Love, Lucifer

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"Yo, he is here again." Misha's long scrawny fingers wrap around the small cylinder shape glass. Without taking a breath, he chugs it down, loving the bitter sting he gets as the liquid trickles inside his throat. It calms the clawing inside of his mind that keeps increasing. His eyes glisten with mischievous as he stares at the small bartender who takes her job a bit too seriously. The mischievous orbs of his fall over to the man who has been making his appearance more visible to the eyes of all who come here to escape the reality that they wish to disappear from.

A smirk pulls up onto his soft olive skin as he eyes all the bodies that are turned over to the man who is so oblivious to their gazes. Each pair of eyes had the same emotion for the man who sat under the light, looking as if he owned the place which he can if he wants.

"Fucking hell. Look at how all eyes fall on him."

Hearing that sentence coming from Misha's mouth, Zendaya tries to control the urge she gets in her stomach to look up but she refuses to do so, trying not to be affected by the man who, apparently, to Misha is coming for her. She wasn't new to the gaze she receives. She has many men come and ask for her but she was just a bartender. Zendaya did not want to mingle herself in the bodies of people but just want to get money to provide for her family.

"Damn, Trixie is sure as hell interested. Bitch never looked at anyone else before but now it looks like she has a new target." Unable to hold the curiosity, her gaze rises over to the women who were known as the best seductress yet so dangerous in this club. Everyone knew who Trixie was. She was a woman who had her ways. She was expensive. She was her own leader. She showed more dominance than half the men in the club so it is shocking to see her looking at a man different than she usually does. She always has a bored expression each time a rich man pays her to have a drink with him.

Zendaya raises her eyebrows amused at how Trixie looks so spellbound that her eyes are not even blinking when she is staring at the man. Zendaya herself did not bother to look at him. She can't spur up the courage to look at the man, afraid that she might make eye contact with him.

"I think he is sitting right there so he has a clear view of you. My darling, why aren't you looking at him?" Misha knew the man affects almost everyone. He knew he might stir something inside of Zendaya and maybe she knew that too. Zendaya shakes her, walking over to miss Kamiya, who is divorced, always come at the same time to drown her tiredness with alcohol.

"Woah, who is the handsome and hot man over there?" Miss Kamiya whistles as she sit down on the stool while Zendaya prepares her dink that Miss Kamiya always drinks. Misha snickers, throwing a sultry look to Zendaya who only rolls her eyes.

"Another Woah, is he here for Trixie? She eyeing real bad." Kamiya grabs the drink from Zendaya and turns around to stare at the man with no shame. Misha too turns and watches the man, joining the people who were already looking at him.

"He is our boss's VIP guest. Nah, he ain't here for Trixie. He has his eyes on someone else." Misha sends a wink to Zendaya causing her stomach to bubble. Zendaya ignores the shivers she is receiving from the gaze she feels coming at her.

"Who is the lucky woman to catch the attention of such an intimidating and-."

"Zendaya." Zendaya's eyes snap over to another waiter who served only to the VIP. Her big hazel eyes are knotted in confusion as she walks up to Zendaya with a fancy and expensive glass that is only used for important customers. Zendaya eyes the glass and thinks that it must be for Misha to make the drinks since she is not allowed to do so.

"Misha, she brought the glass. Anna, what did the g-."

"You make it."

Misha along with Zendaya both snap their eyes over to Anna staring at her as if she has two heads. Zendaya quirks her eyebrows in confusion, not understanding why Anna said for her to make it. Before she could ask, Misha is the one who speaks up.

"What? Why? Is that not the glass for a VIP guest? Am I too drunk?" Misha holds his hand and tries to count his finger, earning a chuckle from Kamiya and Zendaya. The smile from Zendaya instantly drops when she hears Anna speak again.

"The VIP guest wants her to make it. The one who is sitting over there." Zendaya didn't have to look where she was pointing at. Her heart sped up a bit and cheeks starts to heat up. She is not allowed to make drinks for VIP guests. Only workers who have earned permission from the boss are and no one wishes to get on the bad side of the boss.

"I don't understand. Can you go tell him you can't? Um. I. I tried." Anna's voice quivered in embarrassment and cheeks heating as she blushes, eyes going over to the man that Zendaya is now getting tired of.

Maybe I should go talk to him. To tell him that I am just a bartender and I can't serve him. Also, to go back to his VIP room.

Zendaya thought to herself, biting her bottom lip, now in confusion. She takes a deep breath and tells herself she can do it. It's just an intimidating man who has a staring problem. That's all. It was easier thought than done because as soon as she lifts her head up and finally musters up enough courage to look at him, her body instantly froze.

She heard almost everyone in the room talk about how hot and handsome the man is. She too has seen him only that one time but after that kept her gaze low but now. She wishes she didn'tllookup Her eyes instantly like a magnet latched on to his eyes.

Her breath hitches seeing the way he sat on the couch with such a strong dark aura around him and to make matter worse, his eyes had this intensity you can get lost into but at the same time you know it's bad for you.

The man, Lucifer, as his name has been spoken by Misha multiple times this past week, describes the way he looks. So mysterious and dark. Zendaya gulped, instantly looking away from that gaze that is pulling her into.

Maybe it is a bad idea. I shouldn't talk to him.

Her eyes dart over to the clock to see it is time for her shift to end. She sighs out loud, thanking the time for running. Her eyes unconsciously scanned over to the man but not to his face but his body. Her lids widen when she sees the long legs getting up.

"Mish would have to take it. I am sure he can apologize to the guest. My shift is going to end in a minute." Zendaya, hurriedly, pats Anna's shoulder and walks away, not wanting to know where the man who got up would walk to. Fastly, she went behind where the room for employees is. Closing the door, she takes a deep breath in and let her heart calm down.


"Thank you, Mish. It means a lot." Zendaya bit her bottom lip constantly as worry fills her up. Misha could feel something was wrong with Zendaya as soon as he heard her voice. Zendaya received a call from Madelyn school wanting to speak to her. It never happened before. The school never called for Zoya but now out of nowhere she gets a call, it adds extra worry to Zendaya.

Zendaya called Misha to let him know she won't be able to make it to the extra shift she was willing to take. Her eyes scanned over to the sky that is covered with dark clouds.

When will I ever get the sun? Why must everything be so dark and gloomy?

Zendaya eyes scanned over to the school and takes a deep breath in, hoping that everything is okay. Her feet carried her to the school in small rushed steps until she finds the place she was found. Her eyes instantly go to her sister who stood on a chair deep in her thoughts.

"Maddy " The little girl's eyes snapped over to her sister and in an instant, guilt finds her gaze. Zendaya furrows her eyebrows seeing Madelyn look down after meeting gazes. Before she could say anything, an old man in a grey suit walks out and announces himself as the principal. He walks inside a room which happens to be his office and Zendaya follows, leaving Madelyn alone, still looking down on the ground. The worry in Zendaya's stomach growing.

"Madelyn' got into a fight and punched a boy. She also broke the boy's phone and the school's projector." Zendaya jaw hypothetically drops, not believing any word the principal is spurting out.

"No, you must have the wrong person. My sister does not get into fights. She would never do such a thing. I-."

"We have proof. Here." The rude principals cut her off, showing a phone that is displaying a video of Madelyn throwing a phone on the floor and then with such rage, grabs the projector that laid on the desk and throws it across the room. Zendaya's heart cliches seeing her sister filled with so much rage that she has never seen.

"Let's make a deal. I won't suspend her since education is very important but. However, the boy's parents are big people. I don't think you should involve yourself with them. They just want you to pay for the phone that Madelyn broke and also, as for damaging the property of the school, you would need to pay for the projector as well. Here is the cost of both technologies. I hope you can make your sister understand the damage she has caused and teach her ladylike manners. You may leave now. And next time, please, tell one of your parents to come." The man didn't even give Zendaya a chance to speak instead he walked her out of the room leaving her with Madelyn. Zendaya clenches her jaw looking down at the paper slip.

The phone costs one thousand dollars.

The projector costs six hundred dollars.

Her hand's fist tightly, a bubbling scream of anger starts to rise but she grits her teeth and grabs Madelyn's elbow harshly. Zendaya drags her out of the school and lets go of her as they walk back home.



More costs.

It keeps piling up. Money keeps piling up. Zendaya has no clue how to pay it back. She doesn't get her check until next week but that money will be enough to pay for rent. She would have to grab another job then. But what about Mert? The nanny can't stay the whole day.

They reach the apartment and get inside without muttering a word. The nanny could sense something that happened but didn't question.

"I am sorry." Madelyn quietly whispers, head down feeling very ashamed. Zendaya felt like screaming. She wants to scream at her for making such a stupid mistake. She wants to scream at the life she is living in.

"I didn't mean to, Z. He. He just p-."

"Go eat. Feed Mert." Zendaya head blared and she did not wish to hear Madelyn talk. There were anger and rage inside of her that can any moment be unleashed. She didn't want Madelyn to be the one who gets it.

"But Z-."

"Stop! You have done enough! Madelyn. I just." Madelyn flinches from the loud hurt tone that she just received from her sister and the guilt starts to eat the little girl up. Zendaya bites her bottom lip stopping more words to come out. Without saying anything, she turns around and walks out of the apartment, shutting the door behind her.

She feels her shoulders sag when she hears Madelyn screams out loud and cries fill the apartment. Sliding the door, Zendaya pulls up her knees and hugs them tightly.

She feels so tired. She feels like giving up. She wants to give up. All her life she has been working and working. Providing for her family. She just wants to stop. Big alligator's tears leave her eyes and soft sobs fill the air along with the stench of the apartment.

She needs helps. She needs someone to take care of her like she is doing with Madelyn and Mert.

Why must I go through this? Why couldn't mom just kill me too along with her?

Dark and crude thoughts filled her mind. She pushes her nails into the skin trying her best not to scream at how cruel the world is to an eighteen-year-old girl.

Her breath hitches when she feels a warm body next to her and she snaps her head towards the person to see her neighbor, sitting down next to her.

He doesn't look at her and speaks out with a determined and concerned voice.

"It'll be okay. It might not feel like it but it'll be okay."



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