My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 14

Just a short chapter. Hope you guys like it. :)


A week had just passed by and nothing was told about the results of the singing competition. The whole school was eager to know who got selected for the next round.

Truthfully, I was a little excited too. I know at first I was scared and I didn’t want to be a part of this but now I really want to win. I have always loved singing. I never went for classes or stuff but it’s just something that my heart got drawn into. I wish someday I could pursue this as my career as it’s something I’m really fond off.

Anyways, today me and Felicia planned to go out for some movie and then have lunch together. We asked Racheal to join too but it seems she is busy with her current boyfriend. Racheal changes her boyfriend faster than I change my jeans. I don’t want to bitch or anything but it’s just something I don’t like about her. She never notices Ethan who’s right in front of her, that guy is crushing on her since so long but I don’t know when she’ll realize this. All my thoughts get shattered by Felicia’s shrill voice, “Excuse me? Were you even listening to what I was talking about?”

“I’m sorry. I spaced out.” I said in an apologetic tone.

“That’s okay. We have five more minutes before the gates for the movie opens, do you want to buy some popcorn?”

“Yes sure. Add one coke too.”

“Can I ask you something?” She said suddenly which took me by surprise because Felicia never speaks in such a serious tone.

“Yes. Go ahead.”

“If you really like some guy but he doesn’t feel the same way about you. What would you do?”

“I don’t know. Maybe try and talk to him or something.”

“What if he’s crushing on some other girl since years? How can you compete that?”

“Who are you talking about Fel?”

“Just tell me..What would you do?”

“If you really like him then fight for your love Fel. Do something, I mean do anything to make him love you back.”

“So you mean I should do everything possible in my way right? Even if that hurts someone I like?”

“What? I’m really not understanding the point of this conversation. Did something happen?”

“No. It’s okay. Thank you Adaline now let’s go and watch the movie.” Felicia said and made her way towards the gates.

This girl can be really weird at times.


How you doing? ;)
Eric’s messaged flashed in my mobile

Good. How about you?

Great. Did you hear the participants of the singing competition?

Yes I heard few. They were all great. :)

I know. My heart is particularly stuck on Eva. That girl was amazing..I wonder who she is.

She sang the climb right? She was pretty good.

Did you hear Aaron’s song?

What the Fuck? Aaron? As in the guy I met during the masquerade ball? My brain wasn’t functioning properly right now.

Umm..No. Any idea who he is?

Nope. He sang at the end.

Ohh. I was out that time. When are the results coming?

I don’t know. Maybe in a few weeks.


Did you participate? ;)

No. I don’t sing. What about you?

Same here. I’m a bathroom singer.

I gotta go Eric. Will meet you tomorrow at school. Goodnight :)

Night Adaline ;)


I immediately messaged Adam after that,
I think I will find Aaron soon.

It took him less than a second to reply
What do you mean?

Aaron participated in the singing competition too. He is from our school only.

How can you be so sure? He can be some other Aaron.

No Adam. I know it. I know it’s him.

You sound stupid to me Addie. :/

Screw you. I know it’s him and I’m going to find him soon.

Good luck on that Addie. I need to go now. Take care. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 8 ;)

Goodnight Adam.


Thankyou for reading


Love you all <3

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