The Love That We Lost

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Chapter 3

That night when I reached my apartment, I changed into comfortable clothes, got some food into my stomach, and set to work. I got started with the important details and slowly narrowed it down to the smaller finer details till finally, it was all done. By then it was already four in the morning, I looked like the walking dead but at least I was done. I got into bed so as to utilize the two hours left before I had to get ready for work tomorrow.

The next thing I heard once my head touched the pillow was my alarm at 7 a.m. ″Uhhh,″ I groaned completely tired. ″ That felt like two minutes, not two hours″ I mumbled grumpily. I forced myself to take a cold shower to smack me back to life and hurriedly got dressed.

I quickly donned my shoes, opened my door and completely froze in shock. ″Adam!″ I whispered in disbelief. I rubbed my eyes then blinked them open. He was still standing in front of me. Dressed in a neatly pressed, expensive suit smirking at me.

I took a hold of my emotions and recollected myself. Now that my shock had worn off, my anger awakened. ″Can I help you?″ I gave him a fake polite smile.

’Now now Sasha, is that any way to great a long time friend.″ Closing my door, I started walking towards. ″I’m sorry have we met before? I can’t seem to recall you at all.″ Grabbing my hand and spinning me around, he invaded my personal space. ″Come now Sasha, don’t pretend you weren’t checking me out yesterday in the office. You have become even more beautiful since the last time I saw you.″ His large palm slowly stroked down my cheek fondly. The anger drained out of me and I flinched away from him.

Memories rushed back to me and I had no choice but to be dragged back in.

Shaking and cowering away I ran to a corner as he approached me, his fist by his side bunched up and ready to attack. A whimper fell from my lips at that. I sunk myself further into the wall. ″Don’t run love, I just want to correct you, so that you can be a better person.″

″ Sasha! Sasha!″ His voice penetrated my mind. I stood there completely petrified as he glowered at me. ″Such a pretty face but nothing behind it.″ He looked directly at me, establishing eye contact. I didn't respond because I couldn’t, I couldn’t then and I still can’t now. ″Look I’m not here to waste my time on a weak woman. I just came here to propose a deal.″ Dread filled me at his statement and by the cruel gleam that appeared in his eyes, I could tell that he noticed it.

″Don’t worry baby, its nothing like the fun times we used to have.″ At that statement, his gaze traveled the length of my body. Licking his lips he continued. ″ Would you like to hear the deal. No. That is the simple, frank answer my mind produced. ″ Yes,″ I answered instead. By now I was struggling just not to scream and run away like a little girl. His sadistic grin persisted almost splitting his face into two.

″I’ll make this simple, I want you to reduce the price of the equipment we are buying from your team.″ No! Hell No! My mind persisted. ″Why? Our prices are fair since we charge according to the standard.″ He took a step closer and I took one back to diminish the distance he had just created. He chuckled cruelly. ″Because if you don’t we pull out of this deal and you go at a lose.″

He can’t do that, my anger returned. Can he? ″If I give you what you want we still go at a loss, what’s the difference.″ My level-headedness was what was holding me together at this point.

″The difference is that you need us, a company like Stone Corp will give you the publicity you need to get your company back on its feet. Besides if you don’t do what I say I will make sure your company doesn’t exist anymore. Puff!″ He emphasized with the gesture of his hand. ″Completely cleared off the face of the planet.″ I gasped at his cruelty. ″ You can’t do that,″ I screamed in his face. ″You know what I’m not dealing with your bullshit anymore.″

″ If you don’t agree to it at the meeting then I will keep my word.″ He then left the building, leaving me to simmer in my feeling of sorrow and despair. After struggling with myself for about 10 minutes, I finally let the tears stream down but they weren’t tears of sadness. No, they were of anger and fury. I was going to make him regret it. He never showed me any mercy and neither was I. The best part is he didn’t know that I had made a resolution not to let my boss down and I never backed down on my word.

With that thought in mind, I literarily ran to the office. It helped that I was only 5 minutes away by walk. I made it to the board room in the nick of time and sat. The meeting started and everyone continued with the discussion from yesterday. I kept quiet and waited for Adam to make his demand. He certainly delivered. Everyone was perplexed and stared at him like he was crazy even his own team members. ″Forgive my partner, I think he just confused his numbers.″ One of the others from Adams team (Dominic) said.

″No, I’m not, I...″ Adam growled out but I cut him off. ″He’s right,″ Adam smiled at me. I grinned back wickedly. ″I am actually suing him and Stone Corp for harassment″. Heads turned and jaws dropped. I took out my phone and played the recording of my conversation with Adam earlier. Once the recording was over my team awoke with vengeance and actions were taken against Adam.


A month later after all the court trials and proceedings, Adam was fired and charged with prison time. I walked out of the court my head held high, proud of myself for surviving this. ″ I am so sorry this happened.″ A voice startled me. It was Dominic, he looked tired with bags under his eyes. I guess this had been hard for him since he was Adam’s partner. ″Don't be, it wasn’t you who did it.″ He sighed.

″At least let me make it up to you,″ I raised an eyebrow and a pink hue covered his cheeks. ″ On his behalf that is.″ I chuckled completely amused by the Adonis before me. With all the stress from Adam I had failed to notice how hot he was. ″Meet me for coffee at Harold’s Coffee place tomorrow.″ I wrote down the address for him. Giving him a lopsided smile, I merrily made my way home.


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