Love, Lucifer

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Zendaya's was still lost in her mind at the event that was displayed in front of her yesterday. She let the cold water cascade down her naked starving body. Each time she closes her eyes, she sees the dark intense raging eyes. She shudders again, her hand lingering down to her waist where it burns. It burns from his touch. His fingers were on her waist and the touch burnt. Badly.

Get a grip! Just because he saves you doesn't mean anything. He saved Anna too.

She shook her head, getting rid of the man who has been clouding her brain. A day ago, she was saved by the mysterious man who goes by the name, Lucifer. He stood in front of her yet a hand stayed on her waist. Something else that took her breath away at that moment its the aura Lucifer let out when he tightened his jaw and glared at the man with so much menace.

Everyone around her even herself felt scared. She felt her breath hitch and blood turn cold. The man looked so scary. His gaze was so cold and harsh. Like one wrong move, he would have ended you. Before Lucifer could do anything, Misha came and grabbed Zendaya along with Anna away from the incident, hiding the loud ruckus that occurred from them. Misha didn't let the ladies until the loud voices were gone. When Zendaya got out of the room, there was no sight of Lucifer nor the rude man.

Zendaya sighs, getting out of the shower, ignoring the mirror, unable to handle seeing her body she despises so much. Zendaya hates seeing herself in a mirror. She hates the person who stares back at her. It reminds her of her parents. Terrible parents. The parents that weren't meant to have kids. Because of them, she and her siblings are in this state. She checks the time seeing it was four-thirty which means in thirty minutes she has to go meet with the man to negotiate about Madelyn.

Wearing the only good piece of clothing she has, she exits the apartment. Madelyn is at school and Mert is being taken care of by the next-door neighbor. Her mind goes back to the day where the neighbor sat next to her. Where his heat consumed her and she liked it a lot. She wants more. However, she can't have it. She will never have it. Zendaya already came terms with herself that she will never fall in love. Love wasn't for her. Love was too much of a burden. And she isn't safe. No one should be around her. No one is safe around her. She has a whole history of cruelty and pain. She doesn't need someone to be affected by that.

Zendaya checks her crappy phone to see the location she needs to go to. Letting out a relief sigh since the location is the cafe she used to work at until her boss found out that she was working somewhere else besides his place. She enters the cafe, instantly getting hit with the strong smell of coffee and cream cake that she used to making it. She loves cooking but never has enough ingredients to cook.

"Welcome!" The lady at the counter chirps loudly making Zendaya send her a smile. Zendaya goes in the back to sit at a table next to the glass window, giving a view of a very busy city. Everyone has a destination. Whether it is short or long, but there is a destination. It makes Zendaya mind wonder if she has a destination. Will she ever escape the life that her parents threw her in? Would her destination be where she is at now? Or will she get a different destination? How? When? It was a lot to think about and Zendaya hated how her mind would overthink all the time. She sighs out loud, looking down at her phone to see it past thirty minutes and the man who was supposed to be here isn't here.

What if this is a setup? What if the man was playing with? Maybe he thought I was poor and I should receive punishment since I broke the phone of his son.

Zendaya is broken out of her thoughts when she hears so many gasps repeating at the same time as the door dings. Her eyes snap over to where everyone is staring and she goes still seeing who walks in, looking as if he owned the place. He is wearing a black turtle neck with a black trench coat under his black jeans. His once hair that was swept back is now hidden in a beanie and eyes that can make any person dizzy covered with sunglasses.

Zendaya sucks in a large breath as Lucifer's head stops at her. Shivers run down her spine as she feels his intense eyes on her. She immediately looks away not liking how her body is reacting to the man's gaze.

What is he doing here!? Why of all places he had to come here!? Please, don't recognize me!

Zendaya cowers her head down, grabbing the menu to hide behind it, covering her red cheeks away from the man who keeps stirring emotions inside of her and she can't explain why. Her heart is slamming against her ribcage loudly and is afraid that people might hear it. She slightly looks up only to abruptly put her head down noticing he was still staring at her.

No! No. He recognized me. What if he asks me to thank him for saving me? I mean I never asked him to. But I can't talk to him. I can't even think right when he looks at me.

Zendaya wishes the man who she is supposed to meet come here right now so she will be distracted but what she didn't expect was the menu being dragged away from her hand. She doesn't look up to see who it was. Her eyes are on the ground. Expensive black shoes come into her vision and she sucks in a large breath as soon as the smell of this person hits her. The once smell of coffee and cake disappears but the only she can smell is this person standing close to her. His cologne along with another musky odor.

"Ma'am." She instantly closes her eyes and fists her hand at the sudden strong emotion she is hit with. The heart that was beating fast is now speeding and her stomach squeezes so much, she feels like she might pass out. His voice is so deep and husky. Zendaya takes a deep breath.

Get a grip! Get a grip!

She once more takes a deep breath in and slowly tilts her head up to meet Lucifer's eyes expecting them to be still covered by the shades but when was luck ever on her side. Instead of blackness meeting her eyes, she is connecting with the eyes that make her lose herself. And yet again the effect that Lucifer had on Zendaya in the club with their eyes met is now happening. Everything around Zendaya disappears as she feels herself getting lost in his eyes. Once again, she sees the emotions in his eyes. The same look as the boss but more. More intense. More heated. Her eyes travel down his nose to his lips. She sucks in a large breath as she sees one side of the lips curl up immediately making her eyes widen and looking away.

What the hell is wrong with me!?

Zendaya feels like she is going to get a heart attack as Lucifer sits down in front of her. She doesn't meet his gaze but stares at his chest.

Why is he sitting here? Why is he sitting in front of me? What is he doing!? Should I say something to him? Should I tell him that the seat is occupied?

Zendaya clears her throat, sitting up straight, and takes a deep breath in since apparently, the man in front of her keeps taking her breaths away.

"Um. S-Sir. You can't sit there. I. I mean. You. You c-can. I." She instantly shuts her mouth, feeling her cheeks heat up as the man's eyes burn her so much to the point she can't muster herself to speak.

"Dean Harrington. I am here to talk about him." Zendaya eyes blink at his chest.

He is here for Dean Harrington. The boy who fought my sister. The boy whose parents I called.

Zendaya gasps loudly, covering her mouth and eyes finally snapping to the man who now stared at her in amusement. His lips curled up into a deeper smirk.

Oh my God! He has a kid! His son is Dean! and Madelyn broke his son's phone.

"You are the lady who called to negotiate so let's negotiate." Zendaya ignores the change of his voice and closes her mouth, face heating up at the way his smirk grows wider.

"Yes. Yes, I am. I am sorry my sister got into a fight with him. She said it wasn't her fault. It was your son who provoked her. My sister is very short-."

"My son?" The man in front of her interrupts her as she stops talking, staring at the table. She furrows her eyebrows at his two words that sound like a question.

"Yes, your son, Dean Harrington. My sister broke her phone and I would like to say that I am-."

"He is not my son." And again the man interrupts her talking to the table since she didn't meet his gaze.

Not his son? Then what is he doing here? Why is he here? Maybe he is the brother of Dean Harrington.

"Dean Harrington is not my son. His grandfather sent me to deal with this situation. How would you like to deal with this situation, ma'am."

Zendaya once again was surprised by this man who she barely knows. The way he says the word ma'am makes her heart quench and she feels like she needs oxygen at the lack of air she is receiving.

"Zendaya. My name is Zendaya." She speaks her name out still looking at the table. She knows his name so its right for him to know her name instead of calling her ma'am.

"Why don't you look at me and say that?" Lucifer's voice is a whisper and closer to her that it has Zendaya suck in her breath. She fists her hands together tightly. Slowly, she looks up and meets the eyes.

"Zendaya." It's him that says the name. Not her. She is out of words. She can't open her mouth. It's as if he captivated her.

"I am here to tell you that sir says you do not have to pay any value for the phone. He talked with Dean and the principal. The principal was exaggerating."

Zendaya stomach grumbles hearing him say that. She doesn't have to pay one thousand dollars. She didn't even beg. That's what she had planned to do so. Her head drops and eyes go to her lap. She doesn't have to pay. Water wells up in her eyes. She feels relieved but so pathetic. She doesn't have money and was even deciding to beg.

"Thank you. Thank you a lot." She whispers hoping that Lucifer heard her but not the shakiness in her voice. She takes multiple breaths ignoring the gaze of the man in front of her. Now that she has dealt with this situation, she needs to go back to making more money to pay tuition and rent.

She gets up from her seat without making contact with Lucifer. There was still water in her eyes. She refused to show anyone her vulnerability. People take advantage of tears. Without saying a word she passes by him but stops suddenly.

I should thank him for yesterday too. It isn't right to walk away like this.

With that thought in her head and an aching heart, she turns her eyes hoping the man was sitting down and not staring at her but to her dismay, Lucifer was on his feet, standing right behind her. Her breath hitches at the sudden proximity of them standing.

This man who I barely know just helped me. He would have asked for one thousand dollars but he didn't. Yesterday, he saved me. He saved Anna.

Zendaya couldn't help herself so she did what she shouldn't have done. Just by one action, it had Lucifer who was already fighting himself to not know her but what she does next, he knew he wanted her badly.

Zendaya smiles. She smiles with tears in her eyes.

"Thank you."

Just one smile. All it took one smile.

Zendaya wished she never smiled at Lucifer because what happens next she never saw it coming.




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