Painting Something Different

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Jenny Carter and Hunter Black. Total opposites. What happens when they are pardner up for a project? Who knows. Maybe its true what they say. Do opposites really attract?

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'When will it get better?'

Painting Something Different

Jenny Carter, a well known girl around town and school. Jenny is involved with the school and community. She plays sports, most girls would play softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, or ever do cheerleading, but not football. Yup Jenny Carter one a very good football player, and to add on to it, she’s a linebacker. Jenny has long ashy blonde hair down to her waist, electrifying blue eyes, muscles but not too much, and stands around a height of 5’5. Every girl wants to be her, and every boy wants to date her. But that’s just what’s on the outside, they don’t see what goes on behind closed doors, they don’t see the tears, all to pain, they don’t hear the yelling of her parents, they don’t see how she has to take care of her little brother who’s only 5. They don’t see the time and effort that she’s put in to get where she is today.

Hunter Black, not well known at all. He sticks to himself all the time. If you can’t find him anywhere most likely in an art room or a library. Hunter has fluffy black hair, dull green eyes that he for some reason hates so much, also having some muscle normally hidden by sweatshirts, and standing at a height of 5’11. No one boy wants to be him, and no girl wants to date him. Yet all of that is on the outside. They don’t see what goes on behind the closed doors either. They don’t see his sick mother, how hard he works to provide a roof over his little sister’s head, how hard he works to provide food on the table for his sister and him, and how hard he works to pay his mother’s medical bills. They don’t know his past.

We never truly know what goes on behind those curtains. Yet, what happens when their art teacher pairs them up for a project? Will Mrs. Popular and Mr. Loner become friends? Will they become something more? Who knows what the future will hold.


‘When will it get better?’

Hearing the blaring alarm of her phone at 4:30am Jenny rolled over turning it off. Five minutes later she lazily rolled out of bed and headed to her dresser, pulling out a sports bra and some running shorts and headed for the bathroom. She changed into a black sports bra with black and white athletic shorts. Throwing her long hair into a high ponytail, she headed downstairs towards the front door. Opening the door she was met with the cool autumn air stepping out she walked out on the porch and took a deep breath before heading to the bare street. She started lightly jogging till she started running. A mile later she stopped and took another deep breath resting her hands on top of her head. Sweat resting on her forehead and chest, she whipped it away. She looked forward to seeing the sun start to make its appearance. She turned around and started her mile back home, the only noise you could hear is her feet pounding on the pavement while she was running. She made it to her house around 5:30am.

She walked into the house and went to the kitchen grabbing a cold bottle of water out of the refrigerator. Heading up to her room to get ready for school and went to her closet and pulled out a pair of faded ripped jeans and a white flowy shirt cutting off in the middle of her stomach. She walked into the bathroom turning on the water and pulling off the sports bra now drenched in sweat from her run, same with her shorts. She hopped in the hot shower washing her body in her lavender scented soap. Saving time she brushed her teeth in the shower quickly before hopping out. She dried herself off before throwing her white bra and underwear on. She slipped on her ripped jeans and then her shirt, with it cutting off in the middle of her stomach it showed her light six-pack. She grabbed her phone and walked out of her room.

Looking down at the time she saw it was 6am, walking down stairs she went to the kitchen and started to fix breakfast for her little brother, which consisted of a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. She walked into the kitchen and went to the cabinet grabbing the box of Cocoa Puffs, for her little brother, and a box of Raisin Bran, for her. Placing them on the table she grabs two bowls and 2 cups then the milk and the orange juice.

She heads back up stairs and lightly knocks on the wood door leading into her 5 year olds brothers galaxy themed room. “Knock knock, little bro.” Jenny spoke in a soft voice. She heard the bed move, indicating someone was rolling over, and some small yawn. “Good morning sissy.” Her little brother, Samuel, mumbled. She walked over to the bed and sat down, rubbing small circles on his back. “Time to get up bud. Breakfast is on the table.” She told him softly, still rubbing his back. Samuel nodded his head and sat up on the bed, holding his arms making grabby hands “Up?” he asked, she shook her head, yet still picked him up. Sammy was very small for his age, but was still adorable with his innocence.

Jenny envy her brother most days. The only time he would cry is when he would scrap his knee, when Jenny cried its cause she wanted to die. His smile was filled with life, yet hers was almost always fake. He still had his innocence, and she lost hers. But by choice right? Maybe, who truly knows what happened that night, her, but no one will believe a ‘child’.

Not noticing she’s already entered the kitchen she sets her brother down in a chair, “Okay buddy, eat im gonna get your clothes laid out.” She told him. He nodded his head as he started to eat. She picked out a pair of faded blue jeans with a simple t-shirt with cars on it. Coming back down stairs she saw him finishing his organ juice, “Ya done Buddy?” she asked “Yup!” he told her with a smile on his face he ran up stairs and went to his bedroom, Jenny sat down at the table and started to eat. Five minutes later she was putting up the breakfast dishes and heard footsteps coming from upstairs and a door opening. Looking at the clock she thought to herself ‘Great, moms up.’ Jenny is very well at hiding what goes on in their house. She never lets anyone hear the yelling, she makes sure no one sees her pain, and most importantly she makes sure no one gets close to her heart.

She’s knocked out of her thoughts when she hears something fall and hears shouting, “Watch where you’re going moron!” she hears her mom yell, Jenny sprints up the stair in enough time to get her little brother. “Sorry mom, he didn’t mean anything by it.” she tried to explain to her. “Whatever” she rolled her eyes and walked away, jenny turned around and bent down at eye level with Samul, “What happened buddy?” she asked, but a simple shake of the head was all she got in response. “Come on buddy, i’ll go brush my teeth, go brush yours and meet me in my room.” he nodded his head. She walked into her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, taking a deep breath and placing her hands on the sink thinking ‘When will it get better?’ she shook her head and picked up her toothbrush and toothpaste. Once she was done she heard her brother come into her room and sit down on her bed.

She walked out of the bathroom “Ready to go buddy?” she asked, putting another fake smile on her face. He nodded his head and jumped down from the bed. They walked out of the room and walked downstairs to the living room. When they got in the living room they heard the TV going which meant their mother was in the living room, “Okay mom, we’re gonna go to school now. Love you.” all she got was silence.

Walking out of the house they started their walk to school, holding each other’s hand, Jenny felt a tug on her hand. “Jen?” her brother asked. “Is mommy mad at us?” she stopped and looked down at him frowning “What do you mean buddy? Why would she be mad at us?” she asked, confused. “Well Timmy and Carter have a mommy who takes them to school, sometimes it’s their daddys, but their older siblings never drop them off. Their mommy doesn’t yell at them, but mommy’s always yelling at us or ignoring us. Is she mad?” Jennys heart broke for her little brother. “I don’t really know buddy. Mommy just misses daddy.” As soon as she said the last sentence she knew what the next question was going to be. “Jenny, when is daddy coming home?” she shook her head “Daddy in a better place now Sammy. Now let’s get to school little bro.”

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