My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 11

Aaron. Aaron. Aaron. I need to find that guy. Only if I knew what his real name was, things would have been easier. It’s all my fault, I was the one who asked him to not tell his real name. You are dumb Adaline! I don’t even know if he was from our school or just a plus one at the party but I so wished we would have exchanged our real names instead of the fake ones.

My head was filled with Aaron’s thoughts and I didn’t even realize when I suddenly bumped onto someone. “Ouch. What the fuck Addie!” Adam groaned in anger. I looked up to see my best friend completely pissed at me, I gave him a small smile to acknowledge his presence and continued walking ahead. “Did you just ignore me?” He asked and held my wrist in an attempt to stop me. My mind was so clouded with the thoughts of Aaron that it couldn’t register a single thing Adam said. “Where are you lost girl?” he asked in an irked tone.

I flashed a soft smile to him and said, “Nothing...What’s up?” He narrowed his eyebrows, studying my face and I knew he would understand something is wrong so I immediately started a conversation to distract him. “So how was the masquerade party? I didn’t see you anywhere.”

He smiled cutely, as if remembering the night in his head and said, “It was nice. How could you see me? We were all wearing masks remember?”

Should I tell Adam about the mysterious guy? Maybe not.

Adam continued studying my face for a little while longer and was about to open his mouth to ask something when I again popped a question. “How many girls did you flirt with that night Adam?” He rolled his eyes at me and said, “Yeah yeah, that’s the only thing you expect from me.”

“Isn’t that your thing? Fooling around with girls? I’m sure you didn’t miss your chance to do the same at the party.”

He laughed and shook his head at my comment. “Why do I feel like you are hiding something from me Addie?”

I immediately replied with a ′No’ because I didn’t want to tell Adam anything about that night yet. I know I suck at lying so I did the first thing that came into my mind - lie about getting late for class and run towards my locker to escape from Adam’s scrutinizing looks.

Before I could make my way to my locker, Racheal spotted me and immediately started firing me with her questions. “Adaline Williams. I’m your Bestfriend. I know the face you make when you are hiding something from me. So just open that pretty mouth of yours. What are you hiding?” Her face was red by now, I mentally decided to confess everything to her because there was no escape from the wrath of Racheal.

“Okay fine. I’ll tell you but promise me that you won’t tell Adam about this,” I pleaded.

“Promise.” She said and gave me her little finger for a pinky swear.

The rest of the time went into explaining everything that happened at the party, how I met a mysterious guy named Aaron, how we danced and exchanged some secrets. I also admitted to her that maybe I like him a bit. This made her mouth turn into an O shape. “How can you fall in love with someone you just met Adaline?”

“Geez, I don’t love him, Rae. I just like him.”

“But how?”

“I don’t know Rae. He seemed so familiar. It felt as if we were meant to meet yesterday.”

“Shut up with this destiny shit okay. You know I hate that kind of talk.”

“But I’m serious Rae. The little time that we spent together was just so amazing that I can’t even describe it to you.”

“Okay. Stop! I don’t believe in this destiny or soul mate shit. Anyways how are you going to find him?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it. I could keep a contest. What say?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? What is this? Finding Cinderella? Knock some sense into that head of yours.”

“I guess you are right. That idea was stupid. But I seriously want to find him Rae. Help me please.” I said and made the best puppy face I possibly could. She laughed and hit me hard. “Let’s talk about that later. We need to attend an English lecture first.”

I nodded and opened my locker to get my English book but to my surprise, there was a bouquet kept inside along with a small piece of paper neatly tucked in. I turned to look at Racheal and she had the biggest smile ever. “Open it fast.” She squeaked with excitement.

I took the paper in my hand and unfolded it.

To the most beautiful girl with whom I spent the best time ever ;)

Love Aaron.

Shit! Is this real? Am I dreaming? A letter from Aaron. This proves that he is definitely from our school and he knew who I was the whole time. How could I not know him then?

“He knows who the girl behind the mask was. Do you not know him?” Racheal asked taking the piece of paper in her hand.

“No, I don’t Rae.”

“What’s up, guys?” Felicia and Ethan asked from behind us. I turned around to see them glancing at the bouquet in my locker with a hint of astonishment.

Racheal laughed and said, “Adaline has a secret admirer.” Both their eyes sparked when they heard those words, they clearly looked happy to know about my secret admirer.

“A secret admirer?” I heard Adam ask which made all of us turn in his direction. When did he even get here, I never saw him coming.

“Yes. He sent a bouquet with a small note,” Racheal answered from my side.

Adam grabbed the paper from Racheal’s hand and examined it. He looked very serious at first but then he broke into a short smile, “So this is what you were hiding from me Addie?” I just nodded in response. I felt too embarrassed to tell Adam about my mystery guy but he found out about it on his own.

“Well guys, I have something to say too,” Ethan spoke and looked down to not make eye contact with anyone of us.

“What?” Adam and I asked in unison.

“I...umm..I..actually I don’t know how to start bu-”

“Stop beating around the bush. Tell us what you have in mind,” Adam said hitting him on his shoulders.

“I met this girl during the masquerade party and she was pretty amazing. I don’t know who she was because I was too drunk and forgot to ask her that but I think I kinda like her.”

This made me crack into a smile because Ethan was exactly on the same page as mine.

“So you think you like that girl?” Adam questioned with his arms folded.

Ethan immediately replied, “Yes. I do.”

“That’s bullshit man. You don’t even know her.”

“Adam but the tim-”

“Cut that thing man. You sound fucked up. Meet me on the ground later, I need to go and talk to our coach right now,” Adam said and went after bidding everyone goodbye.

I felt a bit bad with how Adam reacted to Ethan’s confession so I patted him on his shoulders and said, “Its okay Ethan. I understand your feelings.” He gave me a soft smile. “I need to find her Adaline. I want to meet her again.”

“I hope you find her soon.”

“Damn. I wish I had asked for her name at least,” he said and cursed himself.

“Its okay Ethan. We will find a way. But for now, let’s hurry to our classes. You have to practice later too.”

“Yeah. See you later Adaline,” he said and hugged me.

I turned to look at my two girlfriends Racheal and Felicia who were busy in their worlds, totally disinterested in my conversation with Ethan. Racheal was occupied with eyeing some hot guy and flirting with him from afar whereas Felicia just stood their quietly.

“Let’s go Rae. We have a class to attend.” She nodded and sent a flying kiss towards the guy’s direction and he pretended to grab it.

“Fel? Are you with me? Hellooo?” I asked snapping my fingers in front of her eyes.

“Uh..yeah..I’m sorry. Let’s hurry up,” she said softly.

“Cool. Let’s go.”


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