My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 17

Eric was Aaron? The guy I met at the masquerade ball was not someone else but my own friend Eric? How couldn’t I recognise him? This thing was hard for me to digest because I always thought that the guy I met that day was someone else, someone I have never met before, but little did I know that it was Eric. Eric Thompson is Aaron. Eric is the guy I thought I liked. He’s the one I felt a strong connection with.

All these thoughts of mine came to a pause when I heard Alex call my name,“Adaline come down, she’s going to be here any moment.”

“Yes I’m coming.” I said and made my way downstairs.

The moment I went down, I saw the whole dinning table filled with delicious food which I hardly get to eat except when we have dinner with the Carter’s because obviously Natalie is the best cook ever and she makes sure that everyone’s favourite dish is made that day.

“This smells so good mom.” I said and gave her a hug.

“Thanks honey, it took me two hours to prepare all this.”

“I’m scared.” I heard Alex say in a low voice and both of us turned to look at him.

“Scared of what?” I asked because my brother never gets scared of anything. He is the bravest and strongest person I know in my life.

“I..I just hope you guys like her.”

This made both me and mom crack into a series of laughter.

“Don’t worry son, we are going to love her I’m sure about that.” Dad said while coming out of his room.

“Yes I’m sure we will.” Both me and mom said in unison.

Before Alex could say anything the door bell rang signalling the arrival of his girlfriend. He hurried to open the door and before opening the door, he turned to look at me one last time and said, “Please don’t do anything embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry big brother. I won’t do anything to spoil today’s evening.”

The moment he opened the door, I was shocked to see the person who stood on our doorstep wearing a pretty pink dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous, she was just too pretty for my brother. I mean it’s not like Alex is bad or anything but she’s just too damn beautiful.

“Adaline! how are you doing girl?” She said and gave me a big hug.

Why do I feel like I know her already?

“I’m fine but do we kn-”

“Ouch. You hurt my feelings girl. Forgot? I’m Sienna. You came to the cafe I work, with Eric that day.”

“Oh my God! Yes. I remember. I’m sorry it’s just been so many months that I totally forgot.”

“That’s okay. I’m glad to see you again.” She said and gave me one of her charming smile.

Why is she so damn beautiful? My brother definitely got the best girl for himself.

“So you guys already know each other?” Alex asked

“Yes we have met already.” I said

Sienna then turned to look at my parents and greeted them with her cute smile.

“Hello Sienna. I’m Melissa. You can call me Mel if you want.” Mom said and gave her a hug.

“And I’m George.”

“It feels good to finally meet you both. Alex has told me so much about you two.” Sienna said

“Good stuff or bad stuff?” I asked

Sienna laughed and said, “Good stuff.”

“Come in Sienna. I have prepared a lavish meal for all of us today.” Mom said and made her way to the dining room.

“I still don’t know the story about you both.” I asked while we were following mom to the dining room.

“We met at the rose cafe.” Sienna said and sat on the opposite side of mine so now we were facing each other. Meanwhile mom served food to everyone and then went inside to get some juice.

“He was there with some of his friends and I don’t want to lie but from the moment he entered I couldn’t stop looking at him.” She said and laughed.

Alex had become red by now, I was sure he was way too embarrassed to hear this story that too in front of everyone. Sienna gave him a little pat on his shoulder and then said,“So I fought with my friend so that I could serve the table they were at.”
That sentence made all of us laugh even Alex couldn’t stop laughing after hearing that.

“Wait you never told me about this.” Alex said and this made all of us laugh even more.

“It was kind of a silly thing to do so I didn’t tell you.” Sienna said in her defence.

“Nothing’s silly when you are in love kid.” Dad said which immediately made Sienna smile.

“Continue your story Sienna, I want to know what happens next.” Mom said while taking a bite from her lasagna.

“Nothing much.. I tried really hard to impress him but he didn’t even glance at me.”

“Shit! Seriously? Why were you acting so rude Alex?” I asked

“It’s not my fault okay. Sebastian really liked her so I was just trying to be a nice friend and not come between the two.”

“Yes. Poor Sebastian. He came to the cafe everyday after that you know.” Sienna said

“Sebastian Oakley? Your schoolmate?” Mum asked.

“Yes. He went to the cafe to see Sienna everyday untill....” Alex said and turned to look at Sienna asking her to continue the story. “Untill I broke his heart by telling him that he wasn’t the person I was interested in.” Sienna said while taking a bite of mom’s special pancakes which I guess she really liked because she put two more in her plate and started eating it like a small kid who was hungry since ages.

“You broke the poor kid’s heart.” Dad said

“Yes. I did. But turns out that he’s happy for both of us, so I think we are fine now.” Sienna said.

“Wait! Continue the story..when did Alex come into the picture then?” Mom asked, clearly she was far more interested in the story than anyone else.

“He came to the cafe after a few weeks and asked me out.”

“Where did you both go? And what did you do?” I asked because I was really excited to know where Alex took her on their first date.

“That story is for some other day Adaline.” Alex said

“No I want to know now.”

“Some other day Adaline.”




“Stop fighting you both. Let’s do one thing Adaline. The next time we meet I’ll tell you everything in detail.” Sienna said


“Yes pinky promise.”

“How did the distance thing work but?” Dad asked

“It was hard at first actually but I think we managed it well. There was a point I thought it really won’t work but then Alex came back and he said he would be living here for awhile,” said Sienna

“Yes. I decided to transfer from my workplace so that I could spend more time with her. Long distance is something really difficult,” said Alex and held Sienna’s hand.

“Damn that was a really cute love story.” I said

“I know. I’m really happy for you both.” Dad said.

“Thank you George. It means a lot.” Sienna said

“Okay time for dessert now.” Mom said and stood up to get ice cream for all of us from the refrigerator.

“I’ll come to help.” I said and followed her

“I really like her.” Mom said when we entered the kitchen and were far away from being heard by the others.

“You just like her? I love her. I think Alex is really lucky to have her.” I replied

“Yes! My boy is lucky. She’s a keeper.”

“Now let’s go outside before they start complaining.” Mom said while carrying a tray which had ice creams placed on it for everyone.

“Mom you go ahead, I’ll join you in a bit.”


“I have some work.”

“Does that work involve calling Adam and telling him about everything that happened this evening?”

Oh my God! Why does she know me so well?

“I’m your mother honey. I know you more than anyone else.”

“Wait! Did you just read my mind?”

“Oh yes! I did.” She said and laughed

“You two are having so much fun here and you just left me outside with the two of them who just keep talking about football the whole time,” said Sienna while she stood at the entrance of the kitchen. It was obvious that she didn’t really enjoy the football conversation so she politely excused herself and joined us inside.

“Join us Sienna, I was actually making Adaline realise that I’m her Mother and I know her inside out.”

“That’s true! One can’t hide anything when it comes to Mother’s​.”

“Does that mean your mother knows about you and Alex too?” Mom asked


“Why? Are they strict?”

“I lost my parents when I was seven. It’s just me and my aunt since then.”

“Oh honey! I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have started that topic.”

“No it’s fine Mel.”

“You can call me your Mother if you want honey. Alex loves you a lot and you have already won all our hearts, so I believe we are a family now,” said Mom which instantly brought a smile on Sienna’s face.

“Thank you for accepting me.”

“Thank you for accepting my stupid son honey. Trust me, he loves you more than anyone else in this world.”

“I’m lucky to have him Mel.. I mean Mom.”

“Okay I really think we should take this ice cream outside before it melts in the tray itself.” I said because as far as I know the conversation which was taking place between my mom and Sienna would never come to an end if I wouldn’t stop it.

“Oh! I totally forgot about that.” Mom said and laughed.

“Let’s go outside then.” Sienna said and followed mom.

She stopped midway and turned back to ask me, “Aren’t you going to join us?”

“I’ll be there in a minute. You go ahead.”


The moment Sienna left I took my phone out from my back pocket and called Adam, he wasn’t picking up my call so I just left him a message.

Need to talk. A looooot of things happened today.

Within a second I got his reply,
I’m sorry.. couldn’t pick up your call, I’m with the boys and they don’t really appreciate me talking on phone when we are together.
PS lot of things as in good things or bad things?

Amazing things :D

Haha okay. I’m excited to hear about it. I’ll pick you up tomorrow for school.

Sure thing. Night Adam :)

Goodnight Addie ;) Love ya.


So what do you guys think about Sienna? ;)

Don’t forget to comment :D

Love you all <3

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