My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 12

“Honey wake up! You are late for school again.” I heard mom yell at the top of her voice. I turn to look at my alarm clock placed on the side of my bed, it’s 10:50 am. Shit! I just have 10 minutes to reach school. I jump out of my bed and run towards the bathroom. In less than five minutes, I brush my teeth, take my bath, change into my uniform, and comb my hair. I then make my way downstairs and rush towards the refrigerator, grabbing an apple for myself to eat on the way to school.

“Should I drop you, honey?” Dad asked seeing me in such a hasten state.

“No. I’ll manage. Adam didn’t come today?” I asked while putting on my shoes.

“He dropped early this morning to say hello and also mentioned that he’ll be busy the whole day because of his football practice.”

“Okay. Cool. I’m leaving.” I said while tying my shoelace, before I could make my way out through the door, I see Alex enter the house with a bouquet in his hand. “Happy anniversary Mom and Dad,” he said while entering and then ran to give a big hug to dad.

“What a surprise child! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?” Dad asked while patting him on his shoulders.

“I wanted to give you both a surprise,” he said and turned to mom, kissing her on the cheeks.

“Excuse me? Where’s my hug?” I inquire in an annoyed tone. His lips curve into a smile and then he gives me a tight embrace, squeezing my neck so tight that it’s almost difficult to breathe. “I missed you stupid,” he said kissing me on my forehead.

“Me too big brother.”

“Aren’t you late for school honey?” Mom questioned from behind.

“How can I leave Alex and go, mom? Plus it’s your anniversary today,” I said with a big smile on my face.

“Shut up you silly girl. You didn’t even remember that it was our anniversary today.”

“I did,” I lied.

Mom laughed and said, “Adam came this morning to wish us and he was right when he said that you wouldn’t remember it.”

Oh God! Why didn’t that stupid person remind me about this?

“I am sorry. I don’t remember all these dates mom.”

“Its okay honey. Go change now and let’s have breakfast together,” Dad said while taking his seat in the dining table followed by Alex who went and sat right next to him. Both of them then got engaged in talking about Alex’s recent project, his horrible boss, and so on. Meanwhile, I helped mom a little with breakfast and then made my way to my room to change into some comfortable clothes.

I opened Facebook as soon as I reached my room and saw a message from Eric.

Why aren’t you at school today?

I laughed seeing his message and instantly replied.


Do you miss me?

So much...It seems like an eternity that I haven’t seen your beautiful face.

I roll my eyes at his reply. Eric can be so dramatic at times.

Aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?

I am. It’s just too boring.

You should concentrate on your lectures while you sit in the class and not text others.

Says who?

The President of Elite School - Adaline Williams.

Oh my God! I’m so scared :P

Shut up, Thompson. Go study.



‘I think okay is going to be our always.’ His message flashed.

Wait what? That’s something Aaron had told Eva during the masquerade party. Does this mean that Eric is Aaron? Should I ask him about it?

Maybe I shouldn’t. He probably knows it’s me. But what if he is trying to keep it a secret? Maybe I should go along with it too. But what if he isn’t Aaron? I mean almost everyone uses this dialogue these days. It’s so common. I should probably stop overthinking it.

Stop with the TFIOS reference. I gotta go. Talk to you later. Bye :)

Bye :)

I kept my phone aside and changed into a red tank top and my favourite white shorts, pulling my hair into a high pony I made my way to the dining table. Alex and dad had already started eating the delicious pancakes made by mom. I sat on the chair opposite to dad and filled my plate with the pancakes too.

“So how long are you staying son?” Dad asked while I grabbed my fork to take the first bite of my pancake. It was so delicious that it just melted in my mouth.

“A week mostly. I need to fly back to Paris for my project dad.”

“Sure. Let’s have dinner with the Carter’s tonight then. Natalie and Samuel would love to meet you after such a long time,” Mom said and dad instantly agreed to it by nodding his head.

“That would be great,” Alex replied with a smile.

The rest of the morning just went by talking about Alex’s job and my school stories while mom was busy planning for the dinner tonight.


It was seven in the evening which meant that I needed to get ready because exactly in half an hour Adam and his family were going to come home for dinner. I was about to go change upstairs when I heard the bell ring. Alex paused the movie he was watching and went to open the door.

“How are you doing mate?” Adam said and hugged Alex tightly. They then did some bro fist which they usually do and hugged again.

Boys! They can be really weird at times.

“Where’s Natalie and Samuel?” Alex enquired.

“They’ll be coming in some time.”

“Hey, Addie.” Adam turned to look at me and gave me a side hug.

“How was your practice today?” I asked.

“Nice. Ethan’s going crazy behind that mystery girl. That fucker couldn’t score a single goal today.”

“Mystery girl?” Alex asked because clearly, he had no idea about what all happened during the masquerade party.

“I’ll give you all the details later Alex,” I said and asked Adam to join me in my room upstairs. The moment we entered, Adam directly jumped on my bed like always and made himself comfortable.

“So who do you think this girl might be?” I asked. He stopped moving and just lied down on my bed looking straight up at the ceiling and said, “I don’t know Addie. He just keeps thinking about her all the time you know.”

“Yeah. I understand.”

“Obviously you do. What happened to your secret admirer?” He asked with a silly smile on his face, it almost felt like he knew something I didn’t.

“I don’t even know who he was Adam,” I admitted.

“Why do you even want to find out Addie? Does it matter that much to you?”

“It does Adam. You don’t know what I felt that day.”

“Care to explain?”

“I know I might sound crazy but I felt like we had a connection,” I said which made Adam laugh. I wanted to hit him for his reaction. He was the one who told me to be honest and now that I’m speaking my mind, he’s laughing at it.

“This is crazy. You don’t even know his name, Addie.”

“I knew you would react this way that’s why I didn’t want to tell you,” I said angrily.

“Do you even hear yourself? You think you have a connection with someone whom you don’t even know.”

“That’s what I felt that moment Adam.”

“Felt what?” he asked exasperatedly.

“Felt like we were meant to be.”

He paused for a minute, trying to grasp everything I just said.“What if you find him Addie? Will you confess your crazy love to him?” he asked with his arms folded, staring intently at me.

“I never said I was in love with him,” I said to correct him.

He rolled his eyes and said, “But you can’t deny the fact that you are attracted to him.”

I just kept quiet because I didn’t know what to say. Adam did have a point. I felt attracted to Aaron.

“Answer me, Addie.”

“I don’t know Adam. I don’t know what to say.”

He sighed in defeat and was about to fire me with some more questions when Natalie yelled from downstairs. “Kids get down here for dinner.”

Wow! I didn’t even realize when Adam’s parents came in.

“We are coming,” Adam shouted.

I started making my way to the door when he swiftly grabbed my wrist and said, “You need to give me answers Addie.”

“About what?”

“About the stupid connection you felt for the guy you met at that party.”

“It isn’t stupid Adam.”

“To me it is,” he retorted.

“Fuck you, Adam Carter.”

He smiled listening to my words and said, “Yeah baby, Fuck me harder.” This made both of us laugh, I hit him on his shoulders and said, “You are a moron but I still love you.”

“Aww. I love you too my moron.”


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