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" Art is my passion! " " Sweetie you don't even know what art is " Snow Halsker, a lady who saw art a future yet had failed and became depressed with no life. She was at the point of giving up her whole life but a latter save her. Andrew James, a mysterious good looking man who saw Snow's art as his life. He helped her undergo with a lot of obstacles, gave her a home and life. Would they overcome the huge obstacle in their life? Now that they have learned to love each other?

Romance / Thriller
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It started at the time when my uncle draw something for me.

It was the prettiest thing I have ever saw. I cherished it in my heart and even framed it. I loved that drawing.

I knew that at that time something clicked in me. I would always stare at the blank paper and just wonder if I could create such amazing shapes and lines just like my uncle did. It sparked my passion.

I draw hundreds of drawings, setting the drawing my uncle gave as a guide.

I thought I had fire in me, I thought that I was running the right path and I thought I was drawing art.

But no,

I wasn't.

I boasted my skills, told everyone I mastered the creation of art and made things clear that I have a future in arts.

Until I saw many people's drawings.

I felt conscious.

I wasn't even a step closer to their level.

I'm a mere particle besides them.

All my life I thought I used my uncle's art as guide...

All along I was just trying to replicate it.

I wanted to overplace my uncle's art.

I wanted to use someone's art as mine.

It was shocking that I passed and graduated from an art school.

They probably pity me.

So here I am.

With no life.

No family to support me.

No proper job.

No incomes.

No future.

I never understand what art really was.


" You're the art, MY art "



By @Mend_Han

Started: 07-17-20


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