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Birthday Sex

Today's the day I've been planning for, for well over a month now. September 1st, and it's my boyfriend's birthday. It still blows my mind that THE Stefan Jones, famous football/soccer player, is my boyfriend. I feel like a teenager all over again. Those butterflies flurry in my stomach, and my face and palms get all sweaty. Well, standing next to him isn't the only thing that makes me sweaty... Thank God for setting spray.

Every minute I've spent with him has been amazing. I've gotten to know him so much better and have come to learn that he's not as much of an asshole as the media portrays him to be. Breakfast in bed, spa days, vacations, and I've gotten to go to work with him at ELIJAH. Don't even get me started on his dog, Pablo... he is by far the fluffiest and cutest thing ever. When Stefan would leave for business meetings, and I couldn't travel with him, Pablo would keep me company. His sloppy kisses would wake me up in the morning, and I'd take him for walks along the beach.

I made us a reservation for dinner tonight at L'Atelier de Ben and invited a few of his mates. The clock read 11:00 A.M. and our reservation wasn't until six o'clock, so I still had plenty of time. I pulled my dress for tonight out of our closet, God I love saying that, and sat it on the edge of the bed so it wouldn't get any wrinkles. My shoes, jewelry, and matching clutch were up in the top of the closet, the housekeeper must've put it there. I was far too short to reach it, so I had to pull the bench from the vanity while standing on my tip toes just to be able to barely reach the items, and pull them down.

Now I needed to take a shower because I knew my hair and makeup would take forever. Once the water was the perfect temperature, I stepped underneath the waterfall. My chocolate curls soaked up the water while it cascaded down my back. My tense muscles relaxed underneath the steaming hot water. Fuck, Stefan makes me sore. The coconut sugar scrub was always my favorite part. Its scent filled the excessively large bathroom and made my skin baby smooth.

After shaving every single inch possible, I stepped out of the comforting shower and grabbed a towel.

I'd let my body air dry, but the house keeper would come and go to clean from time to time and I didn't think she would want to see me naked. God, that would give her a damn heart attack. After attaching the diffuser to my blow dryer, I dried my thick, curly hair and fixed it. Long, chocolate curls rested across my shoulders, and down my back tickling my bare skin. I whipped out my makeup, not that I needed much, and dusted some highlighter along my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and my cupid's bow to accentuate my features. The slick, matte lipstick turned my plump lips a crimson red, the perfect color to match my outfit. To finish up my look, I applied a thick coat of mascara and drew on a wing with some black eyeliner. Stefan always assured me that if I needed something I could purchase it, like an appointment at the salon to have a professional do this for me, but I didn't want to spend his money. That wasn't the reason I was with him. I didn't need the riches or the fame. He was enough.

I pulled myself from daydreaming and sauntered over to the bed and slipped on the silky burgundy dress. The plunging v-neck rested just above my navel, and my diamond choker sparkled in the light. I could already tell that this outfit was going to drive him crazy. A sinister smile tugged at my lips, and heat began to stir in my abdomen at the thought of him ravishing me tonight.

Given that I had a few hours left to kill before he was home, I wrapped the presents I had gotten him. He may have had one in every color, but when we would go to the mall I noticed him eyeballing a matte black Rolex watch. So the least I could do was save up to buy it for him. Along with a few other surprises, his present sat elegantly in the center of the large box I wrapped in shiny black paper. My stomach flipped as I thought about the surprise sitting at the bottom of the box, wrapped in tissue paper. I just hoped he would accept it at least, if he didn't love it.

I shook my hands out, trying to get rid of my nerves. Placing a hand over my stomach, I prayed this would work. For all of us. I jolted upwards when I heard the front door open. My bare feet pitter-pattered against the cold marble floor as I walked to the kitchen in our apartment. "Selena, is that you?" I questioned, thinking the housekeeper had come back. "You really don't need to clean. I've got it taken care of," I assured her. I'm sure she worked her ass off at every home she cleaned. I just wanted to help her out, and give her more time at home with her little ones.

A strong pair of arms hoisted me up once I rounded the corner, eliciting a squeal from my lips. "Now bebita, I pay my staff to take care of things so you don't have to. How can I worship you if you're too tired when I come home?" He purred, nustling his face into my neck. His stubbly face tickled my skin in the most delicious way, I loved when he let it grow out. Stefan kissed and nipped at my tender flesh, causing a hot, stinging sensation to flow in his tracks but I relished in the pain. His warm tongue licked up the trail of love bites he had left. "I missed you," I moaned out, barely able to form the sentence coherently from the wave of lust I felt. My head felt foggy as my body became ignited and well aware of every inch his fingers touched.

"Mmm, and I as well bebita," he growled out. Stefan brought his large, rough hands to the sides up my face, cupping my cheeks and jaw at the same time. His full, plump lips were on mine before I had the chance to catch my breath. Hungry, and dominant like a starving man. The intensity of his actions showed me just how much he missed me. It was like our souls were pouring into each other's just from a single touch. I parted my lips, allowing him access to plunge his hot, moist tongue into my mouth. It danced with mine, exploring as I moaned into his mouth.

I hadn't even realized we'd been walking until my back came into contact with the wall in our bedroom. Pain shot up my spine and to the nape of my neck as I backed into it, but I was thankful it was there because I was nearly putty in his arms.

"If you wanna keep this dress in one piece, I suggest you take it off bonita," he growled in my ear, running his hands up and down my sides. Heat shot to my core at his words. I needed him inside me and I needed it now, but that wouldn't happen with this fabric concealing us.

I nodded my head vigorously before I bunched the satin fabric in my hands and lifted the dress above my head. I tossed it on the floor, suddenly not concerned whether it had wrinkles or not. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and tossed me onto the bed, causing me to bounce. Giggles escaped my lips as I flipped over to crawl away. "Where do you think you're going, Lil?" He rasped as he latched onto my ankle. It took no effort for him to pull me towards him and flip me over. "No panties?" He quirked an eyebrow. His beautiful blue irises turned a dangerous shade of black as I laid there, sprawled out and exposed to him. For him.

Dedicated to: LA_Cruz4336
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