Love, Lucifer

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I grab all the broken glass along with Misha. Our gaze low on the ground at the task we were given by the manager, Drew, who is standing and glaring at us.

"I am sorry," I whisper to Misha as he sweeps up the last pieces of glass. I wiped the floor already. Misha shakes his head and gives a don't worry smile.

I bend down to grab the towel and feel a gaze that I have been ignoring ever since I dropped the drinks. The owner of the gaze is a powerful man as I was told by Misha. He is the boss's special VIP guest who gets very special treatment. That's why Trixie was with him. This man might do the same business as the boss.

I did not dare to raise my eyes at him. I don't even know how he looks. We locked eyes just for a second when I dropped the drinks. After that, I kept my eyes low but he stare. It's been following me around. I can feel it crawl on to every inch of my skin.

"Yo. The guest is fucking hot. I am jealous." Misha whispers next to me rather a bit loudly. I swat his arm shushing him with my gaze.

"You guys can leave now. Sir, would you like me to send you another drink?" I grab all the supplies and bite my bottom lip thinking of how much trouble I am going to be if Drew tells the boss.

"Let's go." I nod at Misha and start to leave even though I can feel the hard piercing gaze of the man.

"I want her to bring my drink." I stop in my track along with Misha whose eyes widen as well. We both stare at each other in surprise. What? He wants me to get his drink.

His voice is deep. Like it hasn't been used for a long time. It's manly and demanding. It has authority in it.

"Sir, we have another better waitress that can get you a drink and Trixie will show up after changing-."

"No. I want her." I suck in my breath along with Misha who shakes his head at me. What now? Never have a VIP guest as for a bare bar tender to serve a drink.

"You heard him. Go bring his drink. Your drink will be coming up shortly." I see Drew bowing down a bit and he walks up to grab my elbow to pull me away from the room.

Shoot. What now? Can't he reject the guest and send Trixie to give the drinks?

"Make the drinks right now. Fuck. Zen." I see Drew swipe his hair back in frustration. Why is he so scared?

"Am I not allowed to give drinks to him? I mean it is my first time giving to a VIP guest but it's not a big deal, right?" I grab the things to make the drinks while looking at Drew who takes a deep breath in and takes a shot of vodka.

"No. Fuck. Zendaya. I have to talk to the boss. If he sets his eyes, he won't stop. Be careful. Misha. Keep an eye." I furrow my eyebrows as he walks away rather quickly. That's weird. Is he worried about the VIP guest doing something? Is the guest that special?

"That's so weird. I never saw Drew be that nervous of a guest. This hot guest must be hella dangerous." Misha sits down next to a customer and smirks at me. What's with the look?

"Did you see the body of the guest? Hot, I must say. I am jealous he has Trixie interested. She barely gets interested but he made her. He must be good." I roll my eyes and finish the drink. I have to go in again. Great.

"Yo, breathe in. Don't make eye contact. Just put the drink on the table. If he asks for something else just say you are making drinks only. That's all. Then ask if he would like someone. Just like we are taught." I nod my head and grab the drink. I take a deep breath and walk towards the direction of the VIP guest.

Pushing the silky curtains in front of me I enter the space where he sat down. My gaze immediately goes to soft dim purple lights and my ears perk up hearing very soft violin that is playing. I see the guest sitting but I dare not to raise my eyes. No sign of anyone else but him alone. I smell the smoke that is put off on the tray that laid on the luxury table.

"I am here for your drink." With that said in a gentle tone, I walk up to the table and get on my knees to put the drink on the table. I suck in my breath feeling the hot piercing gaze again. Grabbing the straw I dip it into the drink and get up from the floor.

"Enjoy your drink." I perk my lips up into a smile and turn around but a gasp comes out of me feeling big strong rough fingers wrap around my wrist twisting me around and pull me down so fast.

I freeze as my face comes in contact with dark onyx eyes that intensely leer into mine. I see the eyes. Then the sharp nose. The sunken cheeks. The sharp ninety-degree jaw and then finally the black raven hair that is swept back.

"You. How much?" His breath is warm on my lips. I stare wide-eyed at him and try to twist my wrist out his grasp.

"I. I. I am not. I am just. Bar. Drink. Make." Words kept coming out of me but not making sense out of me. His eyes rake my face and down to my body. I curl my toes as he smirks, licking his bottom lip.

"How much?" He says again and I gulp, shaking my head to break out of my daze. I pull back my wrist and stand up straight, taking a step back from him.

"I am sorry but I only work at the bar. I can bring Trixie for you." I bow down a bit in apology and without meeting his gaze, I turn around and walk away with a fast-beating heart. I walk fast pace over to Misha and go behind the counters to sit on the ground.

His eyes falter over to me but continue to make drinks for the new customer. Holy. Shoot. That man. I touch my wrist. It's still tingling and burning.

His gaze. I shudder at his eyes. They have darkness in them. No wonder he is the boss's special guest. I shudder again because of his eyes. Oh, God.

"What happened?" Misha comes in front of me looking at me in worry. I put my hand on my chest trying to calm my heartbeat.

"He grabbed my wrist and asked how much. I got so scared. Mish. He has like very dark eyes." I shake myself trying to get rid of that face.

"Oh, I feel ya. Damn. He has the whole club looking at him. He is hot and intimidating. Do you see him, Zen?" I look up to see his head turned and focused on someone. I wrap my fingers on the counter and slightly move closer to it to raise my head a bit to see where he was looking at.

When I saw the whole club I mean the whole club. The dancers. The customers. The drunks. The waitress and waiters. They all stared at him as he talked to Drew out in the open. Drew's back is on me so that gives me a chance to look at the man with a dark onyx gaze.

He has long legs that are covered with black dress pants. His shoulders are very wide. Like wide and muscled arms that are covered with a black tuxedo. His black hair is now swept to the side as if he ran his hand through it. This man reeks out of dominance and rich.

His hands are in his pockets and he smirks, tilting his head to the side.

"Holy fuck. That's one hot hunk." The customer in front of me takes out a breath. It's our regular Beatrice rich single mother with two kids. She only comes for drinks or some times to do stuff.

I stare at him behind the counter with only my eyes and head popping up. I wouldn't say he is bad looking. He actually is very pleasing to look at. He looks like a model. Maybe he is. Maybe that's how the boss knows him but the eyes. Something about those eyes is terrifying.

He talks with confidence and authoritative but lazy as well as if he is done with the world. Done with the work he does. Misha always told me that I can guess a person's personality just the way they talk. I read a lot of books since I never went to middle nor high school. I was always the one providing for my siblings.

I let out a gasp as his eyes train over to me. I immediately duck my head down and I let out a huge breath. Phew. That was close. That guy looks very rich and important at the way Drew was talking to him. He made Drew scared. I slowly grip the counter with my fingers and slightly raise my head again to look over at them.

I shriek as soon as I see the man very close to the counter and drop on my butt hissing loudly. I snap my head and freeze as his dark intimidating gaze is fixed on me. Misha on my side is frozen along with Beatrice.

I see his hand slide something towards my way but I stay rooted to my place. His eyes are still raking me. There is no emotion except the intensity of darkness in them.

"Lucifer. This way, please." Drew speaks behind him and the man doesn't even blink but turns around and walks off.

Everyone around me and I finally let out the breath we were holding. Holy.

"What the actual fuck? His aura is intimidating. I almost stopped breathing." Misha bends down and takes a deep breath.

"I know. He is freaking handsome. And the name. Fuck. That name speaks the persona." Beatrice speaks taking a sip of her drink with red cheeks.

I get up from the ground, trying my best to breathe normally and calm my heart. His eyes are too intense. They are scary.

"His name is Lucifer," Misha announces and all three just stare at the spot he was.

"He does look like a devil." Beatrice shivers.

Lucifer. It suits him.


"Have a nice night! See you in the morning!" I shout to Misha who waves from the inside. Today, it's his turn to close. I look at the time to see it's three AM. God. So late. Again. I hope Maddy and Mert fell asleep. I start to walk fast. I have to be up early to drop Maddy off.

I drop the keys on the ground and groan loudly as I hurriedly pick up the keys. Without looking, I run on the road and I hear a loud screech of a car. I scream so loud and close my eyes shut seeing a car light hitting me. I freeze in my spot, feeling like my heart about to pop out and brain bursting. Am I dead? Did the car hit me?

Feeling no impact I open one eye and then the other. I turn my head towards the car and squint to see who it was. Dang. The car is so clean and sleek. New and expensive.

"Sorry! Sorry!" I bow down and apologize to step back to let the car go. The driver doesn't get out or anything but starts the car. He slowly drives off and chills run up my spine as I see the person who is sitting back.

It was just a mere second. Our eyes connected and then broke. Just for a second. It was that man. The VIP guest. Lucifer. What is he doing here so late? I shudder at his eyes. So scary.

I run back home and reach the apartment building. Some people were out. Smoking and drinking. They knew who I was. They knew whose daughter I was. They don't say anything to me. Rarely ask me how I am doing. I ignore and walk up to my apartment.

Unlocking it, I close the door and hear for any sound to see if anyone is away. I guess they did sleep. I take my shoes off and walk to the kitchen to see food. Bread. Cheese. Milk. Month old bag of chips. I shouldn't eat. Tomorrow, Maddy needs to food.

My stomach groans but I ignore and grab the mail. Opening the first one my stomach drops reading it.

Rent has increased by two hundred dollars more. I grab another envelope.

Maddy's tuition is due next month.

Another envelope.

Father and mother's loan money is due.

That's a total of ten thousand dollars. I have only five dollars.




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