Heart Of Ice

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Abigail was kidnapped at the age of sixteen and forced into a life of human trafficking. Drake changes her life when he arrives to shut them down. Author's Note!!!!!!! This book is about rape, human trafficking, selling of girls bodies, selling and trading of girls! I did not personally have this happen to me but some of my friends have gone through some of these and this book is based on the stories that they have told me about their lives before the houses were shut down! This book is for MATURE READERS ONLY!!!!!

Romance / Adventure
Christy Cisson
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My name is Abigail Summers and I am now twenty-one years old. I was kidnapped by Randy at age of sixteen and now his top sought after pleasure girl. Randy Speer, who is fifty years old, runs the world’s biggest human trafficking business around. Drake Patterson who is twenty-three is the world’s biggest Mafia leader after taking over for his dad. Deals in illegal drugs, guns, money anything Mafia related but he hates human trafficking and wants to shut Randy down. This was an introduction into the few main characters you will be reading about. Now, to the story!

I wake up in my room that I’ve lived in for the last five years since I was kidnapped by Randy. I had the nightmare last night again from where I was kidnapped. “God, not again! I thought I was over these.”

***Flashback of 5 years ago****

“Buy guys, I’ve got to get home. See you tomorrow.” I wave at my friends as I start to walk home. I live in a poverty area near my high school. My parents died in a wreck eight years ago so I live with my grandparents who both are retired, older, and struggling to live out the last of their life. My parents had a wealthy life, but due to no will the state got everything we had. This forced my grandparents into this life and I hate it for them. They had a very nice house, food, clothes, everything they wanted. Then they evicted us out and living like this. As I round the corner a block from my house, I see a black van sitting on the side of the street. It’s not unusual to see weird vehicles in the neighborhood. There are drugs that go on all the time so I just drop my head and walk on down the street. I don’t want to see anything that I might get hurt over. As I walk closer to the van, the door slides open and a man in a mask jumps out and grabs me. He puts a handkerchief over my face and I blackout. When I wake up, I’m in a huge room tied up on a bed, naked with an older man standing over me. The room is very lavish and does not look like any money was spared decorating it.

“You did good this time Chip. She is amazing. Her body is perfect. She was checked out and she is a virgin also. She will bring a high price for that.”

Chip, who is second in command to Randy in the business says “Thank you sir. I watched her for the last two weeks and you liked the pictures we took of her. She will make a wonderful addition to your work force. She’s beautiful, young, and men will pay high dollar for her also.”

Trying to shake off the grogginess “Where am I? Who are you people?”

The older man looks at me with a smile “Good evening beautiful. Glad you’re awake. Now, I want to ask you some questions. What is your name?”

I start crying and pulling on the ropes that hold me down “Please, just let me go. I want to go home.”

“You are home sweetheart. Now, name!” his voice is forceful and demanding.

I am still crying “Please let me go. I want to go home.”

Randy walks closer to me and puts his hands on both sides of my body. He looks me in the eyes. “Name! Age!” he says in a very cold and harsh tone. I start crying harder.

Chip smirks over at Randy “She’s gonna have to be broken. She is head strong.”

Randy looks back at me and then his eyes light up “It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a young virgin. Maybe we could break you the old way and then you will talk.” He runs his hands over my body slowly as he feels my curves and groans.

Chip goes to the door and then comes back in with a small laptop “Sir, I just got a call and there is a bidding war for her. We put up one of her pictures and men are bidding to be her first.”

Randy looks down at the computer in his hands “What is it up to?”

Chip smiles as he looks over at me “Twenty thousand and rising.”

“Well, I guess I’ll not get this one. Now, name!” he has turned his attention back to me with his face of stone as he tries to get the information out of me.

“Here’s her school ID. I did research on her and she is sixteen” turning the laptop around in his hands.

Randy looks at it for a minute and then comes back over to me “Abigail. Beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Chip, take her to her room, get her fed and dressed. We will run this auction for another two hours and the highest bid will win her.”

Chip unties me, puts a robe on me and takes me to a huge room. He unlocks the door and opens it “This is your room while you are here. If you don’t perform properly, he will sell you to another owner. He is one of the few that will treat you right. Other’s will beat you, they live in small cells, hardy eat. Here you will be fed, clothed, and spoiled if you are one of the top money makers. Go get you a shower, fresh clothes on that are in your closet, and I’ll be back in thirty minutes to escort you to dinner.”

Trying to hold back my tears “Why me? I had a life. I want to go back.”

Chip shakes his head “You can’t. Yes you had a life before your parents died, then the government took everything you had. Now you live in a drug infestation of a neighborhood, grandparents barely able to feed you. As pretty as you are, I’m surprised a gang hasn’t taken you and made you a part of them” as he looks at my face.

Dropping my head in shame “They tried, I wouldn’t let them. So now this is my life, to never find love, my body being used by all kinds of men, trapped and making me have a life without any chance of a husband?”

“You may find love. There are men that may buy you to be their wife. Just depends on what the master wants to do with you” as he ushers me into the huge room.

“Is that how I address him? Master?”

“He will tell you how he wants you to call him at dinner. Now go and I will be back.” I close the door, get into the shower that was as big as the house that I was just living in and change into a dress for the evening. They have stocked the closet with all kinds of high dollar dresses. The room is decorated with a very expensive taste, it has a huge king size bed with a beige comforter on it. The silk curtains hang on the huge windows that cover most of the wall that they are formed into. I walk up to them and they have to be at least six feet if not bigger. There is a huge flat screen TV that faces the bed and then a sitting room off to the side. The walk in closet is so big that I could get lost in it if I wanted to. Looking in the mirror, I smooth down the flowered dress that has a sweetheart neckline and comes down to the top of my knees.

I hear a knock at my door and open it to find Chip standing there ready to escort me. He smiles as he sees the dress that I have chosen to wear “Wow! That looks incredible on you.” He offers me his arm and we walk towards dinner.
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