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A series of steamy little one-shots.

Romance / Erotica
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One Way Up

Another game won. Scotland versus France, and this was my first "official" game back after my knee surgery. I knew my coaches had their doubts, but my personal trainer and physical therapist had their hopes high for me. I was the best player world wide, of course.

I stepped onto the elevator from the lobby, ready to chill out. The ride would be long, seeing as though my penthouse suite was on the 32nd floor, but it didn't matter. I somehow managed to sneak back to my hotel room without running into any fans or reporters after leaving the stadium. Just when the door was three inches apart, a hand slipped in between them barring them from shutting. They bounced back open and a woman stepped onto the lift, ear to phone.

"Hey Mamita," she spoke into the phone.

"Yes, I made it to the hotel, I told you not to worr-," she sighed before continuing, "I'm staying right outside the city where the soccer games are held. I'll try to get you pictures of it. Oh I can't remember the name of it right n-."

"Saint-Denis," I interrupted, glancing up at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she gasped out, throwing a hand over her chest. Her gaze met mine and I saw something puddle behind her enchanting orbs.

"Saint-Denis is the city, Mamita. I promise I will call you before my appointment tomorrow. Please tell everyone I love them. Mhmm, I love you too," she finished before tapping the screen of her Rose Gold iPhone. She dropped into her clutch and crossed her arms.

"The 'soccer' fields, huh? I could show you around there sometime if you want," I offered, drawing her attention away from the marble floor. She looked me up-and-down, stopping on my tight, football jersey.

"You-you're Stefan Jones! Oh my, my family loves you!" she blurted out quickly. I was normally used to this kind of reaction from others but there was something about this woman that lured me in, causing me to feel something different. I already wanted more of this woman than just to see what was under that short little skirt of hers.

"Why yes, I am," I grinned, showing off my million-dollar smile. She took her plump, lipstick covered lip in between her teeth, and I felt my cock harden in my sweatpants. Her cheeks burned a crimson color, and she took a step towards me. I could tell that I excited her just by her body language. Her hips swayed side to side as she took each step further, closing the space between us. My 6'1 body towered over her small frame, she had to be shorter than 5'5.

"So you could really show me... the soccer stadium?" she asked, raking her index finger up my chest. My muscles tensed underneath her sultry touch, leaving a fire in its path. Her breath hitched when she felt my piercing on my hardened nipple, causing a growl to leave my mouth.

"Mhmm," I groaned out, feeling her fingers pinch down. My cock was throbbing against the fabric of my pants. Damnit, she was a feisty girl and I needed to get her onto the 32nd floor tonight if that wasn't the same as hers. I brushed my fingers against her, before placing them on her hips.

"Aren't I lucky?" she purred out. You could be, I thought to myself. I felt her cleavage push against my chest and her hand grasped onto my bulge. Out of lust and surprise, I dug my thumbs into her hips and let out a hungry noise, needing to feel her soft, tanned skin.

I pushed her against the mirror that I faced my reflection in every weekend and pulled her shirt apart, sending the buttons flying. Her eyes grew a darker shade of black compared to her natural chocolatey color. I let her take a good look at me, eating me up alive, before latching my lips to her neck.

Wet, hot kisses climbed every inch as I sucked and bit onto her throat. I reached up her skirt, bunched up on her legs, and found her dampened panties. The lacy material underneath my digits only furthered my arousal and excitement and I groaned into. I pushed them aside and formed little circles around her pearl. I pulled my cock out from my pants, it springing to life.

After I pulled her latex shirt down her luscious curves and her plump ass, I wrapped my arms underneath her thick thighs and gripped her ass in my large palms. My manhood rubbed back-and-forth across her, teasing her wet folds before I positioned it at her opening. Without warning her, I thrusted into her pussy hard and fast. I felt her insides clench around her as her core adjusted to my size. The moans leaving her lips played a glorious symphony above the elevator music.

"Fuck, you're so tight," I growled into her ear. Her gold dangle earrings were swaying back and forth as her back thudded against the glass. Sweat perspired across her forehead, creating a beautiful glow. She whimpered as she bit down onto my tattooed shoulder. Tattoos covered almost every spot of skin available area, creating my forever personal canvas. I wanted to feel her slender finger trace across them before I roamed her body more than I would be able to right now.

She bounced on my hands, along the length of my pulsating cock. Her perky mounds moved with her body, and I wanted to taste more of her. I grabbed onto her right tit roughly, kneading it before rolling her nipple in between my calloused fingers. To give attention to the other one, I led her higher. I nipped and sucked at the skin, knowingly leaving hickeys behind and took her nipple into my mouth. My long, warm tongue drew circles around it and goosebumps flamed across her body. She shivered in my hold and arched her back.

"Ahh, please Stefan! I'm gonna' cum!" she cried and I stopped sucking on her skin with a 'pop'. Her dark brows furrowed, looking at me with confusion. This was going to be fun.

"Please who?" I asked in a low voice, quirking an eyebrow at her. It took her a second before eyebrows softened, and a sinister smile formed on her face. I felt electricity flow between us and her need matched mine. I wanted to tie her up and have my wicked way on her. She would cry out, begging for me to let her cum again. Submitting to her every desire.

"Please, Daddy," she purred out, gripping onto the back of my neck with one hand. I let out a growl and slammed my hips into her relentlessly. The contact of our sweaty skin added to her sweet sounds as my balls slapped against her. Her core spasmed around my length as I pumped into her.

Her nails dug into my neck and her other arm laced around my back leaving marks along my shoulder blade. Red marks from her claws formed over my tanned skin, provoking a delicious burning sensation. I needed more, more friction, more pain. I wanted to fill every hole of hers.

I felt pressure build in my abdomen and my sac tightened from her sweet pussy taking all of me. She let one last cry leave her lips as she tightened on me, milking every ounce of my seed into her. Normally, I would've pushed a woman to her knees and cummed into their pretty little mouths, and they savored every single drop.

We stood there forehead-to-forehead, catching our breath before I sat her down on her feet and we readjusted our clothing. She tugged open her suitcase, pulling out a t-shirt and replacing her tattered shirt. I couldn't help but notice the amount of clothes packed in her rather large suitcase. After zipping up her luggage, she stood there quietly as if she was afraid to look at me.

"I didn't get your name," I said nonchalantly, trying to get to know anything about her that she would share.

"Lillian... Lillian Fray," she said softly, looking over at me. My eyes met hers and I felt myself getting hard again. This woman was doing more to me than I'd like to admit, so I won't. Not yet, anyways. Her eyes soaked me in again and I felt myself getting lost. I couldn't help myself, I stormed over to her and took her face in between my hands. She leaned into my touch, looking up at me through her thick black eyelashes.

My lips slammed into hers and my tongue traced across her lips. Taking her button one in between my teeth, and biting on it, she moaned again. Her lips parted and my tongue traced the inside of her mouth. Her tongue tasted like honey and vanilla, the sweetness was clouding my senses. My mind grew foggy once more, until the doors dinged one final time and pulled open. People stepped onto the lift and stood in the farthest corner, not sparring us a glance.

Lillian pulled away and stepped towards her luggage, but I grabbed its handle and her hand, and stepped into the hallway. She looked shocked, and she had the cutest blush with dimples forming on her cheeks.

"Stay with me tonight, Lillian," I cooed, tracing my thumb across her knuckles. She was breathless, her chest not moving an inch before she nodded 'yes'. I was aching to feel her again and I knew exactly what we would be doing for the next few hours. I scooped her up and threw her over my shoulder. Her sweet ass I was dying to taste was right next to my face and I nipped at her hip bone causing her to squeal.

Oh this will be fun.

After sitting our luggage down, I dug through my pocket and pulled out the key card. Unlocking the door, I pushed it open and closed it with my foot. Once I had the door locked once more, I pushed our bags aside and made my way into the bedroom. My suite was enormous and decorated with sleek, black and silver furniture. The 60" smart TV hanging in the living room had the sports channel playing. The game I had just played in was playing on the screen and it was highlighting my performance.

"29 year old Jones led his team to victory, awarding them three points for the win..." the reporter on the telly announced.

"Damn," Lillian whispered, watching the screen behind me. As much as I would love for her to watch me play, I'd much rather it be in person when I wasn't about to pile drive into her tight center. What happened just moments ago in the elevator was nothing compared to the mind-boggling, limb-numbing sex I was about to have with her. I wanted to tie her up until she was begging to be released and dig her nails into my back. Bruises from my mouth and fingers would cover her beautiful, delicate skin.

I dropped her onto the bed and she bounced backwards, supporting her weight with her elbows. Her thick black curls bounced with her body, and fell deliciously around her shoulders. I pulled my jersey above my head and threw it aside, allowing her eyes to venture the ink in my skin. Her gaze was fixated on the Hindu deity on my chiseled stomach, and she drew her tongue across her lips. Moving to all fours she crawled to me standing at the end of my king sized bed.

She slipped out of her shirt and skirt, adding them to my shirt and started a small pile of clothing on my hardwood floor. This Aphrodite sitting below me was mouth watering, and I couldn't wait to taste her tonight.

She reached up to my waistband, and tugged it down along with my boxer briefs. They fell to my ankles, and I stepped out of them. Her pretty little fingers wrapped around my member. She stroked my cock up and down before teasing the tip with her tongue. The pre-cum oozing from the top of my dick disappeared into her mouth. I let out a desperate groan and laced my fingers through her mane and she parted her lips fully.

I filled her mouth and hit the back of her throat. Spit started to drip down her chin and onto her breasts, creating a shimmery view. Sweet, wet gagging sounds left her throat, sending vibrations through my sheath and up my body. I pulled out, allowing her to catch her breath for a few seconds before ramming back into her.

She placed one hand on my thigh, trying to slow my pace while her other hand massaged my sac. Fire burned in my lower abdomen and I felt my muscles flex. Just before I was about to unleash my release I pulled her head back, and she released me with a 'pop'. Her eyes were lustful, desperate almost. I pushed her gently down onto the bed and hovered over her.

Her seeping center rubbed against my tip and I yearned to feel her wrapped around me again. I rubbed her pearl in little coils, under my rough fingers.

"Tell me what you want, Lil," I growled, gripping onto her throat. I took her ear lobe into my mouth and bit and sucked on it. Her breath turned into pants and moans while her hips were pushing into me.

"Please... fuck m-" she panted out, but I thrusted into without letting her finish. She arched her back and wrapped her arms underneath my biceps. Her grip on my skin was harsh and I felt my senses clouding over.

"You like my cock filling this tight, soaking pussy don't you? Who's pussy is this?" I groaned before smacking her bouncing, full tits back-and-forth. The whole bed frame was shaking by the force of my movements. Her face contorted into a sexy expression; pain and pleasure.

"I. Asked. You. A. Question. Bonita." I said between thrusts. Her juices were coating my length, allowing it to move hungrily through her wet folds.

"Yo-Your pussy, Daddy!" she cried out, wrapping her long tan legs around my waist. I hummed in pleasure at her response. That's right baby girl. This is all mine. She dug her heels into my ass, pulling me towards her. I slowed down my assault just to hear her whimpers and I pulled out halfway and halted. I slammed my hips against hers and tightened my grip on her throat ever so slightly.

The pattern of my thrusts into her core and the contact of my palm smacking and kneading her mounds caused her legs to tremble around me. I felt her insides contract around me and I could see the orgasm bubbling out of her. She bit down hard onto her plump, luscious lip to keep her moans quiet but I wasn't having any of that.

"Let it out, scream for me baby," I commanded, moving my hand from her tits to her center. I drew circles on her clit and she moaned like a banshee.

"Fuuuuck, Stefan I'm gon-gonna," she said before her lips fell into an 'O'. I felt my sac tighten and electricity coursed through my veins. My thrusts halted and I filled her center with my warm cum. Her body convulsed below me and her orgasm rolled out of her, wave after wave her juices spilled onto my cock and bedspread.

I rolled off of her and pulled her to my chest. She fit perfectly in my arms and I wasn't about to let go anytime soon. Soon enough her body calmed, and soft snores filled the quiet room. I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips and then spread across my face. I nuzzled my face into her neck and took in her sweet scent, lulling me to fall asleep contently.

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