Cheap Thrills

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The Lion’s Den

Finally, it's the weekend and my daughter is off at my mother's house for the night. Guinevere was my little princess, but tonight was my night off from work and university classes. My order for an Uber was placed and it'd be here in an hour, leaving me enough time to finish my hair and makeup.

I curled my thick red hair into bouncy voluminous curls and allowed them to fall down my back, covering my undercut. The tight yellow dressed I was wearing hugged my curves deliciously and displayed my perky breasts. My girlfriends and I were going out to our favorite bar tonight and I needed to let loose. Nothing was going to ruin my night, not even my bitchy neighbor that complained at the drop of a hat. If I came home alone, or had some company, it wasn't any of her damn business.

My eyeliner was flicked on perfectly and cherry red lipstick coated my full, plump lips. I walked into my closet and pulled out my nude pumps. Even though I was taller than most of my friends, these shoes were too cute to pass up. Coleo was booming from the speakers in my apartment and I felt giddy like a girl in high school. I hadn't been out with my friends in weeks.

I picked up my Dior perfume, scented rose petals and honey, and sprayed a generous amount onto my neck and wrists. Soon enough, my phone dinged, informing me that the Uber driver was here and I grabbed my purse and phone before locking the apartment.

The ride was peaceful considering I was meeting the girls at the bar, 'The Lion's Den'. People were rushing inside and outside, if they weren't locking lips and stumbling down the pavement. Three of my friends were waiting outside when we pulled up and they were bouncing and chatting up a storm.

"Hurry up, girl! It's ladies night!" Bea yelled as I opened the cab door.

"Oh don't rush her," little Addison poked. Her arms were crossed and she anxiously looked back and forth at the people passing by and bumping into her. Poor girl, we needed to show her a good time tonight.

We made our way inside and headed for the bar. Lucky for us, there were four seats open and we all ordered our drinks. After the second drink Addie and Lil needed to head to the restroom and Bea followed them. I had no issue sitting here, seeing as though I came here regularly.

I was fine until ten minutes had passed. Where are they? I thought to myself. I hoped they didn't get into a fight or anything bad happened. Although, it was more likely Addie and Bea had them cooped up taking a million selfies in the mirror.

The bartender placed another shot in front of me, it looked like whiskey. I quirked an eyebrow at the bartender silently saying 'I didn't order this'.

"That dude over there ordered it for you," he said, nodding in the direction behind me. I didn't really care who ordered it, so I didn't spare whoever this stranger was a glance. Plus, it was more fun to let them come to me and work their ass off for my attention. I finished off my fruity blue drink and sat at the bar waiting on the girls to get back. Heavy footsteps rumbled the floor around me, much like the dancefloor across the room. Soon I felt a presence behind me and it just had to be the man who ordered my drink. The body heat and energy radiating off of him was indescribable.

"What no 'thank you', love?" said a deep, husky voice. I picked up my shot, threw my head back, and downed my drink. Here we go.

"Listen here buddy-," I started, spinning around on the bar stool. My breath hitched in my throat when I saw the Adonis standing in front of me. I eyed him up and down and my mouth held agape like a fish out of water. Black leather boots met the hem of dark denim jeans, leading up to a tight black v-neck shirt. I could see the outline of his chiseled abdomen and I needed to see the bulging muscles formed on his arms underneath that delicious leather jacket.

His hair wasn't too long, and it was styled just the way I liked. A dark, black mane I wanted to run my fingers through. The dirty, dirty things I would do to this man were sinful but I planned to do each and every last one of them. Colorful tattoos were protruding from underneath his shirt, and he had a calligraphy tattoo above his eyebrow. 'Compel', is what it said and this man did just that. I was compelled to him, and I feared he'd throw me off my game. The normal fiery Livvy I was that played hard to get would succumb to being a rosy cheeked school girl under his overwhelming presence.

"Cat got your tongue, love?" he hummed while tracing his thumb across my bottom lip, catching a spare drop from my drink. He kept his thumb on my lip and I unconsciously brought it into my mouth, sucking the bitter alcohol off. He let out a groan and his blue eyes darkened. I felt his rough palm grab onto my arm and help me off the stool. Even in my heels he towered over me.

"How about a dance instead, sweetness?" I purred out, talking with liquid courage. A pant dropping smirk formed in the corner of his full, pink lips and his hand fell to my waist. I didn't care if he had two left feet or could do the Waltz but I needed to grind up against him. He already had a growing imprint behind his tight jeans and my mouth watered.

"Sure thing," he replied, holding my hand and guiding us to the dance floor. Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie was booming through the DJ's set up and lights were dancing across the floor. I liked this bar compared to the others because it had a club atmosphere but not over the top, and it wasn't boring like those honkey tonk bars.

I needed to feel the music in my chest, coursing through my veins with the adrenaline and alcohol. I didn't mind a calm night of pool and darts, but tonight was not that night. We made it over to the dance floor and I saw the girls dancing already. Lil and Bea were dancing with guys they must've picked up on their way back from the restroom, and Addie was a giggling mess.

The man I was with pulled me in front of him and pushed his hips into my behind. The tempo of the music made it easy to grind my backside into him rhythmically. His bulge grew harder and bigger with each passing second and I could just feel how desperately he wanted to break free from the confinement of the jeans. I laced my arm behind me, up around his neck and pulled his head closer to me. He nuzzled his head into my neck and inhaled deeply, taking in my scent before peppering wet, sensual kisses along my freckled skin.

"Mmm, you smell so fucking good. I could just eat you up," he groaned, nibbling on my ear lobe and cupping my sex with his large, tattoed hand. Goosebumps scattered all across my body, and yummy chills sent sparks to my core where his warm hand was touching me. His digits teased my panty line and grazed against my skin. He worked his hand further and teased my wet folds. Luckily, it was dark enough that people wouldn't be able to see, but they were too drunk to care. The point of being surrounded by other people was exciting.

I laced my fingers into his jet black hair and tugged gently on his gelled locks. He let out a hungry growl into my neck and bit onto my skin, surly leaving marks behind. I spun around, feeling fire burn in my abdomen and came face-to-face with the handsome stranger. He rested one hand on my plump ass and caressed my cheek with the other.

"What's your name, doll?" he said velvety. His ocean eyes were looking so deeply into mine, I felt like prey in the presence of their predator. Thrilling and anticipation swelled inside of my and I felt my breath quicken.

"Livvy," I responded, watching the smirk return to his lips once more.

"Livvy," he repeated, and I loved the way he said my name; rolling it off of his tongue like it was his new favorite thing to say, and he needed to savor it. "I'm Jaden."

His head lowered down closer to my face, almost sending me an invitation, and I took this as my chance to taste his pink lips. With one hand wrapped around his neck, I pulled him closer until I felt his breath against my lips, and I kissed him. Hot, passionate kisses were formed as our mouths molded together. I felt his hot, wet tongue trace my bottom lip, and I parted open allowing him to enter. His tongue danced with mine as butterflies exploded in my chest. My heart fluttered and a moan escaped my mouth. He tasted delicious, like cigarette smoke and hickory.

"Well, Jaden... how about we go somewhere a little less crowded?" I purred, batting my thick, black eyelashes at him. He nodded 'yes' in response and grabbed my hand once more, walking us to the exit.

"Wait," I said, stopping our movement, "I haven't called an Uber yet," I continued, tugging gently on his hand. He chuckled as I stood there wrapping my arms around my waist due to the chilly air. He shook off his jacket and looped it around my shoulders. I was instantly warmed up, soaking up the remaining heat from his body. I inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of his cologne.

"There's no need, love. I drove here," I just looked at him with confusion spread across my face considering we just walked out of the bar. He nodded over towards the curb, turning my attention to the matte black 2019 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim motorcycle. He started the engine and revved it up, and helped me onto the back.

"Hold on tight," he commanded, kicking off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his broad chest, and felt his muscles tighten under my touch. The wind blew my voluminous hair behind us as we flew down the street. Lucky for me, he was able to hear my directions and we pulled up to my apartment in no time.

The building was quiet. One could hear the sound of our footsteps briskly walking along the tile if they tried hard enough. Once we reached my apartment on the fourth floor, I flung the door open and dragged him in behind me. The door was locked, the lights were low, and my bed was just chanting our names.

He pulled his jacket off of me and undid the zipper on the back of my dress. It fell loosely around my breasts and dropped to the floor. He let out a hungry groan before latching a palm onto my right tit and kneading it. He took my left nipple into his mouth after trailing kisses down my neck and swirled his tongue around my bud.

"So fucking perfect," he growled out. I reached for his belt, and unlatched the buckle. I undid his pants and they fell to the floor. His manhood was pushing against his black cotton boxers and I snuck my hand inside. I wrapped my fingers around his thick, veiny cock began to stoke him slowly. His assault on my chest continued more hungrily and his free hand trailed to my underwear.

He gripped onto the waistband of my red silky thong and ripped it completely off of me, throwing the shreds of fabric to the side. He teased my wet folds before inserting his long digits into my center. I gripped onto his shoulder, feeling the sweet pressure of him entering me. He drew slow circles around my clit, mixing with the pace of his thrusting fingers.

"Take it off... please," I breathed out, tugging at his shirt. I felt him smile against my skin, and he withdrew his fingers to pull his shirt off. The empty feeling I felt was soon halted when I saw the colorful canvas drawn upon his chest, spreading all the way down to his waist, and covering both arms. My mouth watered and my core clenched at the sight in front of me, a true masterpiece standing before me. He pushed his boxers down and stood there fully naked as I did.

Soon enough, I was walking backwards with him in front of me until the back of my legs came in contact with my bed. He pushed me down onto the mattress and kneeled before me. He stared at me in complete awe and trailed his hands all over my body. I was at his complete disposal and he relished in it. I could see the adoration pool behind his eyes as they grew many shades darker.

His hands reached up and pulled my thick thighs apart, spreading them wide. He peppered kisses from my ankles all the way up, alternating between licking and nipping at my pale skin. I could feel his warm breath against my opening the closer he got. His dark eyes were teasing me as they bore into mine. He licked my dripping pussy up and down and a painfully slow pace. My center was aching and I was desperate to feel him inside of me, stretching me, and filling me completely with his length.

His lips latched onto my clit as he sucked hungrily and me back arched with pleasure. One hand came down onto my stomach to hold me in place, and the other smacked my thigh. I moaned out from the contact, wanting him to redden my skin. My eyes closed and I rocked my hips against his face with as much movement he granted me.

"Eyes on me baby," he said against my center, sending vibrations through my entire body. His tongue worked wonders on me and I felt my abdomen tighten. I pinched my erect nipple in between my fingers, and pushed my other hand into his hair, gripping tightly. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through me, and I pulled tighter onto his hair. He groaned as I released my orgasm and he lapped up all of my juices.

Jaden crawled up my body, licking all the way up to my navel, to my breasts, and connecting his lips to mine. I could taste myself on him as his tongue sneaked into my mouth, and I hoped to taste it again and again for days on end.

He reached in between my legs and positioned his cock at my entrance. I was still numb from what happened just moments ago, but I felt every sensation from his thrusting into me full force. His movements were rough and relentless, creating the best smacking sound from his hips hitting mine. My wetness was the perfect lubricant for him to slam into me.

"Fuck Livvy, I might keep you with a pussy this sweet," he groaned out. He wrapped his hand around my throat, and I couldn't help but notice the tattoo 'Your Throat Here' positioned in front of my esophagus.

"Don't stop, Jaden. Ha-Harder, I need it harder, faster," I moaned out and a wicked smile formed on his face. I didn't know if I could handle anything harder from him, but he complied with my request. He pulled all the way out of me before plunging his cock all the way inside me. I swore I could feel him reach my stomach. My tits bounced back-and-forth from his pace, and he slapped each harder before tugging on my swollen nipples.

My airway was constricted tightly, giving my head an amazing fuzzy feeling. I felt my eyes roll in the back of my head from this mind-numbing assault and his grip loosened. I relished in the feeling of his hands fondling me and his cock filling my pussy. He was so big, much bigger than I'd experienced before, and it felt as though he would tear me in half. The pain was a perfect mix with this pleasure and my core adjusted to his size, pulling him in.

Sweat dripped down his forehead and onto my chest mixing with my own. My legs began to tremble and I knew another orgasm was about to rush through me. His throbbing member pushed in and out of me and my core spasmed around it.

"Ahh, baby I'm cumming!" I shouted, surely loud enough my neighbors could hear. I placed a palm on his stomach to slow down his movements, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. He didn't slow down, nor did he stop. He fucked me until my body was numb, as multiple orgasms exploded from me. His face contorted into the most beautiful sight I've seen as he pumped his warm cum into me.

"That was-" I started, "amazing," he interrupted me, pulling me into his chest.

We laid there, panting until our breathing became rhythmic with each other. Sleep pulled our attention from each other, and I slept the best I had in years. In Jaden's arms is where I felt I needed to be, and he must've felt the same because any time I would try to get up for a glass of water or to use the restroom, his hold on me would tighten.

The sun filled my bedroom, shining through my curtains. I woke up to the peaceful sound of early birds chirping outside. When I rolled over my muscles burned from being sore, and I was excited to see Jaden lying next to me. My hopes were short lived when the sheets beside me were empty. My heart fell to my stomach and I knew this had ended up to just be another one night stand.

I didn't want to get out of bed, my mattress could just consume me as I fought to go back to sleep, but being the responsible woman I am I pulled myself out of bed. I went to my restroom to take a quick hot shower and then threw on a pair of sweats. Oddly, my apartment filled with the aroma of bacon and other goodies.

"Jaden?" I questioned seeing him stand in front of my stove in nothing but his boxers from last night. My mouth watered at the thought of food considering I would need energy from the events that took place last night.

"It's about time you got up, love. Here come have some breakfast," he said kindly, nodding towards the dining room table. Scrambled eggs, sausage, blueberry pancakes, fruit, and coffee were set elegantly on the table and I couldn't wait to dig in. After putting various foods on my plate, Jaden came over with the skillet and put a few pieces of bacon on my dish. We enjoyed our lovely meal, replenishing our energy for what I could assume would be a yummy dessert.

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