The Love That We Lost

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Chapter 2

I pinched myself till I could see the blood well under my skin. I kept doing it over and over till Mr. Philips finally came over to me. I was still in a state of shock but he managed to calm me down. After a glass of water and many soothing words from Mr. Philips, I finally relaxed. ″Look, Sasha, I don’t know exactly what’s bothering you but I can tell that it’s holding you back.″ He waited till I raised my eyes to look at him then continued.

″ I’ve watched you work as my assistant for 2 years now. You are a dedicated, hard-working woman and frankly one of the best damn assistants I’ve ever had.″ He brought out a piece of paper that looked strangely familiar and passed it to me. It was my CV. I gave him a confused look not understanding what he was getting at. ″ You have a degree in business and you graduated top of your class with first-class honors, you are meant to be more than just an assistant and that’s why I decided to give you this chance.″

I was touched by how much faith he had in me, no one ever had before. I decided right there and then that I wouldn’t let him down.″Okay, I’ll do it. I can make it work.″ All I need are the files so that I can go through them and prepare myself. I can do this I chanted in my head. He handed me the files and I perused through them. I knew I could get this down by tops tomorrow and be ready for the meeting. I wasn’t going to let my fear of Adam get the best of me this time.

″So, when’s the meeting ?″ I asked as I took down notes on the points that were important in the files. ″ Today at 4 p.m″ he casually stated. ″ What !,″ I exploded. He at least had the decency to smile sheepishly at me. ″ I’m really sorry, to put you in this position but the change in the date of the meeting happened so abruptly.″ He then proceeded to explain that the call from Stone Corp earlier was from the head agent claiming that he had other matters to attend to later in the week out of the country. The meeting then had to be rescheduled to today otherwise the meeting is postponed to next month. ″By then I’m not sure if we’ll be afloat.″ He finished sadly.

I was still seething at his ambush but I just accepted to do it anyway. What can I say, the man can sweet talk you into anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how he got into this business anyway. ″ Sasha, please just try your best, if we nail this deal, the company can manage to come out of the pit we are in.″ With a nod, I signed my death wish. I left the office completely overwhelmed but for once in my life I had hope and I’ll be damned if anything took it away from me. I was not only helping the company and giving my career a boost but I was finally going to stand up for myself to Adam.

I decided to go to a small coffee shop near the office. It was a quiet little shop with a homely feel to it. It was working hours so the only people were the employes. Since I had come often to the shop they knew me and left me to my devices. I just ordered my usual and got to work. By the time I had got to the third page, two hours had already passed. It was 15 minutes to 4 p.m, I got up paid the bill, and made my way to the office. Thank God I had already noted the important points of the project, that way I wasn’t completely useless.

I added the final touches to the board room, sat down, and waited. Stone Inc had a branch that deals with real estate and that was the project we were dealing with today. Since we were the rope that tied real estate companies to raw materials manufacturers they had to go through us to be able to get the right material and good deals at that.

What we do is look for everything the real estate developers may need from the latest model of wood, glass, marble all the way to the taps needed in water outlets. The job of our scouts is to look for the materials that are treading, get them at a good deal from the manufacturing companies, then show the real estate developers our findings thus convince them that we are the right company for the job. Simple, right? Well, right now, I don’t think so.

Melissa ushered the partners into the office, offered them refreshments then left. Up until two hours ago, that was my job. Funny how everything changes in a moment. I stood up with an air of confidence, introduced myself, and started the meeting. Everything was running smoothly and I hadn’t even reacted to Adam’s presence in the room, but I could feel him and the vibes I was getting from him weren’t exactly pleasing.

I was on edge during the entire meeting. I thought that at some point that he was going to ask a hard question, I wouldn’t know the answer and be embarrassed. Or that he would make my life miserable by turning his team against our company but throughout, he was professional and nothing more. Maybe I was just being paranoid or maybe he changed. I don’t know but either way, I was wrong. He barely even looked at me during the meeting, I would go as far as to say that he didn’t even care. It stung but I just shrugged it off, after all, I was on my way to success.

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