Love, Lucifer

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"Have you talked to him?" She shook her head to his question, stomach squeezing tightly and worry filling her up. She hasn't seen him for the past two days. She has no clue how she will face him. After acting so bold and stupid, she knows she messed up. Her boss will now torture her more.

"What should I do? I messed up so badly." Her heart aches and eyes burn from the crying she has been doing. She can't decipher the fact that she would ever do such a thing. To the man who has her life and siblings in his hand.

"I don't know. I am afraid of what he will do to you now." Cold shivers go down her spine hearing Misha sputter those words with a deadly tone. Zendaya clothes her eyes tightly remembering the last time she went against her boss. The things he made her do.

"Zendaya quit. Quit this job. I'll give you some money." Misha was serious. He wanted to give Zendaya freedom even though it was impossible. Both could try if they put enough effort.

"I can't. He will find me anywhere I go. You know that. I tried so many times running away and each time he finds me. I can't afford to live in fear all my life." The bar was filled with silence again only soft piano music being played in the background. Zendaya chest aches. She wants to run away so badly. Take her siblings away. Far away. It was easier to think than do it.

She tried. He found her. He punished her by taking pictures of Madelyn whenever Madelyn would go to school. The second-time Zendaya and her siblings ran away and were found again. Her boss sent one of the men to pick Madelyn from school and Mert from daycare. Zendaya knew he was playing her mind. He was using her siblings to manipulate her and it was working. The thought of them being hurt always brings her to her knees.

"Then you will take another punishment for him? What now? Will he make one of his men stalk your siblings? Will he take pictures of them to threaten you? Or will he make you do things that a girl like you shouldn't do?" Zendaya grit her teeth, throwing a glare at Misha who looks back at the same intensity as her. He stares into her eyes seeing the tiredness, sadness, and hurt but there is also strength and determination.

"Sorry, I am worried about you, Z. You know that." Misha softens his gaze not wanting her to feel more pressure than she is already having. Just as he was about to ask her to dinner the door to the entrance open and both heads go over to him.

Zendaya wishes she could hide in a hole as the boss she was trying her best to avoid walks inside looking more deadly. Fear grips her throat.

"You. VIP room 950." That was all he said to her and Zendaya realizes she was about to receive a punishment she dreads the most. Her body instantly starts to go numb.

"Darius, you can-."

"Fuck off, Misha. None of your damn business." The boss snarls that have Misha shutting his mouth knowing that if he speaks more, Zendaya will get in more trouble. Misha curses under his breath and throws an apologetic look at her. She was too busy looking at her hands. They were trembling.

"Darius, please," Misha speaks softly hoping that his brother can understand that he actually cares for this girl. Darius told Misha many times to never get attached to people but Misha never listens.

"One more time, Misha. One more. I swear I-." Darius Martinez stops himself from speaking and shakes his head to walk away from them. Misha fists hand and punches the counter with a loud bang, hating how he was born into the most vicious family.

"Fucking bastard." Misha groans at the pain, lowering his head to touch the counter and sighing out loud.

"I'll be okay." Zendaya quietly states, as if she is telling herself that instead of to Misha. Her feet feel so heavy as she walks over to VIP room 950. Her eyes start to burn with tears. She knows what's behind that door making her wrap her arms around her body. Opening the door, she sees the technology. She sees the way it is set up in front of the bed.

No. Not again. Not this.

"Clothes. Off." His voice was harsh. Cold but mostly deadly. Zendaya stays rooted to her place. Fear made her feel like a statue.

"I am not going to ask you twice. Your siblings or you?" At the mention of her siblings, she instantly walks inside and goes on to the bed, following the procedures as last time.

The author notes Mature content. Please do not read if not comfortable. Read when you see πŸ’œ.

She hears the first click making her hand stop at the button of her shirt. A tear falls down her cheek. Her fingers hovering over the button, trembling, not wanting to open the shirt to reveal her body that she already despises.

"Please don't make me do this." Her voice quivered, lowering her head down to make him not stare at the vulnerability she is feeling. Zendaya hears him take a sigh and the bed dips making her bite her bottom lip hard.

"Look at me." More tears fell from her eyes landing on her lap. Her eyes widen feeling the boss hand creep up to the back of her neck and she gasp as he pulls her neck down.

"I'll say this one last. Oblige or siblings are dead. Do I make myself clear?" His voice sent cold dark chills down her spine letting her fingers finally open the shirts. She feels her body go numb as the shirt drops and Darius moves back to the camera, eyes turning darker with a different emotion.

"Lay down on your side and look at the camera." She does so even when the tears continue to leak. Ignoring them, the pictures click in different positions.

"Pants." Taking deep breaths, her hands go down to her pants and they are off, revealing scars and tattoo that Darius himself gave it to her. She sobs out loud at the position he wants her to be in.

"Boss, ple-." She stops feeling his hand creep behind her back to fist his hand into her hand. She screams and the camera clicks.

"Again, sit on the edge of the bed and wipe the tears." Her body shook as she cries out yet listening to him.

"Turn left." She does so unable to control her body. Eyes closed tightly, letting the water cascade down her neck.

"One night. One thousand dollars." Her eyes widen at that man's voice that was whispered to her that night. The way he stepped closer, his warmth wrapping around her and voice so low yet seductive and intense.

That incident plays in her mind. The way she froze in her spot. Then when she realizes what he said, the anger she had for her boss took over and she slapped the man. She can still feel her hand stinging from the slap that she gave Lucifer. Anger took over her. Slapped and ran. The jacket of Harrington lays inside the apartment. Lucifer was so serious. His eyes were burning hot and if that day the boss didn't do that to her, she guilty would have accepted the offer of his.

"That's it. That is the expression."

He made her feel different and she didn't like it. Usually, with any other man who offered money, she would easily reject but Lucifer. Why did she have to think to say no? Why did she hesitate? Why does she feel guilty about slapping him? He is dangerous. He isn't good for her but that's what makes it more alluring. The need to have-.

"Take everything off."

Zendaya instantly breaks out of her daze that was filled with Lucifer. She blinks feeling her eyes are now dried.

"Excuse me." Zendaya looks at Darius with a confused expression not understanding what he said but the boss stares dead serious into her eyes to repeat the words he said.

"Take everything off." Her heart leaped. He didn't tell her the last time. The last time was just pictures of her in her undergarment. She can't. She doesn't want to.

"No." Her voice quivered, feeling fear again gripping her throat as she fights eye contact with her boss.

"No? You said no to me. Right after I gave you a warning. You want to d-."

"Boss." A knock interrupts him from continuing talking making Darius clench his jaw and walk over to the door to slightly open it. He hears whispering and then a loud sigh out of the boss. His eyes go back to Zendaya who hugged her body tightly, digging fingers into her sides.


"Anna, take her clothes." Zendaya eyes widen, opening her mouth to fight but the boss walks over to a table to take out a white shirt. He throws the shirt at Zendaya which lands on the bed and Anna walks in, ignoring the body of Zendaya.

"We are done. Change into the shirt and go back to work. For one month, you won't get paid." Zendaya jumps up from the bed ready to fight but stops herself. If she fights, he'll make her do the worst stuff that he is already doing.

Without saying a word she wears the shirt that reaches her knees and pulls the sleeves up to the elbow, walking away from the room and back to the bar. Misha is sitting with a drink in his hand. As soon as he sees her, his eyes scan the whole body, not wanting to ask what even happened in that room.

"Boss has a guest." That was all he said to Zendaya as he got up and walked away unable to handle the sudden anger he felt seeing the poor little girl wrapped around a shirt of his brothers. Zendaya sighs, feeling a bit relieved that she didn't have to go fully naked. But now she has to worry about money. Not getting paid for a month.

What about rent money? How will I pay? What will I do?

Zendaya busies herself with work. Cleaning, restocking, and refilling. Some may wonder how Zendaya can be back to normal after having her intimate pictures taken. Having to live on the streets and pleasing a boss who has all the control over her, you become so used to let yourself be sold off. To Zendaya, her siblings are everything. She would do anything for them even if that means to sell her body which she hasn't done but does let the boss take her pictures. However, this time she wouldn't receive money for it.

She groans as she gets on her tiptoes, fingers brushing the boxes that were on top of the shelf that she her small body couldn't reach. Usually, the help of Misha would get it for her but she has no clue where he is.

"Oh, come on, please." Her toes were hurting as she kept jumping and stretching to get it. A hot arm wraps around her waist as an arm comes into her view to grab the small box. Her feet touch the ground, heat consumes the room she was standing. She feels the long fingers of this person on her waist, the material of the shirt so thin. She shudders at the hotness of the hands and slowly turns around to see who it was. Her breath hitches coming in contact with a pair of eyes that she can never get used to. Heart picks up speed and stomach flutters terrifyingly.

His head is craning down to keep his eyes lock on to her, breath mingling against each other and the magnetic need to be next to each other is intensifying. Both get lost in the pull. Restraining the physical attraction but the ones that the eyes pull. Both couldn't control that.

Zendaya wanted to know the fire in those eyes. The rage. The need. Yet at the same time the loneliness and it doesn't make sense but she also sees a little child in those eyes.

"Zendaya!" Her eyes widen hearing her boss call her name out. Quickly, she takes a step back knocking the shelf behind her that it rattles and a gasp erupts seeing a huge box fall. Instantly, she closes her eyes, ducking herself, ready to receive the blow but it never comes.

A loud clattering and shattering sounds linger in the air. She opens her eyes to see many glasses shattered on the ground.

"Oh. No. No. This can't happen." Ignoring the man hovering over her, she gets on her knees to crawl over to the pieces and collects them, fastly and in panic. If the boss finds out she caused damage, he would make her pay. Money is a big issue.

"Ow." She hisses as her finger receives a gash but swatting it away, she piles up all the glasses and throws them in the trash hoping that no one notices a box being missing. Grabbing a broom in the room, she cleans the shards. The whole time his eyes were on her. Observing her with an intense gaze until she lets out a sigh, cleaning the place back to normal.

Lucifer notices her finger that is still bleeding and he didn't think. He didn't even hesitate. The urge to have her near him took over so he finds himself grabbing her hand and the finger is in front of his mouth. When meeting her gaze, the finger is wrapped between his lips causing a loud gasp to come out of the little girl. Her eyes widening and cheeks turning so red.

It was such a lewd action that they both froze. Both of them didn't expect it to happen. Lucifer sees the girl's eyes darken and she gulps. If it wasn't for footsteps coming closer to the room, Lucifer would have flicked his tongue on the wound but he pulls the finger out, looking away from the girl.

Many thoughts were going in his head and most of them were far too inappropriate.

"Zendaya, your siblings."




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