My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 16

The next morning when I woke up, I stretched my hands to find Adam sleeping next to me but he wasn’t there. I then opened my eyes and saw that the side of the bed previously occupied by Adam was now empty. That did disappoint me a little but he probably had somewhere important to go I guess.

I get up from my bed and start walking towards the washroom to freshen up and get ready for school. On the door of my washroom I saw a stick note with a really bad handwriting so it was obvious that Adam was the one who put it there. I walked closer to my door to read what was written on it.

Good morning Addie,
Had to leave early today because of football practise. Racheal’s going to pick you up. Will meet you at lunch. Love you <3

Can you not do this Adam? Stop being so nice to me especially after what I felt for you last night. I think I should talk to him about it. I never hide anything from Adam so I guess I should tell him what I felt last night. But what if he doesn’t feel the same way about me? What if this breaks our friendship? No I can’t afford this. I shouldn’t tell anything to Adam about this. This is just going to be my little secret.


“Morning beautiful.” I greeted mom who was making tea for all of us.

“Good morning sweetie! How was your movie night yesterday?”

“It was nice. When did Adam leave by the way?”

“Around six in the morning. I was going to make him breakfast but he said he didn’t want anything heavy so he ended up eating cereals.”

“Did he say anything while leaving?”

“Just that you took the entire bed and he couldn’t sleep well.” Mom started laughing after saying that and even I couldn’t control my smile because that was actually the truth, I occupy almost the whole bed while sleeping.

“Did I tell you that i got selected for the second round of the singing competition?”

“No you did not honey. But I’m so happy for you. I know you will win.”

“You seriously think so?”

“Yes I do Adaline.”

“Thank you mom. I love you.”

“I love you more honey. Now have your breakfast and get going, don’t want my kid to be late to school.” Mom said and kissed me on my forehead.

“How’s my little sister doing?” Alex asked while emerging out of his room, I immediately ran to give him a tight hug.

“Gosh you are hurting my neck Adaline.” He said which made me smile like an idiot.

“When are you leaving for Paris Alex?” I asked while hugging him.

“Umm..about that.. I have something to tell you Adaline.” Alex said in a serious tone which kind of scared me a little.

“What is it?” I asked and then turned to look at mom to see whether she was as shocked as I was. But mom just gave me a small smile indicating that it was nothing too serious.

Alex never talks like that. This is making me more curious.

“Just spit it Alex.” I said

“Okay so I’m dating this girl since a year and she is the reason I came back from Paris and I’m probably going to stay here for a long time.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Am I dreaming or is this the reality?”

“Stop overreacting Adaline.”

“I’m not. You have been single for your entire life and you finally found someone. That’s so shocking but I’m happy for you.”

“Thankyou. She’s coming home for dinner today.” He said and went inside the kitchen to hug my mom.

“Did you already know about this?” I asked mom

“Oh yes! I did. Alex cannot really hide anything from me you know.” She said and pinched his nose.

“What about dad? Does he know?”

“Yes sweetheart he does.” Mom said

“So why did I got to know about this so late?” I said in an angry tone because clearly I was the only one person in this home who was missing on that information.

“Well I wanted to be totally sure before telling you anything. First I thought we were just a thing but now I believe she’s the one. She’s really amazing you know.” Alex replied while taking a sip of his fruit juice.

“Woah. The one? That’s a big thing. So she’s the reason I get to see my brother everyday? Skyping had always been so annoying. I’m so happy that you are going to stay here.” I said and hugged him again.

“Stop with your hugging sessions and go to school fast else you’ll be late.” Mom said

“Okay. Bye guys. I love you both. See you in the evening.” I said taking my school bag and rushed outside.

“Have fun little sister.” I heard Alex say while closing the door.


School was pretty boring the whole day, we didn’t even get one free period also my English teacher took our break saying she needed to complete the portion’s before the semester examination begins so I couldn’t even meet Adam. There is so much I need to talk to him about but I guess it’ll all have to wait.

While bunking my history period I bumped into Eric who was sitting near the cafeteria.

“Long time no see Thompson.” I said and sat next to him.

“How you doing School President?” He said with a big smile on his face and offered me the biscuits he was eating.

“Are you bunking your class Eric?”

“I could ask you the same thing Adaline.” He said with a big smirk on his face.

“I hate History.”

“Well I hate Algebra too.” He said and sighed.

“How about we sneak out of the school?” I asked

“Umm not a bad option but I have a class to attend later.”

“Which class?”

“I’m taking lessons from Ms Elle.”

“Ms Elle? As in our music teacher?”


“I didn’t know that you were a music fan.”

“Oh yes I am Adaline.” He said and we both kept silent for a short period of time.

“Will you keep my secret safe?” He asked to break the silence.

“What secret?”

“I took part in the singing competition.”

“What? You did too?”

“Too? Does that mean you participated as well?” He asked with a total shocked expression.

“Umm..Yeah..actually..keep my secret safe too.”

“Woah. I didn’t know that we both had singing in common.”

“Yes we do I guess.” I said with a little chuckle.

“What pen name did you use by the way?” I asked



So what do you feel about Eric confessing his pen name as Aaron? ;)
Are you happy that Adaline finally found Aaron?

I hope you liked this chapter.
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Love you all <3

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