Best Friends

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Two best friends are secretly in love with each other but they refuse to say anything because they don’t want to ruin their friendship!

Romance / Drama
Nicole George
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Rhett and Penelope were best friends up until junior year when he became a quarter back for their school. Penelope tried everything she could to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t have it. Rhett was actually trying to impress Penelope but instead of impressing her, he lost her. He tried to talk to her but she cuts him off everytime.

She hears all the stuff that his “new” friends say about her, and he never did anything about it. He just went along with rumors. Penelope was a band geek, a book worm, and a loner. She always has her nose in a school book or a reading book. During lunch, she goes outside to eat and for her to have some quiet so she can read. Rhett keeps an eye for her, he still care about her a lot. Rhett is now a football player, but he used to be a band geek, a book worm and a longer. He let his grades slip alittle bit, and he stopped reading. He quit band, because of football. Rhetts current girlfriend is always getting mad at Rhett for something stupid, like he is keeping his eyes for Penelope and keep trying to talk to her. Audrey is very jealous, gets mad easily, always has to be the center of attention. All eyes has to be on her no matter what. You don’t want to come in between her and her attention. You can tell that he doesn’t care about her or his ex’s. All he cares about is Penelope Bella Piper. Everyone knows he has feelings for her, but he denys it, because he doesn’t want anyone to now til he has the courage to tell her. Penelope Bella Piper has stolen his heart without knowing. Rhett has tried telling her but she wants nothing to do with him and it kills him knowing she lives right next door to him. He knows her schedule like the back of his hand. He knows what time she wakes up, when she gets home from school depending if she has band practice. He knows everything about her from her favorite color to the thing she hates the most. He tried to figure out where he fits in that list now since they don’t talk or hang out. They lived right next door to each other for 16 years. They were inseparable for the longest time. He wishes that it was still that way. He wonders what it would be like if he never joined the team or he never quit band. Would we still be friends? Would he finally tell her how he feels? So many questions he wishes he could have an answer too. But he brought this on himself. He is the one that went and joined the team even though she tried to talk him out of it. This is all his fault. He know how she feels about football.

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