My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 13

“No means no Adam. Can’t you understand such a simple thing?” I yelled while stuffing my mouth with the chicken that Natalie had made.

“But Addie, you know you are talented. Just give it a try.” He pleaded and made a cute puppy face.

I sighed in frustration. Adam can be so annoying at times. “I can’t and I won’t. You know I hate singing in front of a large audience,” I reply in an exasperated voice. Before Adam could open his mouth to persuade me further, Alex intervened in the conversation.

“Adam said it’s going to be a blind audition, Adaline. You will be asked to sing inside a room from where no one can see you, even the judges won’t know who you are.” Alex sounded irritated by now as they were trying to convince me for the past one hour.

“Give it a shot honey and if you don’t get selected then who cares, no one’s ever going to know you participated.” Mom jumped in, which made both the boys nod their heads.

I was annoyed. Why does everyone want me to participate in this? Don’t they know I’m scared to sing in front of a crowd?

“But I don’t want to do this mom,” I stated.

This time it was Natalie who spoke. “Just try it once Adaline. You got nothing to lose anyway.”

I feel annoyed realizing that everyone is forcing me to do something which they know I hate a lot. I never even sang in front of them. It was just this one time when I was alone in my room singing, that Adam recorded the whole thing without my knowledge, and in the next family dinner, he revealed it to everyone. Since then everyone forces me to show off my talent and participate in the school choir but I never really approved of that idea.

“Adaline just once, please. It’s a blind audition for God’s sake.” Adam requested and I couldn’t deny him this time. “Okay. Okay. Just this one time Adam”, I said which instantly brought a smile on everyone’s face.


“Baby pink or deep pink which one should I put?” Racheal asked me while we were standing near her locker waiting for her to apply her lipstick.

“Who cares Rae? Both look the same to me anyway,” I said in a monotonous tone.

Racheal rolled her eyes in annoyance and started explaining to me the difference between the two. “See Adaline there’s a lot of difference. This one is like a lighter shad-”

“Baby pink. That will look better on you,” Felicia responded while joining us near the locker, she had a stack of books in her hand.

“No one asked for your suggestion,” Racheal said coldly.

“Rae don’t be so mean to Fel, she’s just trying to help,” I said.

I don’t understand why Racheal acts so mean to Felicia all the time.

“It’s okay Adaline. I was just passing by and heard your conversation so thought of giving some suggestions.” Felicia said in a low voice. She seemed hurt by Racheal’s words. Her eyes had a hint of sadness but she covered it with a smile.

“What’s with so many books? Are you not going to attend the lectures?” I asked to change the topic because clearly, it was getting super awkward with Racheal being blatantly mean to Felicia for no reason.

“I’m planning to skip some lectures, need to prepare for my project,” she replied showing all the books she was carrying in her hand. I glanced at the cover of the first book and enquired, “Greek mythology? That’s your topic?”

“Yes. It’s kinda cool. You will know when you read it.”

I smiled hearing her words. Fel was never a big reader but seeing her working so hard for her project made me content. “We are getting late. Let’s go,” Racheal said which made both of us turn our head in her direction. What’s wrong with this girl today? Is she gone crazy?

Felicia seemed to get the hint that Racheal didn’t want to talk anymore, so she gave me a sweet smile and said, “Bye guys. Have fun. I will join you guys later.”

The moment Felicia left, I yelled at Racheal for being so rude to her. “What the fuck is wrong with you Rae?”

She looked at me cooly and said, “Nothing.”

“Are you nuts? Why are you acting like this with Fel?”

“I don’t know.”

I was getting annoyed with her replies. She can’t play dumb with me right now, she knows she was being completely rude with Felicia and shutting her off like that was so wrong. “Is that what you have to say? Simply ‘I don’t know’?”

“I don’t want to have this conversation with you right now. I’m leaving Adaline. See you at lunch,” she said while hugging me and left without letting me finish my talk.

Seriously? What am I going to do with this girl? She needs to learn some basic manners on how to treat her friends.


I don’t think I can do this. I don’t think I can do this. I don’t think I can do this. Stop stop! Stop thinking about it. Just take a few breaths and relax. Everything’s going to be fine. Just relax Adaline.

I was standing near the audition room right now and Adam was right when he said that no one would know my real identity. There was this room where all contestants were sent into and whatever we sang could be heard by the entire school but instead of giving our real names, we were supposed to give our pen names. There was this one short boy who stood near the audition room to guide us inside and I’m pretty sure he is the only person who knew who was singing, the rest of the school had no idea about the singers, only our voice would help us win the votes.

“Your name?” The short boy inquired while I was standing at the door ready to go in.

“Adaline Williams.”

“No. Not your real name. Tell me some other name I could use so that no one recognizes you.”

I thought for a few seconds and then asked, “ about Addie?”

“But that’s what Adam calls you, the whole school will know it’s you,” he replied instantly.

This made me chuckle, “You know me so well. Are you my stalker?” I asked to pull his leg.

“No. I’m your junior and almost the whole school knows about you two.”

“Okay. Keep it Eva then.”

“Sure. Eva, it is.” He said and gave me a really big smile.

The room was all dark except in the middle where there was a mike kept under the spotlight. Trembling with fear, I touched the mike which made a current run down my neck. I wasn’t sure whether I was ready for this. I loved singing, I truly did but I never sang in front of other people due to the fear of rejection. I wasn’t sure whether people would like my voice or not. A part of me wanted to run out of this room but then another part of me wanted to stay and give this a try. I took a deep breath, placing my hand on the mike, I said, “Hello everyone my name is Eva. I’m going to sing the song ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus. I hope you guys enjoy it.”

The moment I was about to start singing, I heard a beep sound from my pocket, I took out my phone to check who it was,

Don’t worry Addie. You are going to be amazing ;)


The message instantly brought a big smile on my face and gave me the confidence that I needed. I didn’t feel nervous anymore instead I felt strong, I felt like I could easily do this, so without any further ado, I started singing my song.

I can almost see it.

That dream I’m dreaming,

But there’s a voice inside my head saying,

“You’ll never reach it.”

Every step I’m takin’

Every move I make feels lost with no direction,

My faith is shakin’

But I, I gotta keep tryin’

Gotta keep my head held high

There’s always gonna be another mountain

I’m always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side

It’s the climb

The struggles I’m facing

The chances I’m taking

Sometimes might knock me down,

But no, I’m not breaking

I may not know it,

But these are the moments

That I’m gonna remember most, yeah

Just gotta keep goin’,

And I, I gotta be strong

Just keep pushing on,


There’s always gonna be another mountain

I’m always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side

It’s the climb


There’s always gonna be another mountain

I’m always gonna wanna make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Somebody’s gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side

It’s the climb

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Keep on movin’

Keep climbin’

Keep the faith, baby

It’s all about—it’s all about the climb

Keep the faith, keep your faith, whoa, whoa, oh.

The moment I got out the little boy was still standing there. “You were amazing Adaline,” He said and then asked me to go fast as the next contestant would be coming soon.


“I loved it,” Adam whispered in my ears while giving me a back hug. I turned to look at him and the moment I saw his face, a smile spread across my face. “You think it was good? Will I get selected?”

“Obviously you will. You were awesome Addie. I’m so proud of you,” he said kissing my forehead.

“There are a lot of better contestants. We shouldn’t set our hopes so high.”

He rolled his eyes listening to my reply. He then held my hands and said, “Now let’s go.”


“To celebrate.”

“Celebrate what Adam?”

“Your great performance.”

I couldn’t stop smiling. This boy has all my heart. “Did someone ever tell you that you’re weird?”

“But you still love me, baby.” He winked at me.

“Oh yes, that I obviously do,” I said and hugged him tightly.


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