The Love That We Lost

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Adam and Sasha were high school sweethearts but after a big fall out and an even worse break-up, they are forced to part ways. 5 years later they meet again. The company Sasha works for is near bankruptcy and they are all counting on her to close the deal with Stone Inc. Will she be able to manage the trip down memory lane when she realizes that the Stone Inc agent she is meant to work with is Adam, and will Adam work with Sasha to help the company or will he take advantage of her again.

Romance / Drama
Natasha Atieno
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

As I was rushing up the stairs to get to the office on time I tripped and almost bashed my head in. I breathed out a sigh of relief as I caught myself before my lips kissed the cold hard stair. ″ These budget cuts are really starting to get on my nerves ″ I mumbled as I dust myself off. Since the company was running low on funds, we were reducing the electricity bill to make ends meet, so this meant no usage of elevators.

A couple of years ago I would have probably been in the hospital by now since I had no upper body strength whatsoever. I really should thank Melissa for getting me that gym membership and practically forcing me to go there.

I finally managed to get to the office without any more trouble. I quickly got settled into my normal routine as I restocked the refreshments for the customers and got yesterday’s paperwork to its respective owners. I had just finished my last errand of getting coffee for Mr. Philips when Melissa arrived.

″Look who finally decide to show up,″ I mocked her. ″ What happened this time? A raccoon attacked you on your way to the office.″ I gave her a cheeky smile and she responded with a glare. Melissa could never make it on time to any event whatsoever and came up with the most ridiculous excuses ever, I had learned this after a month of knowing her and that was almost two years ago. ″ Haha, very funny Sherlock but this time my mum is visiting.″ A shiver ran through me at that. I remembered her mother well, she was the most beautiful 50 years old woman I’d ever seen but her overbearing nature made her a nightmare as well as a force to be reckoned with.

″I’m very sorry but better you than me.′ I replied giving her a sympathetic pat on the shoulder. She shrugged off my arm and pointed towards my skirt. ″ What happened, you look like you had a run-in with a sidewalk″

″ I did,″ She raised her eyebrows but I waved it off. ″ Doesn’t matter, I’m fine.″

Before she could get the story out of me, the landline rang. ″ Mr. Philips Office, how can I help you?″ I got my note pad ready to take any important information that I may have to relay. However, the voice that spoke next wasn’t one that I thought I’d ever hear again. Panic overwhelmed me and stole the air from my lungs.

″ This is Adam Brookestone from Stone Incorporation and I’m looking for Mr. Philips.″ By now I was hyperventilating and my breath was coming in short gasps. I could see from the corner of my eye that Melissa was getting increasingly worried but I didn’t have the strength to assure her. I didn’t even bother replying to him, I just directed the call to Mr. Philips office and ran out of my cubicle.

I let my legs take me wherever they wanted not even bothering or caring where I went. I ended up in the bathroom. I stood at a sink staring at my panicked expression. My face was flushed in worry, eyes wide and my breathing labored. ″ Come on Sasha, pull yourself together you already knew you’d have to meet him again someday,″30 minutes passed and with my little pep talk to myself, I splashed some water on my face, gathered up all the courage I had left and walked out.

The minute I reached my cubicle Melissa pounced on me like a mama bear on her cub. ″Are you okay, you just panicked all of a sudden and I didn’t know what to do.″ I gave her a reassuring smile but with the look she was giving me, I knew she wasn’t buying it one bit. ″ I’m fine, okay.″ She wasn’t satisfied with my answer but she knew that was all I’d give her at the moment.

″Mr. Philips said to inform you that he would like to see you like .....,″ she glanced at her watch then exclaimed ″Now!″ I gave her a death glare. ″You couldn’t lead with that ?″ She just shrugged and gave me a smile. I just shake my head in mock exasperation and made my way to his office. Straightening out the creases in my skirt, I knocked on the door.

″Come in .″ Came the response from the office. I walked in and when I had finally reached the front of his desk I politely inquired. ″ What can I do for you, sir?″ He glanced up at me a gave me a courteous smile. ″Please have a seat Miss Hawthrone, I have an important matter to discuss with you.″ I sat down and gave him my attention as I waited for him to elaborate further.

″ I believe you are familiar with Jason Williams,″ At my nod, he ventured on. ″ Unfortunately, his father passed on and he has taken a week off,″ Sympathy filled my heart, I hope Jason would be okay. ″ Being that he was currently working on the project with Stone Corp, I need to find a replacement for him so that the deal can be sealed.″

I immediately caught on to what he was implying. ″So you’d like for me to suggest a few individuals who can handle the job perfectly. If you’d just hold on for a minute sir, I think I have a file that would help me give you a better input of the matter.″ I stood up and started making my way to the door when he cut in.

″Actually, I want you to take on this project.″ I froze in my tracks. The panic that I had just managed to suffocate came back with elephantine fury. ″What!″ I spluttered. This couldn’t be happening, my worst fears couldn’t be coming true. I took a deep breath and calmed down. This was just a dream. I would just pinch myself and wake up on my bed.

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