Two Worlds Clashing

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{#1: Two Worlds Clashing Series} "How many chances do you get to have a movie star as a step-brother?" ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Meet Tori Hale, a teenage girl with a plan for her future. Graduate high school, go to her top college, study culinary, and own her own restaurant. But it seems that life may have other plans. Tori's life becomes flipped upside down when she learns her father is getting remarried. And not to just anyone either. Now, with this curveball thrown into her life, she has to adjust to a new life, a new family, and living with him. Can they set their differences apart in time for the wedding? Or will they find an unexpected romance both of them never knew they needed?

Romance / Drama
JoJo Diamond
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Welcome, new reader, to the first book of the Two Worlds Clashing series. You are now going to enter into the life of our main character, Tori Hale. Tori Hale is your average teenage girl trying to navigate her way out of high school. You know, teachers, homework, pressure, stress, and dating. Like that isn’t enough to handle, the world of fame and fortune is added to the pile.

And before you ask, no she didn’t become an Instagram star overnight or YouTube famous. Instead, her father is the one who brings this extravagant lifestyle to theirs. How? Well, dealing with celebrities and powerful people gets you many perks in the end, right? In this case, his perk was meeting and wooing the famous model and actress, Amber Evansdale.

Lucky guy. I mean, how many opportunities do you get the chance of being a supermodel and actresses’ daughter? Sorry, step-daughter. And then you get to live with her hot and famous son, the teenage heartthrob, Aiden. The man who has girls in the palm of his hands. Literally. He’s also known for being a playboy but that fact just hides under his “charm.”

In the first book of the series, you will get to see how quickly her life flips as she balances between her past, school, family, friends, and finding love. Can she handle all the trouble that Aiden brings with him? Will she fall for the playboy who’s never been in love? Find out in the first book of the TWC Series, Two Worlds Clashing.

Who knows what could happen?

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