Lucifer Meets Angel

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An Angel and Devil Clash

Angel P.O.V

"Azrael, leave me and my new bride alone, please"Lucifer instructed as Azrael nodded before vanishing into thin air.

I'm in hell. Did I die? Oh shit!

"What is your name, human?" he asked taking me out of my thoughts. "Angel" I answered.

"Come here" he quickly ordered s my body went unwillingly to him. His eyes cast themselves on mines before slowly scanning my body.

I'm taking this calmer than I thought I would.

I could tell he was taking in my every flaw. "What a strange name for someone who is a human that looks like one" he mumbled as he ran a hand over my skin.

My body shudders at such contact. His body is cold considering him being the devil. His eyes never leaving mine as though he was looking down into my soul.

"You humans have such delicate skin. I wonder how your body will handle me" he chuckled before his thumb pressed down on my bottom lip.

"It wouldn't hurt to taste" he whispered removing his thumb off my lip only for it to be replaced by his.

His lips slowly moved against mine as his hands began to caress me. All though I wanted to pull away there was something holding me close and making me melt in the arms of the devil.

I could sense he felt my displeasure as his eyes slowly became crimson red while the kiss began to get rough.

My energy slowly began to drain as Lucifer crimson eyes hold it's gaze with mine.

"No-mhm," I say pushing myself out his grip. Catching my breath I slowly turn my gaze to Lucifer who looks like he was unfazed by what he had just done to me.

"Take me home!" I yelled earning a chuckle him. "No" he smiles as I shook my head in disbelief.

"Did you just say no?"I questioned moving my body away from him.

"And so what if I did you're just a human a weak creature" Lucifer stated with a small look on his face.

"Why am I even here? A human, a weak creature" I mocked before finishing off my sentence.

"From what it seems I'm not dead... So what do you want?" I asked taking in this devilishly handsome man face.

"It's because I chose you to be my bride which makes you mine" Lucifer explained making my head tilt to the side in confusion.

"Why me of all gay boys?! Aren't you the devil?!" I yelled causing a ruckus.

"Silence" he ordered as his crimson red eyes glowed shutting my mouth completely.

"Just accept your fate human, you are mine and I am yours..." he huffed but whispered the last part.

I'm really taking this so calmly.

"Azrael" Lucifer summon causing Azrael to appear. "Carry, your queen to my chambers, "Lucifer said before Azarel hands quickly grabbed my arm pulling me along out of the throne room.


My crimson eyes slowly dimmed back to my dark black eyes. Taking a breath before I gradually made my way over to my throne.

Taking a seat on my monstrous throne as my shadow slow swayed before mimicking.

Yes, my shadow has a mind of my own.

"Behave" I warned snapping my fingers, enlighting the two torch that stands on each side of my throne.

"Sire, my queen is now in your chambers," Azrael said kneeling as he popped out of nowhere.

"Good," I say before seeing the uneasiness in Azrael eyes. "What is it?" I queried.

"My lord, I do not mean to disrespect but wouldn't your father object to this?" he questioned.

"My father?" I growled before seeing a bright light flashed behind the doors.

"Shit."I cursed seeing my throne doors burst open as one of my brothers all walks in.


"Brother, "Gabriel smiled walking towards me as Azrael quickly jumped in front of me. "Azrael, stand down I've got this" I instructed getting out of my seat walking towards Gabriel.

Standing face to face I couldn't help but smell the stink scent of heaven. "Why is one of father's favorite sons here?" I asked.

"You know why, Lucy," he says as I tilt my head to the side. "Do I now?" I mocked smiling seeing him shake his head in disappointment.

"He's a human, Lucy, he doesn't belong here!" Gabe argued.

"He's mines " I simply stated. "Lucy, Father will not like this and he will send Michael and me and you know he's-"

"I do not care for what he thinks!" I yelled. "He was the one who cast me down here making me feel alone and unwanted!" I shouted seeing Gabriel slightly flinched.

"He never wanted this for you, Luce, he just didn't kn-"

"How to handle me?" I interrupted shaking my head before turning back to my throne.

"Get out Gabriel before I kick you out" I warned. " I warned you, Lucy, so don't expect me to stop Michael when your precious human gets ripped out of your arms" he stated vanishing before my eyes.

"Sire, what are you going to do now that Michael is coming?"Azrael spoke as I took a seat on my throne.

"Wait and see " I stated.

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