Love, Lucifer

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"One night. One thousand dollars." To, Zendaya Antonio, her sister and brother were her everything. She knew the struggles of having a dead father and an addict mother. At the age of sixteen, she had to take care of her siblings. Throughout her life, she lived her life being a slave to a cruel reality. Until she met him. He wasn't suppose to meet her. She wasn't suppose to meet him. She caught his gaze by an accident. An accident that ignited a fire in his eyes and he knew that there was something or more like a story behind those big big brown eyes. She caused irritation in his stomach that he wanted to get rid off. She was desperate for money. He was desperate to get her. She didn't know who he was. He didn't know who she was. He was a mystery to her. She wanted. nothing to do with him. And all it took was one accidental eye contact to start the fire between them. Read to find out what happens between Zendaya and the mystery man. Also on Wattpad (follow us: @your_perfection010)

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"He is looking at you." I hear Misha's voice behind me as he sits on the stool while I stood behind the counter. I don't dare to look at the way Misha was directing at.

"Damn. He is literally eye fu-."

"Stop." I instantly speak not wanting to hear the words that will come out of his mouth. Misha smirks, twirling his drink in between his fingers.

"Come on, hottie. He has been staring at you the whole time since I came here. Many women and I mean many hot women approached him but not once did he lay nor blinked his eyelashes towards them. You. My favorite bartender has caught his attention." I roll my eyes and smirk at him, moving over to a customer who comes in regularly. She always gets the same drink.

"Zendaya." I hear my boss call my name catching me off guard and I stop making the drink for the customer.

"Here. Tip. For you." I furrow my eyebrows as the boss holds out an envelope for me with bartender written on it in cursive and force.

"Wait. Who gave me a tip?" I ask my boss in confusion who points behind me. Not many people give me tips since I reject them.

"Our VIP guest. He said to give you this tip." I slowly avert my gaze over to the VIP guest only to see an empty couch.

Isn't that where he sat?

Shrugging, I open the envelope and let out a gasp seeing five hundred dollars. Oh my God. I take a hundred dollar bill out and on it in cursive is written:

"Love, Lucifer."



What's up, guys!!!!???

Alright, yall be wondering why? Why must she do this? Another book? Even though she has other books that are unfinished.

Yeah. I toats agree. But here's the thing.

Lucifer's story is going to be a short story and will be very fast-paced.

You do not need to read Damaged Love but I do recommend you do to get more understanding. This book is Wattpad.

This story is like a prequel to Damaged Love. And again Damaged Love is on Wattpad.


This story is mature rated so I hold my hands together and let y'all young peeps know to not corrupt your minds.

I hope you guys like this story like you guys like the other stories of ours.

In addition, this story will also be updating on Wattpad. Our account username on Wattpad is @your_perfection010

Thank you guys for reading, commenting, and voting for our books.


Allah Hafiz

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