My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 15

“See first you have to take all the x’s and then equate them with this linear equation and then you have to do the same process for the next one.” I explained Felicia while we were sitting in the library doing algebra.

“What about the y’s then?”

“That we will do later, first complete this one.”

“I need a break girl. I’m tired of this shit.”

“Wait a minute I should be the one saying that, not you. I’m teaching you since past one hour but you can’t get anything inside your head.”

“Not my fault that you are a bad teacher.” She said and laughed.

“Excuse me!” I said in an angry voice because I was tired of teaching this girl the same thing again and again. Her brain was too dumb to understand algebra.

“Girls maintain silence please,” the librarian said in a shrill voice.

“I fucking hate you. I’m not teaching you this anymore.” I said and left the room

The moment I reached outside I saw Adam and Ethan standing there talking about something with a serious expression on their face’s. I went to say hello but they didn’t really look happy to see me, they were actually stunned seeing my face and Ethan immediately left after bidding a goodbye to both of us.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Adam.

“Nothing.” He replied coolly.

“There is something. Why did Ethan act so strange?”

“He’s just stressed about the annual exam.”

“Why did he leave like that then?”

“Stop asking so many questions like a FBI agent. It’s nothing. He’s gone home to study.”

“I know you guys are hiding someth-” Before I could complete my line, there was an announcement made on the microphone which scared the shit out of me.

Good morning students! The results for the singing competition is out, the performances were really great and I’m proud of all my students who participated. The name’s of all the students will be kept a secret for the second round too. So the five people who got selected are Joseph, Emily, Ana, Aaron and Eva. The second round will be next week so prepare yourself because the person who wins this competition will get a chance to have their own music video. Have a good day students!

Ommmgggggg! I got selected. I can’t believe this. A chance to have my own music video? Damn. That was my dream since childhood.

“Congratulations Addie.” Adam said and hugged me tightly.

“Congratulations for what?” Felicia asked.

Shit when did she come?

“Nothing. It’s nothing.” I said to brush off the topic.

Felicia stared both of us for a minute and then said, “Shit you participated for the singing competition, didn’t you?”

“No. I did not.”

“Yes you did baby. I know your secret now.” She said and winked at me.

“No Fel I didn’t.” I said in my defence.

“Come on Addie, what’s the point in hiding?” Adam said

“Okay fine. Keep it a secret okay? Eva is me and I got selected for the next round.” I said to Felicia.

“That’s so great Adaline. I’m so proud of you.”

“Thankyou but you are supposed to keep this a secret Fel.”

“Why? It’s time to celebrate Adaline.”

“No Fel. You are not telling this to anyone. Promise me.”

“Okay I promise. Now I need to go. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

“Bye Felicia.” Adam and I said in unison.

“How are we celebrating today then?” Adam asked me after Felicia left.

“Nothing. I have homework to do.”

“Come on Addie! Don’t be a bore, let’s go somewhere out.”

“Adam I just want to stay home please.”

“Addie it’ll be fun. Let’s go out and celebrate.” At this point Adam started making the cute puppy face he always does when he wants me to agree to something he said, and I really can’t disagree because he looks damn cute, so I end up saying yes.

“That’s great! I’ll come to pick you up at seven then.” He says while hugging me tight.

“Seven it is.”

“Love you Addie.”

“Love you more.”


It was six thirty in the evening and in half an hour Adam was supposed to pick me up but I don’t think we can really go according to the plan because my body is really upset and is shedding blood like the water coming out of a tap. So I pick up my mobile to message Adam

Hey I don’t think we can go out tonight.

Within a second, I get his reply
You cannot bail on me Addie. I cancelled my sleepover with the team for this.

I’m sorry but my stomach hurts like a bitch.

Awww baby. What should I get? Nutella or vanilla ice cream? :*

Damn. This is one of the reasons I love my bestfriend because he always knows what I want. But I don’t want him to miss all the fun because of my stupid period.

You should go for the sleepover Adam. I’m fine :)

Come on Addie. I know you need me baby ;) I’m at the grocery store so choose cream or nutella?

Okay fine I choose ice cream and can you also get cheesy fries and one chicken burger please?

Anything for you Addie ;) Will be there in ten.


In exactly ten minutes I heard the doorbell ring, signalling that Adam had arrived. He was probably greeted either by Dad or Alex because it took him another fifteen minutes to reach to my room so I’m definitely sure one of them kept talking to him which was the reason for his delay.

“Hey Addie.” He swung the door open and said, “How are your broken eggs doing?”

“Broken eggs?”

“Didn’t you study in biology? When the egg does not get a sperm to form a zygote it sheds in the form of blood. That’s why you girls get period. If only you had received a sperm this wouldn’t have happened.” He said sadly and came to sit next to me.

“Why are you so dramatic Adam?”

“You still love me baby.” He said with a pout.

Oh yes! That I do.

“I got you your order and also a burger for me. Let’s watch some movie shall we?” He said and started removing the food items from the packet he was carrying.

“Okay.” We watched the movie Nerve together and finished all the food by interval. We were sitting on my bed right now with the laptop in Adam’s lap and how much ever I was trying to distract myself by watching the movie, I couldn’t as the pain in my stomach was becoming unbearable, I kept shifting my position but didn’t find a comfortable one.

“Should we switch off the movie and just sleep Addie?” Adam said after seeing my discomfort.

“No it’s okay I’m fine.”

He just laughed, kept the laptop on the bedside table and turned to look at me and said, “I know you girls like cuddling during times like this so yes or no?”

As much as I really wanted to watch the movie because it was damn interesting but my body wished for something else so I said yes and cuddled with Adam. My back was facing his chest and his arms were around my stomach, finally I found the right position which was really comfortable. We stayed like that for a really long time and then I spoke to break the silence “How’s your football practice going?”

“Pretty amazing. We have our Premier League starting from next week.”

“Can I come to see the match?”

“No you cannot stupid you have your singing competition, forgot?”

“Oh Shit! The second round is next week. Do you think I’ll pass?”


“Did you hear Aaron got selected too?”

“Yes I did. You actually think he’s the same guy you met at the ball?”

“I think so Adam. I mean I have this feeling that he’s somewhere near me.”

“What if that’s not true? What if he is from some other school?”

“That can be possible too. But I still want to meet this guy in real.”

“How will you know it’s him?”

“I’ll know Adam. I’ll know.”

“Okay fine. Let’s not talk about this thing because I find it really stupid.”

“Okay. I have something I need to ask.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why was Ethan acting that way today at school?”

“It was nothing Addie.”

“Tell me Adam.”

“Damn you are one annoying girl Addie. Why do you want to act like a FBI everytime?”

“Just say.”

“Ethan is having some issue’s with Mike.”

“Mike Clayton?”

“Yes. Mike Clayton, the football captain of Dale High School.”

“What issue’s?”

“You don’t need to get into that Addie.”

“Okay fine. Isn’t he dating Tessa currently?”

“That’s what I heard too. Who cares anyway!”

“I don’t like that girl.”

“I know Addie. You have said that a thousand times to me.”

“Why is she so mean but?”

“She might have a good side too Addie. She just doesn’t want to show it I guess.”

“You are taking her side Adam?”

“I’m not taking anyone’s side. I’m just saying what I feel. Everyone has their good and bad side Addie. A lot of people hate Racheal but we don’t. That’s because though she acts like a bitch half of the time we know she’s sweet by heart.”

“Okay I agree to that.”

“Now sleep, we have school tomorrow.”

“You are sleeping here?”

“Yes Addie. I already told my mom and took permission from George too.”

“Everyone loves you in my house you know that right? I mean you don’t even have to take permission for anything. You can come and go as you please.”

“Say something new Addie.”

“I sometimes feel if I don’t find anyone, mum and dad will ask me to marry you only.”

“Oh God! I can’t handle that Addie. I don’t want such an ugly wife.”

“Shut up Adam,” I said and hit him.

“Now go to sleep Addie, I’m really tired. Goodnight.” He said and dozed off.

Ten minutes had passed and I couldn’t sleep because of my stomach pain so I turned to look at Adam. He had peacefully gone to his dream land by now. I never noticed Adam looked so cute while sleeping, I traced my fingers over his cheeks which then went down to his lips.

Oh my God. What’s wrong with me? Why am I doing this? Adam’s your bestfriend not your boyfriend Adaline. This is wrong.

I tried to stop myself but I couldn’t. I kept circling my fingers around his cheeks and started at his lips. I never noticed how pink and amazing they were. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this but it’s weird. Why do I suddenly feel like kissing my bestfriend not on his cheeks like we usually do but on his lips! I need to stop thinking such stuff so I turn to the opposite side to avoid looking at his beautiful face and shut my eyes to go to sleep. I don’t know what’s wrong with my head because it feels like it’ll blast any moment. Am I really falling for my bestfriend?


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