Love, Lucifer

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I am not sure if I mention this before but this book will have mature content. So anyone who is not suppose to read so please don't. When you this emoji πŸ’œ, start reading.

Zendaya eyes were on the phone after receiving a call from the landlord. Her eyes couldn't believe the words the landlord just spurted out on her. Her body is frozen. She doesn't notice a man behind her nor does she notice that she is alone in the bathroom.

Her gaze not leaving the phone because if she does, she will come to the realization she along with her siblings are homeless.

She needs money to pay the rent and if she does not the landlord is kicking them out. She has a week. A week to pay.

If she works day and night, it's still not enough, and having a background with the boss who hates her guts, he will never give her an advance.

Her breath hitches as she finally feels a presence behind causing her to jolt up and turn to face the man who was flirting with at the bar. Zendaya eyebrows furrow looking behind herself to see if she entered the right bathroom.

"Sir, I think you are in the wrong bathroom. This is female. Males are next door." Instead of the man moving as she expected to do, he smirks, licking his lips, scanning her from head to toe. Right as of this moment, she comes to the realization he was drunk and the gaze he is illustrating is dangerous. She has to get out of the bathroom. She can't be here alone with him.

"Excuse me." She pushes her feet off the ground ready to dip out of the bathroom but a shriek screams out of her as the man's arms wrap around her waist pulling her back. She instantly pushes his arm off of her.

"Come on sweetheart. Don't play hard to get. Besides, I'll be quick." Her heart starts to hammer against her ribcage, trying to figure out how to escape. She can't let this happen again.

"Sir, stop. Stop. Please. Stop." The man did no such thing. Instead, he kept moving forward, caging her between the wall but Zendaya dips her body, going in to run out but it was useless. The man was twice her side. He pulls her strong enough to make her drop to the ground.

"Stop." Sweat rolled down her body, fear radiating as she crawls back. The man bends down, grabbing her shoulder and Zendaya screams, snatching her body so hard that it rips the shoulder part of the dress off her body into the hand of the man.

"Stop. Please. Stop." The man grunts loudly in anger fully cornering Zendaya on the ground as tears spill out her eyes.

This can't happen again. Not again.

"So fucking hot." The man's hands go down to his pants unbuckling his belt. Taking that chance of distraction, Zendaya pulls her foot up to kick right at his private part. The man wails loudly falling back on his back, clutching his private part in pain. Zendaya instantly gets on her feet and runs out of the room. She would have made if it weren't for the damn man grabbing on to her dress from the back. She too falls on the ground as soon as she lets push the door open.

The music was loud. It was booming. No one would hear her scream. She knew that. It wasn't the first time this was happening.

"Bitch." The man fingernails dig into her dress, pulling her back and ripping it more.

"Let go of me!" Zendaya eyes widen in terror as the man's hand goes under her dress from the back. She immediately snaps her head back to kick him again. This time on the shoulder but it was blocked. The man regained himself and harshly pushes her down, getting on top of her.

"No!" She struggles, trying her best to punch and kicks the man.

"Your boss did say you will be fiesty." Zendaya for a second freezes in her spot at the mention of her boss. This was his doing. It always has been. He saw her staring at Lucifer. He saw the way Lucifer stared at her. He is doing this again.

Please. No. Not this. Please.

The hand on her naked shoulder pushes her down and one leg on top of hers and the other hand going to her dress but he stops suddenly. Zendaya eyes are so blurry with tears and fear. She sees the man smirk and looks ahead.

"Want a taste?" He smirks, winking at whoever he was looking at. Zendaya sobs, eyes going to whoever was behind her.

"Let go of me, please." She couldn't see who was staring at them. The man darkly chuckles and moves his head to sniff. Zendaya screams at the way where this is going.

"Screamer, isn't she?" She hopes the man behind her helps but no movement. Just eyes.

Why? Why me?

Zendaya tilting her head finally makes eye contact with the person who is just staring and she goes still. Her whole body freezes. Not from the man on top of her who was trying to get her dress open but from the man who stood and watched.
His eyes no longer the intense gaze that always stares at her. Instead, it's the eyes that the boss has whenever he is angry or in the mood of ending someone's life. Lucifer stood by the door staring at Zendaya who was a crying mess while a man on top of her.

Staring right into each other eyes, Zendaya's tears leak more and she feels her body giving up. She feels the fight going away and if it wasn't for Misha running inside to save her, she would have let the man do anything to her.

It's not like it's the first time this happened to her but each time she would put up a fight and no one ever helps her. It is always her who has to do fighting. Everyone else just watches.

"Oh my God. Z. Fuck." Misha curses angrily after punching the man to unconsciousness. Zendaya takes a deep breath, getting up to pat her dress and look up at Lucifer. It is always going to be her alone. Her alone fighting. Everyone just watches. Like with dad dying. Mom drinking and high on drugs. Mom sleeping around. Mom overdosing. Zendaya working on the streets. Zendaya begging. Zendaya raising her siblings. All along everyone watched. No one ever helped.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Why didn't you stop?" Misha was on his feet facing Lucifer who hasn' taken his eyes off of Zendaya. She wipes her tears and sniffs. Grabbing the red piece of clothing off the ground she walks out of the room, ignoring the cold shivers she receives as passing by Lucifer.

"Zendaya!" Her hand fisted tightly on to the red dress, charging towards the way the VIP guests are. Misha instantly steps forward making her stop in her tracks. He eyes the little girl from head to toe. The girl who has been fighting all her life. The girl's as time goes by challenges go tougher and harder, never having time to breathe. He notices the man Lucifer walking out of the bathroom wiping bloodstain on his cheek. He sees him going back to where all the VIP guests are with the boss. He also notices the weapon Lucifer hides in his pocket. Misha now has a body he needs to get rid of before someone notices. But first, he averts his gaze back to Zendaya.

Her eyes are still burning. She is angry. Hurt. Scared. So many emotions. He takes a step back. He wants to see what she does. He wants to see if the little Zendaya who the boss brought is grown up. He smirks as she walks fastly towards them. Anna and Trixie immediately notice, both looking over to Misha.

Zendaya is not thinking. She is crowded with the images of all the people watching. No one ever helping and it all started with this one man. This man started all her misery so when she pushes the curtain out the way, all eyes fall on her.

Elijah Harrington.

Lucifer Harrington

Lucian Harrington

The boss

They all have their eyes widen as they see the girl state. Her eyes burning. She doesn't hesitate to look anywhere. Her eyes are on her boss. She stomps over to him and throws the ripped part of the dress on him.

"Fuck you and this damn dress of yours." Zendaya was not thinking. She was clouded with so much anger and hurt. Her anger got the most of her.

Her hand goes all the way down to her dress and she instantly pulls it off of her. It wasn't the first time the boss saw her. It wasn't the second either nor third. There were multiple times. She didn't care.

Elijah and Lucian instantly look away, trying to hide the shock and smirk. Surprise that a little girl would have that much confidence in front of so many men. She throws the dress on her boss's face who has frozen in his spot from the humiliation and shock, unable to believe Zendaya would do such a thing.

Misha, Trixie, and Anna's eyes are widen never expecting this turn of event that just displayed.

"Fuck you for bringing that man. No matter how many times you push me down I'll never stop. So you can go shove your fucking tries of pulling me down up your ass." Her tears ran down her face which she hates to showing it to him. Elijah heard the whimper. He hears the tremor in her shaky breath and tone. And then it hit him. That man that followed her. It was Martinez doing. His eyes go back to the girl's face and he notices how small she is.

Instantly, without thinking, he gets up from his seat and grabs his tuxedo jacket to walk over to her. As hearing movement, Zenday breaks out of her daze. The once anger that took over her washes away and eyes widen at what she has just done. Before she could run and cower, Elijah drapes his jacket over her, hiding the body in his jacket. Zendaya red and teary eyes widen at the warmth she is hit with. Surprise at this sudden caring action she just received from a stranger.

"Lucifer." That was all Elijah said making Lucifer get up from his seat to grab the jacket. Not Zendaya but the jacket. He grabs the jacket to make Zendaya move. Silently, Lucifer drags Zendaya out of the place. She didn't know where or what to do. She followed him silently. Her head is now starting to blare.

What did I just do!? What did I just do!?

Zendaya without looking trips from behind at how fast Lucifer was walking. Tripping like a doofus, she lets out a soft shriek enough to make the man in front of her stop and her body instantly hit the back of Lucifer. Her eyes widen as the man turns around, holding her from the waist.

Lucifer sucks in a large breath at the sudden proximity he just got himself into. He cowers his head to meet the gaze of this girl who has made him feel so many emotions in such limited time. He can't deny the tension between them. He can't deny the way she is pulling him without her doing anything.

And he tried to resist himself. He had to control himself all the time he stepped inside the club. Every time she would avoid his gaze. Every time she would smile. Every time she would look at him. She made him feel something he had never felt. She makes him crave for her and he hates the way she is affecting him without even knowing a single thing. He tried to reason with himself. Maybe because he hasn't had anyone. Maybe all he needs is a body. He can't have feelings for this girl he barely knows. And he didn't hurt a man because of this girl. He stares into her eyes. There is much into her gaze that he wants to unwrap. However, he can't. He can't get close to her but she pulls him in. Maybe only one way to get rid of this need is...

"One night. One thousand dollars."


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