be quite.

“ Sam?!” She walk to me and i see to her eyes sadness

“ if you don’t want to talk about it? I’ll respect you’re decision but trace if you’re ready talk to us?!” She nodded at me and I hugged her.

It was 2nd day after we fuck at the storage room I didn’t see him. But instead of being happy for it i fell empty or sad deep inside that if when we see it each other again. We were at the lake now most all of the student are playing at the water. This is our last day here and our teachers give this whole afternoon free to us till tonight. We were at the middle of our talking when our attention look to a hot guy walking to us. But cheska just smiled to the man and tracey smiled widely to him.

“ Acey!?” He call tracey? As Acey? She stood up and hugged the man

“ Rio?! What are you doing here?!” She ask him

“ tita said you were here so I decided to surprise you!?” Wait it’s that Rio Alley? The famous youngest surgeon that volunteered to the medical mission at the Middle East?

“ Rio i like to meet you my new bestie Samantha! Sam this is Rio my big brother?!” His brother?

“ actually were not blood related Sam it’s just i know her since she was child!?” He smiled brightly to me

He sit beside Tracey and talk to her like she’s the only one girl here. What I’ve observed he didn’t see her as a little sister it just more than? Usual other girls and boys make glances to him, and we always interrupted by they want take pictures to him.

“ Victor!” He stood up and make a shake hands of my brother

“ Rio?!” He smiled at him

“ do you know each other!?” I ask Them

“ yes?! Excuse us girls” they walk to have talk to, we just shrugged to them

Rio say goodbye to us, he was just here to see tracey. I and Cheska decided to go back at the tent cause it was 2am in the morning and we will have to wake up soon early to pack our things. I was awake because of thirsty and it was 4am in the morning, i see empty at my right side Tracey is not here? And i saw Victor is also not here. I was walking to look for them until i reach the forest at the back. I heard two people arguing

“ if you feel guilty about it Tor? Just don’t talk to me ok?!” That’s tracey voice is he talking to vic?

“ you knew in the first place Cey that this is all wrong!?” His voice is not like a bossy or cold as always

“ why tor?? Because i was same as age of you’re sister isn’t it? Or you just played to like the other girls who are desperate to you?!” Tracey is starting crying while facing vic

“ it’s been 3 years past Cey but until now the guilt is still here!?” What? They new each other as in close to each other,

“ you’re unbelievable Tor?! I hate you!? I’ll never be forgiven you!?” Tracey run off to get away with vic and he just stood there like dumb.

Tracey act like it was nothing happened while we packs our things and Victor just silently too. I just act like I didn’t know so Cheska starting asking of something is not ok with tracey but she just said she was not feeling well. We were so silent at the car till we sleep in our ride.

“ vic!? Are you ok!?” He was so silent until we dropped the girls to their each houses

“ it was the work Sam?!” He said and walk upstairs to his room

“ welcome back my little princess!?” Samuel hugged me like a baby

“ how was your trip!?” I ask him cause he was having a fashion show at the paris

“ it was ok?! And i have more gifts to you and with you’re 2 bestie hope they like it?!” Yeah they will like it for sure cause he will never buy if its not limited edition for sure

“ I’ll take a rest first Sam!? “ he nodded at me and i went to my room.

I wake up early and Samuel told that last night Victor was out of the country he was last night. Maybe he needed a break or make space?

“ wow?!? As in Sam!?” She hugged the pink t shirt it was the new edition of one of the famous designer and it was so hard to buy this t shirt cause it was 3 pcs in whole word and luckily we own it trio. Sam said it was his gifts to us. So he was the unknown buyer of this.

“ I’m sure my cousins will jealous of this Sam!?” Tracey said

Yes every teens from in the wealthy family is waiting for this edition and luckily we are the most luckiest girls. Yes Sam is one of the billionaires Batchelor with his own business at the fashion world aside for being part of the knights international companies. We were at the cafeteria at the school

“ sorry for them!?” Cheska said while seeing others girls who are staring to us while seeing my bestie holding the t shirts.

It’s been a month he didn’t bother me anymore and every day past i miss him. Tracey and Rio are always been together while cheska and his boyfriend are long distance relationships. While me well nothing just been hanging out with them as alarms.

“ Samuel can i ask!?” We were at the dining are eating breakfast

“ what is it!?” He look at me

“ why Vic is not here all the time!?” I don’t think so if his just busy or avoiding someone else

“ he is just busy right now Sam? Ok? Don’t worry I’ll ask him later to come home?!” He smiled at me

“ ok!?” I continue my breakfast

“ dad sent this!” He give me and a 2 credit card one is a black and a gold one i stare at him

“ two!? But I already have!?” I told him

“ the gold one is from dad and the black is from mine? Use it ok?!” He kiss my head and say goodbye. Yesterday sent me too a credit card 💳 and i have another two!?

Well I’m not like they other richer spoiled brats who spent always their money at shopping mall. Mom called that I’m in a right age and need to be take my self without worrying the money. They give me too other savings card if something i have to use. But seriously my credit cards is no limits amount so how were i use the others?

“ what were gonna do later!?” We were at our favourite coffee shop

“ lets go shopping!?” Cheska suggestions

“ well what about lets buy something for the kids at the orphanage?!” I suggested to them

“ well not a bad idea let’s go?!” Tracey said

So we were at the shopping mall right now, first were at the school supplies as we were like buying almost everything. People are staring us like confused cause while picking up the supplies we were playing like a kids. We got all in almost 50 boxes of school supplies.

Angel Orphanage is one of we visit for our assignments for our history and after that we visited there 4 times and after we observed everything they’re in a crisis now thats what we misheard of it one of the staff.

“ shit I forgot my credit card is have limit?!” Cheska coursing about it

“ me too? “ tracey said in a sad face

“ don’t worry about it ok!?” I smiled at them

“ wait are you sure!?” They ask me in chorus

“ yes!?” I smiled at them

So i use Vic credit card for the groceries and snacks and for sam for the clothes and underwear. Tracey nagging for something what if my brothers will angry but i just smirked at them.

“ good afternoon Mrs. Aguilar” we greeted the old woman who are the head director of the orphanage

“ good to see you again girls!?” We hugged her,

“ big sisters!?” The children’s are running to us happily

“ hello guys!?” We were smiling to them

It was 4:30pm and the stuff we buy is still at the van it’s not finish yet. We were busy playing with the other kids while the others kids eating their snacks. We were stop when a 4 men in a black suit was entering talking to the director and of what we saw it was a bad news.

“ what happened!?” I ask one of the staff

“ it was from the bank and they will give us 6 months if we didn’t get back the money we will have to leave the orphanage! “ tears are flowing at her eyes

“ what?! What happened to the children?!” Cheska ask

“ we will find other orphanage to take care of them” mrs: aguilar said in our back

“ what happened!?” I ask to her

“ we decided to take a loan in a bank so we can settle the other problems, we do our best to gather more donations or finds others sponsors for the orphanage but we didn’t succeed” she explained

We were silent while we were at the car, it was a lot of money but how can i ask my parents they are out of the country.

“ what if we were do and a fund raising!?” Tracey suggestions

“ tomorrow we will talk to this ok?!” We stop at the restaurant to eat dinner

“ its a lot of money? Hope we can gather that in 6 months?” Cheska said

“ yes its 5 billions dollars? It was a lot of money? But we should try right?!” Tracey said

Even we are from wealthy family we can’t just ask money like that big. Its hard to ask even a 1 million dollar? How about billion?!” Cheska in a wide eyes

“ we will talk this tomorrow ok? At my house!?” They nodded at me.

In the whole night i was awake to make plans how to gather that money and i even call Vic to come home and Sam i ask him to stay a bit tomorrow.

“ Where is Victor?!” I ask Samuel

“ he can’t come here Sam!” He sit beside me at the couch

“ I’ll just call him later?!” I said in a low voice

My friends arrive and with Rio is with them. Samuel knows too Rio so they talk a bit in the garden while we were at the kitchen to get foods.

“ so what it is this all about!?” Samuel ask

“ we were at the orphanage yesterday Sam!?” I told him

“ so that’s why i got received message from yours credit card you purchase a lot!?” He shook his head and smile

“ yes!? I spent your money in a good way!?” I smiled him back

So we were explaining the problem to them and our plans to make gather the money.

“ then are you sure you’ll gather that enough!?” Rio said

“ that’s why you’re here to help us!?” We chorus said to them

“ 5 billion is a big money but we can give that to you?!” Samuel said but i shook my head

“ no, yes we help to pay that but? What about the incoming years to come? How they can get the money for the children’s support? That’s why we were planning to have a fun raiser to get more sponsors so the orphanage will survive for more to come years!?” I explained to them

“ we will help you about that? “ rio said

So we’ve listened to their suggestions and plans, they are adults so they know well about it.

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