Love, Lucifer

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"Maddy, look at me." The little eyes were burning with tears that she tries hiding from her older sister. Zendaya sighs, looking a bit down, noticing instantly how her sister is getting taller a bit more and more.

"My sweet chocolate sister, why must you cry?" Out of the two sisters, Madelyn is the one who has problems with her emotions. She used to illustrate her emotion like an open book but after the incident with the small little boy and parents, the little girl did what her older sister always does. Mask her emotion behind a smile that now became so accustomed.

"I made you mad. I am sorry. I never wanted to make you mad." Madelyn's big red eyes leak with alligator tears that Zendaya wipes away, not liking the way her sister flinches from the touch.

"You didn't make me mad. Besides this happened weeks ago. It doesn't matter. Your birthday is coming! How exciting!" Zendaya claps her hand in excitement, wanting her sister to cheer up.

"What would you like for your birthday?" Zendaya kisses Madelyn's cheeks and gets up from the couch to the kitchen. Her stomach squeezes in worry as to why she asked that question. It's not like she has money to buy Madelyn anything she wants but Zendaya feels terrible for not giving her sister a gift.

"I don't want anything, Z. I don't want to even celebrate it. What's the damn purpose of a birthday when you, me, and Mert are so fucking miserable?" Zendaya breath hitches hearing her younger sister curse with so much anger and tiredness. Her hands fist together on her side, an itch clawing inside of her to turn around and tell her sister to never curse like that but she can't because what Madelyn said is the truth. However, Zendaya does turn around and meets eyes with her sister. Madelyn holds grudges. She is very stubborn. If she hates something, she hates that with every passion. If she loves something, she loves it hard. That's how Madelyn just is. Her emotions are always the one controlling her.

"Maddy, don't curse, please." Madelyn jaw tightens hating how this world treats her sister. Ever since she was younger she always saw her sister working. Raising her and Merth. The parents of theirs were a disgrace. She knows that with every ounce of hate she has for them even seeing her father dying in front of her. Her father was the reason they are in this position. She still doesn't know how or why but knows it is because of her father. Madelyn saw the way her mother never looked at her and Mert. She even told Madelyn that she hates how she looks since Madelyn features are exactly like her father.

The mother treated Zendaya even worse. Made Zendaya work her body off, running in and out of places like she was a robot. Each day Zendaya waking up to take Madelyn to school, then dropping Mert at daycare because their mother was too busy drinking and in the end to work. To this day, Madelyn still has no clue where Zendaya works.

"Madelyn, I want to celebrate your birthday. What did I tell you about thinking about negative thoughts? Always push them away and think positive like you have me and Mert. That's all that matters." Madelyn stares back into the eyes of a person she no longer recognizes or more like figure out. Her older sister has always been a mystery to her. Her older sister who when living on the streets would clean anyone's boots for a dollar, who would clean cars for people just to provide food for her family. The day their mother was found dead on the streets with a bottle of alcohol and injections filled with drugs, it was the day Madelyn, lost the will to hope. She saw the look on Zendaya. Pure and utter emptiness. Her face was so empty and eyes turned dead. No ounce of emotion. Zendaya looked as if she was the one with no soul.

To this day, Madelyn fears never to see that expression on her sister again. After the death of their mother, Zendaya became too silent. She stole clothes from people so Madelyn can wear them to school. She stole food to feed the baby brother. Zendaya did everything in her to make her siblings live. Multiple times Zendaya got beaten up to the point where she couldn't walk but as always, she would push her pain back to help her siblings.

Madelyn still remembers the day when Zendaya smiled widely at her and said she found a home. They no longer had to sleep on benches or parks. They can finally sleep in a room. Zendaya worked at a restaurant, in charge of cleaning and closing. The leftover food she would bring home.

"You are too much sometimes that it hurts," Madelyn whispers to her sister as new tears well up in her eyes, and walks away.

Madelyn recalls a man who found Zendaya at the restaurant when Mert and Madelyn were sitting quietly waiting for Zendaya to be over with her shift. She didn't right away notice the man but when she heard a loud clank her eyes snap over to her sister to see her backed against the wall while the man stared at her sister with a smirk. Madelyn still doesn't know how that man was or why Zendaya was scared of him but after that Zendaya got a new job. Now as always working so hard that she barely has time to herself. Madelyn wants to help her sister. She wants to work and bring money but she once heard Zen talk to Misha.

"I want Madelyn to grow up to be a very fierce lady who is educated and smart. I want her to get a good education so she can have a life that I will never have."

Madelyn decided to do her education to make her sister-effort payoff.


"Fuck, Zendaya, you are so." She throw a towel at Misha's face as he instantly dodges with a smirk on his face. Zendaya hates whenever this happens. She hates dressing up. She hates putting on a dress. Every month, one day, the boss requires all employees to dress up and nicely since he invites his friends or business partners over. The boss being the bastard he is always provides Zendaya with clothes for this day. Today it is a red silky dress that reached to her knees revealing her skinny legs and the top of the dress where the shoulders are lace and arms are naked to everyone's eyes. Zendaya once hair that is always in a bun is now in a high ponytail showing off her skinny neck. She was required to wear makeup but refused to do so but just had lip gloss.

"Why are you so hot? Like damn, if I didn't know you I would tap." Misha whistles making Zendaya roll her eyes as she pours a drink to a man who has no clue where he is sitting at. He keeps chugging down and asking for refills.

"I could ask you the same thing. Trixie looks very gorgeous." Misha's eyes linger over to Trixie who is sitting alone as many men eye her. She looks so extremely beautiful. She is wearing a white sparkly dress that covered the whole body but showed what needs to be shown to attract attention. Misha snarls, not liking the feeling he always gets when he sees Trixie.

"You are better." He turns his attention away from Trixie to the girl who is now looking like a doll. He never understood why Zendaya never dresses up. She is such a beauty. But knowing this club and the damn boss, it's better if Zendaya didn't dress up. Many men are eyeing her as a meal but as always the little beauty is too busy to notice anyone's gaze.

"For someone who use to work here a lot, you barely do any work." Miss Kemala as always looking pretty comes to sit next to Misha who chuckles and raises his eyebrows. Zendaya leaves them alone as they begin conversing while she goes to give out drinks since short on staff.

"Here you go, ma'am. Enjoy." The lady paid no attention to Zendaya which only makes her sigh and walk over to refill more glasses.

"You available?" A man asks behind her making Zendaya shake her head and apologizes saying she is just a bartender. The man left her alone making Zendaya sigh in relief not wanting to have another incident.

"Shit," Misha mutters stopping miss Kemala from taking a drink from her glass. Her eyes find Misha to see who he was looking at. She snaps her head towards the way only to have her lids widen seeing three males walk in. Everyone turns. All head turns.

The guy or more like a man in the front is wearing a black and white tux as his piercing gaze is felt by everyone. The aura around him screamed respect and authority. Everyone knew who he was. Everyone who knows information about the underground and what goes into that reality. Everyone knew who the man was that now walked inside as he owns them which if he wants can. Elijah Harrington walked inside the club looking bored as hell but alert since he was in a zone of an enemy. He didn't care about the looks he received. He didn't care the way the ladies stared. He has a wonderful wife waiting for him at home.

Behind Elijah Harrington was the infamous brother of his, Lucian Harrington, who everyone who knew about the Harrington family was a player and outgoing rather than the other stoic brother. Lucian looked just as good as his brother, both radiating off the presence of intimidation yet respect.

Zendaya sees the front two walk by her. She freezes feeling the shivers go down her spine at the intensity these men were giving out. They have the expression as bosses do. They are special guests. Zendaya eyes lingered over the men who she thought will go into the VIP lounge but instead, they sat where Trixie was sitting, it's a small corner where lays two loveseats and a glass table. It is usually for VIP guests who are just here for quick drinks but Zendaya expected these guests of the boss to be sitting in the lounge, not in front of everyone.

She was so focused on the men who were ignoring everyone while they converse with Trixie that she doesn't pay attention when she takes a step back to turn to walk away but as soon as she turns, the tray in her hand drops as her body comes in contact with another.

Her breath instantly hitches and a groan leaves her mouth hating how she just brought attention to herself. An arm wraps around her waist as the person hosts her straight. The touch of this person makes her shiver, feeling the roughness through the silky dress

"I am so sorry!" She exclaims loudly without looking at the man. One rule Misha informed her is that whenever you accidentally bump into someone at a club never make eye contact. Just apologize and move. Eye contact attracts attention. So Zendaya does what Misha told her to do. She apologizes and drops down to grab the tray, breaking the contact the man had on her waist. It was burning. The touch of this man.

"I am sorry. I did-" Zendaya still on the ground stops speaking as she sees the shoes in front of her. She has seen those shoes. That same style of shoes. Just a week ago. Her breathing stops as she realizes whose shoes those are. She gulped, grabbing the tray, and slowly gets up, so wishing that it isn't the man she thinks it is. Her heart starts to hammer against her ribcage, gaze slowly follows the man. Shoes to legs that are covered in black dress pants to the white shirt to tie to his jaw and she stops. She doesn't let her eyes linger.

She already knows it is him. The smell. The smell of this man.

Not again. Why? Why do I keep getting myself into him?

She feels him stare at her for a while but soon he passes by her without saying a word. She lets out a loud breath hating how this man she barely knows has such a strong effect on her.

He is coming here a lot.

Zendaya goes back to the bar not looking at Misha who wants to tease her so badly since he sees the redness on the girl's cheeks. Zendaya always does not pay attention to the eyes of the certain man and continues to work.

"Misha." Zendaya jaw tightens hearing her boss behind Misha who drops his smile as he was finally helping Zendaya with drinks.

"Enlighten me." The boss ignores the sarcastic tone of Misha and whispers something in his ear. His eyes go to Zendaya, darkening and making Zendaya snap her head away from them.

Breath. Breath.

"As always looking dashing, Zendaya. You get it after your mother after all." Zendaya closes her eyes shut, the drink in her hand trembles and she hears Misha curse the boss out.

I hate him. I hate him so bad.

"Bastard." Misha angrily announces behind Zendaya who shakes her head and takes deep breaths seeing the boss walked over to his guests. Time passed by as Zendaya busied herself with customers. Misha being the awesome friend kept her entertained. Each time a man asks for Zendaya he would always tell them that she is his wife. It was rather funny to see how quickly they scattered away from Misha.

Zendaya hears a stool move making her turn around to ask how she can help but goes still seeing it was one of the men from the boss guests. It was the first one. The one who looks more experienced.

"Give me your finest coffee." Her eyebrows irked up in confusion.

Why would he come to sit here and ask for coffee?

Zendaya wanted to look over to the guests and the boss but stops knowing if she does, she won't stop herself from looking at the man who clouds her mind.

"What makes you think we have coffee, sir?" Zendaya asks the man in curiosity, grabbing a mug that she sometimes uses to drink coffee from.

"Your boss says you do. Besides, I don't drink." Zendaya nods at the older man and goes behind to make coffee. Coming back she sees the man staring at his phone with adoration and love. He must be married.

"Here you go sir, a cup of dark roasted coffee. Would you like any cream or sugar?" Elijah Harrington shakes his head, grabbing the coffee to take a sip hoping that it can get rid of the worried and uneasy feeling he has in his stomach. Ever since he heard Martinez mention this little girl, he feels uneasy. This small girl has a look of death and loneliness. It's the same look he saw Bella once had when she lost Dean but this girl. Her eyes scream more. And the way Martinez kept looking at her. Elijah knows there is more. Elijah knows every member of Martinez. He knows who Misha is. He knows almost everyone in this club except this little girl.

Not only that, but he also notices the way Lucifer has his attention perked up. Lucifer has always been a reserved boy. Never shared his feelings nor showed them but as Elijah looks back at Lucifer, he sees how the guy is staring at this girl. This little girl has caught the attention of a devil.

Elijah smirks and looks away from Lucifer to Zendaya, eyes widening as he sees the girl getting on her tiptoe to grab a drink. He notices the scars. He notices the big gashes. He notices the burn marks. All on this girl's thighs.

"Fuck." Elijah growls as he sees what he shouldn't have seen. Just above her knee is a mark. A mark that Martinez gives to people he owns. Elijah at this moment understood that this girl was bought. She is a property of Martinez. He owned her. This small girl who shouldn't be here.

Zendaya grabs the drink and looks over to Elijah. The same spell she did on Lucifer, she does it on the older man. She smiles at him.

And Elijah sucks in a breath. His protective father figure comes out and urges to protect this girl in front of him. But it is none of his business. So he takes a deep breath and gets up to walk back to Martinez, Lucian, and Lucifer.

Elijah knows he shouldn't involve himself with Martinez again. It can get ugly. He can't rescue more kids from Martinez otherwise there will be conflicts between them. He watches as a man comes at the stool he was sitting on, flirting with Zendaya who is oblivious and ignores it. He notices how the man is staring at her with lusts. He notices Zendaya walking away. He also sees the man following her without her acknowledgment. As much as Elijah wants to go, he can't. It is not his business.

Harrington deep in thoughts doesn't notice when Lucifer gets up. He doesn't see Lucifer going after the man. And he differently doesn't notice the ripped dress of Zendaya.




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