My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 9

“Honey. Wake up or else you will be late,” I heard mum yell from downstairs.

I genuinely don’t feel like getting up today. I slept at 4 am but can’t even give that as an excuse to skip school because the moment mum finds out, she will definitely kill me. It’s not my fault honestly, the book I was reading last night was so exceptional that I couldn’t stop myself from turning the pages until the last one arrived.

“Adaline, are you still sleeping?” I heard dad ask while he was climbing up the stairs to get to my room.

“I’m awake dad,” I replied and got up from my bed.

“Don’t feel like going to school?”


“You can always give an excuse of being sick,” Dad said and winked at me.

I giggled softly. My dad is seriously the best, he always has an instant solution to all my problems.

“I think I will just go dad, besides being sick is followed by forcefully drinking sour juices made by mum and I am sure I don’t want to taste that,” I said and chuckled.

“Whatever you wish my baby.” He said kissing my forehead and went out to help mum in preparing breakfast.


I entered the school to see big posters hanging everywhere about the Masquerade party. All the boys and girls were so excited about it. I sort of found these parties boring and stupid because what’s the point in wearing a mask and dancing with people?

“I am so excited,” said Felicia when she saw me standing next to my locker.

“Count me out of it,” I replied to her.

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t like masquerade parties?”

“Of course I don’t.”

“And why is that?” Eric asked. He stood just behind me, his hands folded and his body resting on the lockers. Felicia nodded at this, clearly stating that she wanted to hear my answer too.

“I just find it stupid,” I said in a casual tone and both of them didn’t look satisfied with my answer.

“I just find the masks stupid. Like what if I had a really good time with that person and later on found out that he is some serial killer or maybe a very hairy guy? I would be so disappointed. So it’s better without the mask thingy.” I said to make myself more clear.

This made both of them crack into a series of laughter and I didn’t even understand why. Felicia was banging the lockers and laughing like an insane person and Eric had almost sat on the ground and both of them looked like they were unable to breathe because of laughing so much.

“Hairy guy? Seriously Adaline?” Felicia asked between her laughs.

“Oh Damn. You are so funny.” Eric commented.

“Could you two please stop laughing?” I said while taking my books from my locker.

“Okay.” They said together but a few seconds later they started laughing again.

“I am done with you guys,” I said in a loud voice and started walking ahead. I had just taken a few steps when I saw my best friend putting his tongue inside an innocent girl’s mouth. She must be thinking that they will start dating now but little does she know that it’s just going to be a one night stand.

“Ahem Ahem,” I coughed when I got near them. This instantly made the girl stop and she pulled herself back. Her cheeks were so pink that one could see her happiness through the big smile on her face.

“Hey Addie,” Adam said while kissing the girl on her cheeks.

“Are you free tonight?” I asked

He looked between the girl and me for a good twenty seconds with a confused look on his face which made me realize that tonight is going to be one of his ‘fucking nights’.

“It’s okay. We can meet some other time.” I said and walked away.


“What are you wearing for the Masquerade?” Racheal asked me on the phone.

“I have no idea Rae,” I replied nonchalantly. The truth was that I wasn’t even interested to go.

“Why don’t we go shopping together?”

“I hate shopping Rae. Why don’t you ask Felicia? She would never say no for shopping.”

“Don’t be such a bore, Adaline. Come with me.”

“I genuinely don’t want to. I’ll ask Felicia to give you company.”

“No. I would rather go alone.”

“Why do you hate her so much Rae?” I asked curiously. There must be some really big reason for Racheal to hate her so much. Ever since she has joined our group, Racheal has barely spoken to her nicely.

“I don’t hate her, I just dislike her. There’s a difference between both,” she said giving a diplomatic answer as always.

“Okay. Fine. Now cut the phone, I need to watch Gossip Girls.”

“You sure you don’t want to come for shopping?” Racheal asked me one last time.

“Yes, I am sure. Now bye.” I said and cut the phone.

I quickly switched on the television hoping that I had not missed the new episode yet and thankfully the episode had just started. I grabbed some juice from the refrigerator and then sat down on my sofa. It was hardly a few minutes that my phone started vibrating continuously. I opened it to see a lot of messages from Eric on Facebook.

Hey Adaline.

Sup sup?

What are you doing?

I am getting so bored.


Are you there?

Can I get your number?

I would prefer to talk rather than text you.

Where are you?

Are you alive?

Oh my God! You are dead.

Oh, wait. Are you abducted by the aliens?

Shit. How is that even possible? Aliens don’t exist.

Just want to say, you were a really good friend. Have fun at Mars or whichever planet they are taking you to. I will always remember you.

Woah. Such a dramatic person he is.

I took a few sips of my juice and then texted him.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bored are you exactly?

I instantly got his reply


Wow. I can see that. Sup with you?

I am currently eating pizza. How about you?

Gossip Girls plus juice.

So that’s how you spend your evenings? In front of the television?

Absolutely :D

Are you going for the Masquerade?

I don’t know.

Scared that some hairy guy will be your partner? :P

Yes. Don’t forget about the serial killer part too.

Hahaha. Don’t worry. You won’t get a partner like that.

What makes you say so?

I am sure that Adam will be around you the whole time.

Hahaha! Are you out of your mind? Adam? Seriously? He will be busy sticking his tongue inside someone’s mouth.

You like him, don’t you?

Whaaaaat. No. Never. Why will I like such a stupid guy?

I don’t know. You guys look good together.

Shut up, Thompson. Go sleep, you need rest.

Someone’s trying to change the subject ;)

I am not. Shut up!

You are. And no, I won’t shut up.

Shut up otherwise I’ll kill you.

Awww babes. You love him.

Just like you love Sienna right? ;)

How did she come in the middle of this?

Aww. Did I hurt your feelings, Thompson?

No babes. You can never do that :*

Stop being cheesy will you?

Can’t help it. It’s in my blood.

Before I could reply to his message I heard my doorbell ring. I ran to see who it was and to my surprise, it was none other than my best friend, Adam Carter.

“What are you doing here?” I asked in a chirpy tone.

“I thought you asked me if I was free tonight,” he said while making his way into my house and then sat comfortably on my sofa.

“Weren’t you supposed to be with that girl tonight? I thought you needed to bang someone tonight.”

“Gosh! Are you even a girl Addie? Who uses harsh words like bang? It’s called making love sweetheart.” He winked at me.

“Yes, I perfectly know how badly you wanted to make love to her,” I said in a sarcastic tone which made him laugh.

“Actually I had planned to bang her tonight but then I just thought who is more important to me - you or her. Though needs come first for a man, but then I thought I could always make love to you if I want,” he said wickedly smiling at me.

“Such an asshole you are. I would never make love to you. Ever.”

He then grabbed my phone and started scrolling through it.

“You were talking to that Thompson dude?”


“Want something to eat?” I added while he was still scrolling through my phone.

“Netflix and pizza. What say?” He asked and picked up his phone to order. I couldn’t control my grin anymore. Adam precisely knows what makes me happy.

“Sure. Netflix and pizza it is.”


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