Chasing Aurora

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In today's world of technology, magic is merely a myth. But not for the man who is ruling one of the world's biggest empires expertising in technology. A billionaire who has his billions for the technology is the one who also possesses magical powers. And when he discovers that the fellow superhuman human he met recently is a woman in man's disguise...he's adamant to have her. But she already has her eyes on his good friend who seems to have some secrets. Are these secrets good or bad? With power-hungry ancient sorceresses on their tail, will they able to be united after all? Copyright © 2019 *UNEDITED*

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Chasing Aurora (1)

A loud bashing noise echoed through the icy glaciers.

A person in a long black hoodie struggled to get up through the thick snow after the fall from the sky. His hoodie fell revealing long wavy ebony hair.

“You’re a girl.” A masculine voice spoke from behind as the owner of voice the gracefully landed in front of the girl in the hoodie.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her close to him. Behind the black mask the girl’s chocolate eyes widened in surprise and fear.

She looked into his grey eyes that’s holding an emotion she can’t exactly apprehend. Although unlike her, he was wearing a full face silver mask.

Disguised as a man she’s been fighting this person for a few months now. After she discovered her powers, this cat and mouse game is the most adventurous thing to do as she quotes.

He leaned down to her neck and grabbed the black microchip that helped the girl to change her voice.

“Why you disguised yourself as a man?” He asked as he found himself getting lost in those beautiful chocolate eyes.

The silver masked man always thought about his opponent, who he has been fighting for about a few months now. Through their never-ending fights, he admired him. He could’ve never asked for a more worthy, honest, and feisty rival. But now, when he found out that he is a ‘she’, his emotions found a whole new level.

He got out from his trance as he heard a slight groan. He inwardly cursed, she was badly injured because of him. He loosened his grip a little on her arm and carried her in princess style earning a surprised yelp from her.

“Wh-what are you doing?! Put me down this instant! Silver!” She said as she struggled in Silver’s arms. But he was too mesmerized by her melodious voice. He knew then what he felt for her was love.

“Shut it Levin! Unless you want me to drop you to freeze.” Silver said as the girl or Levin realized they were flying over Antarctica. It is something she is not surprised. Because she can also fly without any help for her gifted powers.

Realizing that she was too weak to argue now, she gave up. Because deep down she somehow believed Silver will not harm her anymore. After all, he was a great and fair opponent.

And it’s the first time she’s injured this bad.

Though Silver and Levin were not their real names they gave each other these names. She is called Levin because of her ability to control electricity and light. Levin called him Silver because he always wore a full-faced silver mask. Even though his powers were teleportation, telekinesis, and invisibility.

Soon they reached a cottage that was somehow hidden between snow coated mountains.

“Looks like Mrs. Faith isn’t home.” Silver muttered.

“And we are trespassing here.” Levin said earning a look from Silver.

“She knows me, okay?” He said.

Silver then gently put her down on the couch and treated her wounds with some herbals that Mrs. Faith made for him last time.

“Umm... Thank you.” Levin softly spoke. She was still wearing the mask hiding half of her face.

“Aurora,” Silver said as he put a few strands of her hair behind her ear gently.

“What?” She asked surprised.

“I’ll call you Aurora from now.”

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