Lucifer Meets Angel

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Angel a homosexual 18-year-old male, just in the middle of college enjoying his normal life. Well, not really he felt as though he needed a good bad boy just to add a spark to his boring life. Just like the books he'd read he hoped that one of those handsome men would visit him one day but what happens if he got his wish but something worse. Like to be the bride or should I say the groom of the ruler of hell, Lucifer. And of course the devil likes what he sees and intends to keep Angel all to himself. But isn't bringing a live human to hell wrong? It is, but the Devil doesn't care... For him and Angel or mates of course and he intends to have his Queen by his side no matter if Angel himself disagrees.

Romance / Erotica
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The Passage Between?

Lucifer P.O.V

Slouching on my throne as my eyes droop in laziness as I stare out through the empty room where my throne stays.

My mind couldn't wander or think as being bored the hell out of my mind. You'd think living in hell would be exciting torturing evil souls and all, but living here over decades it's getting really boring doing the same thing over and over again. "Azrael" I called as black smoke appear revealing a man dress in black before.

"Yes, my lord, you have called?" he questioned as he goes on one knee before me. "Have you done all the work I asked you to do?" I asked as he nodded in response.

"Hmmn" I hummed rubbing my forehead Azrael looked at me with such curiosity. "Is there something you'd like me to do? Sire?" Azrael queried as to my gaze on him staying.

"I'm fucking bored, Azrael I've got nothing to entertain me" I stated as I heard a sniffle laugh come from him earning him a glare.

"Would you like for me to call a succubus to your liking?" he asked throwing a playful gaze at me. "No, I'm getting tired of the same fucks over and over again" I growled as Azrael chuckled.

"Then what is it do you want? Sire?" Azrael asked as I took the time to think.

I want something new.

Something exciting.

Something that draws me on edge.

That's when I got it.

"A human bride," I say as Azrael eyes widen in shock.

"Sire, it's forbidden for a human to come to hell unless they are dead and worthy of that treason" Azrael explained as I flipped him off.

"Who gives a flying fuck? Just get me one now" I ordered as Azrael sighed.

"Make sure the human is cute, smart and innocent" I instructed as Azrael nodded before getting off his knee.

"Yes, Sir" he replied before disappearing leaving black smoke which slowly vanished.

Can't wait to me the little human.

Angel P.O.V

"I get it I'm fat," I say as I dug my hand down into my hot Cheetos chip bag only find it empty.


"Angel, you're not fat, you're a sexy gay man with a fat ass!" Ava my best friend/roommate shouted as she looks in the mirror putting on her makeup.

"Aww, thank you Ava, but I still won't go to this party," I said pulling out my Doritos as I type something on my computer.

"Angel, come on, please!" she pleaded as I ignore her. I don't get why Ava would want me to go to a party when I'm totally anti-social.

"Don't you want to meet some handsome, sexy and dangerous guy?" She overdramatically said. "Yes," I began as her eyes light up in hope.

"In my dreams," I finished as she sighed in defeat. "You're such a boring bitch sometimes" she huffed as I laughed.

"And you're such an annoying ass bitch all the time" I replied as she rolled her eyes. "True, but you love it" She teased as I rolled my eyes.

"Now, who's going to stall my fuckboys while I go kiss my bitches" She sighed running her hand through her hand. That's right Ava's bisexual.

"I don't know? Not my problem bitch" I hissed as she gasps.

"Whatever hoe, anyway I'm about to go okay" she assured. "Don't be worried if I don't come home I might go home with Alli twins," She said grabbing her coat and purse. By twins, she means Alex and Lexi they're a boy and girl twin that she's been having threesomes and hanging out with for a while.

Wonder if they're making it official?

"Kay, bye slut!" I yelled. "Bye thot!" she waved off before leaving. Turning my gaze back to my computer as I continue reading a gay book name 'Sold To My Husband' on wattpad.

Oh, I wish I had an exciting relationship like Paris and Dominic's own.

A couple of hours later.....

Click out my tags I couldn't help but see a dark figure watching me in the corner of my eyes.

O hell naw!

Grabbing my computer ready to throw it at the intruder. That's when the dark thing went from in the corner of my eye to in front of me. What in the world?!

"You," the thing spoke. God If you could hear me please all I ask is for me to erase my browser history lord

"I think, sire, would like you very much" The dark thing spoke again slowly revealing a man.

Omg! I think my prayers have been answered. "Come, we must go, Sire is very impatient" the mysterious man spoke grabbing my arm.

"Wait!" I yelled as my head began to spin. What's happening?

And just like that I was passed out.

"Uhh" I groaned as my head ached. Where am I ?

"I see you're awake" a familiar voice spoke. Turing my gaze to where my ears heard the voice spoke I couldn't help widen my eyes at the sight.

He's gorgeous! But he kidnapped me! But then again he's sexy.

"Sorry, my queen, I forgot that teleporting with humans has an effect on them" he apologized bowing his head to me. Okay...

Wait... My queen? I'm a guy.

Hold up, teleporting? Is that even possible?

"Are you crazy?" I asked as this guy hands grabbed onto mines pulling me out this room or whatever this is.

Damn is this a Palace?! I mentally asked myself as am being pulled down this giant hall.

Suddenly we stopped in front of this enormous black door as I slowly began to open.

Once it was open the guy pulled me inside only to meet the most handsome guy in my life. His hair to his feet was perfection as power emits from him making me the question is this guy really a human. Is he a God?

"Azrael" the man spoke with such power and dominance making my body shudder at one word. Quickly hiding my body behind this Azrael feller I heard a few steps coming closer to us.

"Sire," Azrael replied. So he's this so-called sire. "Where is she?" the man asked Azrael.

"He's right here," Azrael says stepping aside revealing me. "He, huh?" he queried Azrael as he scans over my body.

"Well, he sure is cute" he spoke walking close to me as I only took steps back.

"Come." the man command as my body went unwillingly over to him.

Once he was close enough I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he was examining me.

"Such a delicate body," he said running his hand over my cheek.

"Where am I an what do you want?" I manage to say as a wicked smile form on his face.

"My name is Lucifer and welcome to my home, hell, my little bride" He smiled.

Wait. What?

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