My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 18

Adam was really angry the moment he found out the whole story about Alex introducing us to his girlfriend last night. He was upset because Alex didn’t tell him about this but at the same time I did notice the happiness in his eyes. Just like me he was happy for Alex too, because we never really thought that Alex would believe in love again after uncle and aunt passed away. Alex looked like he had moved on from the outside and everyone even appreciated him for letting go of his past and moving on but little did they know that Alex was still trying to fix himself. He was still trying to heal the wounds which were too deep for him to fill. The only two people who knew what was actually his situation was me and Adam. We knew that Alex hadn’t really moved on and that every night he cried himself to sleep. Though life was cruel to him still he put up a smile on his face every morning and started his day. He is the bravest and the strongest person I know. And now that Sienna has come into his life, I’m definitely sure that the wounds will heal slowly. Thought it’ll take time but the hole will definitely be filled by Sienna. Alex is really lucky to have found her and I’m so happy for them and so is Adam. Adam always said that love has the power to heal wounds and now that Sienna has come Alex will be back to his old self soon.

“Penny for your thoughts Addie?” Alex said while we were seated in his car ready to go to school.

“I was just thinking about Alex and Sienna.”

“I’m going to kill your brother Addie. He didn’t tell me about this and I thought there were no secrets between us.”

“He didn’t tell me too Adam. I asked him for an explanation and he just said that he wanted to be sure before telling me.”

“Okay that’s a valid reason. I won’t fight with him then.”

“That’s like my boy.” I said and caressed his hair like he was a small puppy.

“How’s Sienna though? Is she worth the wait?”

“She’s the most amazing person one could ever meet. I’m so glad Alex found her.”

“Why didn’t you all call me? I want to see her too.” Adam complained like a small kid and trust me, he looked so damn cute.

“You had football practice yesterday stupid. Also when I called you, you were busy with the boys remember?”

“Oh yes! I forgot. But when will I get to meet her?”

“The next family dinner I guess. I have a feeling that Alex will call Sienna.”

“Wait! You mean our traditional dinner every month? I don’t think Alex would call her for that.”

“I think he will. They are pretty serious about each other.”

“No I don’t think so Addie.”

“Why do you think Alex is not leaving for Paris and instead staying here? He is not doing this because of you or me Adam, all this is for Sienna. He loves her Adam. He loves her so much that he is ready to stay in the town which has always given him bad memories. He is finally moving on and I’m so happy for him.”

“That’s true. He never stayed here more than a month but thanks to Sienna we will now get to see him everyday.”

“There’s something more I need to talk you about.” I said but we had already entered the school parking lot by now and I could spot Adam’s team mates standing there waiting for him to come.

“How about we talk about it at lunch? I need to go for practice right now.”

“But it’s important Adam.”

“I’m sure it can wait Addie. I’ll see you later. Take care.” He said and left after giving me a peck on my cheeks.

As much as I wanted to stop him from going but I couldn’t do so. I need to tell him what I felt that day. It’s so confusing that I myself don’t understand what is happening. I have never felt this way before. I’m yet not sure whether what I felt that day was real or not but it’s just that I can’t hide anything from Adam. Everything that happens in my life, every single thing is known by him. He’s like my personal diary where instead of writing all the stuff, I say it out loud and hiding anything from him is almost impossible.

All my thoughts came to a pause when I hear a big commotion coming from the school ground. I ran to see what was happening and was shocked to see that Adam was having a fight with Mike Clayton, the football captain of the Dale High School.

“Your team is going to lose Adam and then I’ll get chosen by the league.”

“We’ll see what happens but for now just buzz off Mike.” Adam said in a harsh tone clearly he wasn’t really happy with Mike’s presence in our school. Both of them loathed each other.

“Why? Can’t I just roam around your school premises for awhile?” Mike said in a sarcastic voice. I’m definitely sure he’s up for a fight right now because the way he was talking to Adam, he was trying his best to provoke him.

“You have no business in this school Mike, so just go before things get out of hand.”

“Are you trying to scare me Carter? What do you think? I’m gonna cry like a baby and run away?”

“Stop creating a scene and just leave Mike.”

“Well I’m not in a mood to leave.” Mike said coolly. By now a huge crowd had gathered around to enjoy the show and that’s when I decided to step in because if not now then things could get out of control.

“You bastard I’m goi-” Before Mike could complete his sentence I stepped in and said, “Mike Clayton get out of our school right now.” The whole crowd turned to look at me and even Adam was shocked at my presence.

“Addie don’t come between us.” He said with a pleading voice.

“Ohh look who we have here...The President of Elite School, Adaline Williams.” Mike said and started walking towards me.

“Long time no see sweetheart.” He said with a big smile on his face.

“Sweetheart my ass. Get out right now.”

“You are breaking my heart beautiful. Can’t I just stay here for some time?”

“Yes you can, provided you have some business here. If not, then the gates are always open for you to leave.”

“You know this is what I love the most about you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your boldness has always attracted me.”

“Okay cut the crap. You are crossing the line now.” Adam intervened in our conversation.

“But I just started Carter. Your bestfriend here is my favourite person to talk to.”

“Mike one more word about Addie and I’ll kill you.”

“Wow! Let’s see what you can do!” Mike said in a challenging tone. I really didn’t know what to do now. These boys were hard to control.

“Honey you need to stop now,” said Tessa in her shrill voice.

Wow! She’s just going to make this situation more difficult.

Tessa directly walked towards Mike ignoring all the ugly stares that were following her, “I’m sorry Adam, my boyfriend here is really stupid and I apologize from his side.”

“Why are you apologizing to this bastard honey?”

“Shut up and follow me. Stop creating a scene here.” Tessa said and Mike followed her like a dog follows his master. But before leaving she gave me her bitch look and said something which was hardly audible to anyone except her. I’m definitely sure she said something mean about me.

What else can I expect from Tessa!

“What the hell was that? Why was he even here?” I heard Adam’s team mates say after Mike had disappeared from the scene.

“He was just here to create a scene.” Adam replied and asked his friends to get back to their practise. He then walked towards me and said, “Why did you come in between Addie?”

“I don’t know. I just didn’t want the situation to go out of control so I stepped in.”

“I hate it.”

“Hate what?”

“He said you attract him. I don’t like it when you attract people especially bastard’s like him.”

Wait! Adam is jealous?

“I can’t help it that I’m so attractive Adam.” I said and laughed

I thought he would join in too but he didn’t, instead he just gave me this stare and said, “You won’t understand Addie.”

“Understand what?”

“Nothing. I need to go, my team needs me. See you later.” He said and ran towards the field without even turning back once. What is that Adam wanted to say that I won’t understand was all I kept thinking the whole day. There are a lot of things I want to say to him too but I’m not sure if he’ll understand. I’m not sure whether my bestfriend will understand that I’m falling in love with him.


Adaline finally agrees that she has fallen for her bestfriend. ^_^

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