My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 1

“Don’t be late tonight Adaline, we have our dinner with the Carter’s,” Dad told me while I was getting ready for the New year’s party at Ethan’s.

“Dad! I talked with Nathalie yesterday, she doesn’t mind if Adam and I don’t join the family dinner.” I said while combing my hair. I was running late and Adam could be here at any moment. Just when dad was about to say something to me the doorbell rang which signaled the coming of Adam, I jumped with joy since I knew Dad wouldn’t shout at me anymore for not joining the dinner.

I ran and opened the door. To my surprise, Adam was looking smoking hot today, not that he doesn’t look hot on other day’s but today he looked hotter. His gorgeous aqua blue eyes were one of the reasons why girls loved him. Also, I can’t forget to mention his physique. He had the hottest body in this entire planet excluding Liam Hemsworth’s because who am I kidding even if Adam is my best friend no one can dare to compare themselves with Liam Hemsworth.

“Hey, Addie. You ready to go?” He asked with a cheerful voice and a big smile on his face.

“Just give me a few minutes okay?”

“You can have all the time in the world.” He said entering my house and went straight to sit on the sofa where dad was already watching his football game.

“Hey, George. How are you doing?” Adam asked while taking a seat beside him.

“I’m good son. Just trying to make this girl understand that she can’t miss our family dinner,” he said pointing towards me.

Adam chuckled listening to dad’s words and said, “You don’t have to worry. I’ll bring her there.”

“Are you kidding me, Adam? It’s New Years. I want to party with my friends plus Natalie already permitted me to go so I don’t care.” I said with a very loud voice. I seriously did not want to celebrate my new years without my friends and skipping one family dinner wouldn’t be such a big issue.

“You talked to mom?”

“Yes, I did! She said we can skip one family dinner, it’s not such a big deal.”

“No, we cannot.” He said in a stern voice.

“Yes, you cannot.” Dad joined him too

What was going on? Are both of them teaming up against me?

“I got my permission from your mom Adam so I don’t care.”

“But how can you do that Addie? We never miss our family dinners. Remember the time when I had my night out with the boys and you forced me to cancel it because of our family dinner. So, this time I won’t let you skip it.”

Are you serious? Why is Adam being such a kid? Okay, I do remember that I had forced him to cancel his night out for the family dinner, but I was a kid back then. But now things have changed plus its New Year’s. Why would I want to stay at home in such an amazing day of the year?

“Can you two please stop fighting?” Mom said while entering the house with two bags full of vegetables. This is what she did before every family dinner. She got all the things and cooked dinner together with Natalie. Natalie is even better at cooking than my mom. I have known her since second grade and she is the sweetest woman alive on this planet. She is like my second mom and I love her a lot. Adam almost looks like his mom, he has hardly taken anything from his dad. Natalie too has aqua blue eyes and she looks beautiful.

“They weren’t fighting Melissa. Your daughter is being annoying this time.” Dad replied while helping mom with her bags.

“What’s the matter with you two?” Mom asked.

“She wants to skip the family dinner,” Adam replied.

“And why would you want to do that?” Mom asked turning her head towards me.

“Its New year’s mom. I want to celebrate it with my friends.” I said in a low voice

“Natalie would want you to be there.” Mom said.

“I talked to her. She allowed me to skip it.”

Listening to this mom was shocked because Natalie was the one who came up with the family dinner thing, every once in a month with the strict rule of no one skipping it.

“Okay then! If she is fine with it then go and enjoy,” Mom said with a smile and kissed me on my cheeks.

“But that’s not fair,” Dad and Adam said at the same time.

“Oh, come on you two. Just give my daughter some rest. She is young and sexy, let her enjoy her life,” She said after giving me a wink.

I laughed listening to her and hugged her tight.

“Do you want to go or shall I call someone else to drive me till the party?” I said looking at Adam. He was very angry. I thought he wanted to skip the dinner too. I mean why wouldn’t he do that? We always spent New Years with our gang.

“Adam we will let it pass for this one-time son,” dad said giving him a small smile which Adam returned.

We stepped out of our house after waving my parents goodbye. I went and sat on the passenger seat and after a few seconds the engine was turned on and we were driving at full speed to Ethan’s place.

“You know? I am still angry at you for skipping the family dinner,” Adam said while I played the music on the radio.

“Arghh! Adam let’s not fight, please. I just want to enjoy New Years with you.”

He didn’t utter a word.


“I am sorry Adam.”

“Adam? Can you not hear me?”

Adaline, you have five minutes till you reach the party. You have to do something because fighting Adam would be the last thing you would want during new years.

Think think think.

I called for his name again and when he didn’t reply, I did the one thing which was his biggest weakness - tickle. I started tickling him.

“Stop. I am driving, you silly girl,” He said while chuckling lightly.

I continued doing the same thing and he finally stopped the car, scared that we could have an accident.

“Okay. You are forgiven,” He sighed.

“I knew that,” I said giving him a wink.

“You are so evil Addie.”

“But you still love me baby,” I said giving him a flying kiss which made us both laugh.

He started the engine again and after a few minutes, we reached the party. The whole house was swamped with people and everyone was dancing to the beats of the music, some were drinking and some were busy making out. I scanned the whole house to look for my group and finally found them sitting at the corner.

I walked towards them and hit Ethan on his head. “What’s up guys?”

“Could you please stop hitting me Addie,” Ethan said with a frustrated look.

“Hey, only I can call her Addie. She is Adaline for you,” Adam said intervening in our conversation.

“Then tell your best friend to stop hitting me all the time.”

“You are like my little brother Ethan,” I said hugging him. He hugged me back and said, “You look beautiful today Adaline.”

“Thank you. Where’s Racheal by the way?”

“That girl is busy sticking her tongue in some French guy.”

“Do I smell jealousy?” I said chuckling. Ethan crushed on Racheal for two years, I think. Everyone knew about this except my idiotic friend, Racheal. She is too dumb to understand it.

“No. I am over her now.”

“You always say that but you don’t mean it.”

Before he could say anything I was pulled in a tight embrace by Felicia. “Where were youuuuuu?” She asked while hugging me tightly.

“Girl you are drunk,” I said and pulled out of her hug.

“A little,” She said with a cute smile. Felicia joined our group just a year ago. She is cute, smart and funny. An all-rounder you could say.

“A lot I would say.”

“Hey, guys!” Racheal came out of nowhere and hugged us from behind.

“Today is going to be super cool.” Felicia squeaked.

“Yes, it is. Let’s get started then.” I said.

We went to the bar and ordered some shots. Ethan and Adam joined us too. We always played this silly game of shots wherein the person who loses has to do a dare given by the winner. I don’t know what was wrong with me today but I couldn’t drink much so I lost the game and Felicia won as she drank 27 cups.

“Give a nice dare Felicia,” Ethan said jumping with joy.

“Kiss the first guy who enters from that door,” she said pointing towards the main door.

“That’s absurd,” Adam said with an irritated look.

“Challenge accepted,” I said with a small grin on my face.

“Addie? Are you out of your mind?”

“No. I am just trying to have some fun,” I said and turned to look at the door. Five minutes passed and no one had come yet and simply when Felicia was about to change her dare, a tall guy entered the house. He looked hot, he had an amazing jawline and his physique was mind-blowing.

“He is hot. Can we swipe our places please?” Racheal asked. I laughed at her statement and started walking towards the guy. He smiled when he saw me, I did the same and before he could say anything, I grabbed him by his neck and kissed him. It wasn’t a passionate kiss but yes, it was hot. It was damn hot!

“Do we know each other?” He asked breaking the kiss.

“You are a good kisser,” I said and walked away. I could see that the guy was startled and embarrassed but it was kind of fun and I enjoyed the kiss.

When I joined my group again, I could see everyone’s face filled with excitement. Ethan was laughing his ass off and Adam was just sulking.

“How was it? Is he a good kisser?” Racheal asked

“The best kisser so far.”

“Gosh! I am so jealous Adaline.”

“You don’t have to be.”

“Guys only one minute is left for New Year’s, so can we stop talking about that guy please?” Ethan said

“Yes. Let’s go out. The fireworks will start at any moment,” Felicia said turning towards the door. She is a great fan of fireworks.

We all went out and waited for the countdown to begin.

“20 seconds left guys,” Ethan shouted

I turned to look at Adam. He was still angry about the kiss.

“Adam,” I said, he turned to look at me but he did not have the same smile that he always did.

“I need a pause,” I said

He was quiet for a moment but then he gave a small smile. It wasn’t his usual one but still, at least he tried. Adam and I had this thing of taking a pause. We have lots of fights and sometimes it’s like we need each other regardless of the fight going on. So, what we do is ask each other for a pause which means taking a break from the fight and continuing it later on. That’s what I needed today. I did not want to start my new years with a fight so I asked for a pause and Adam consented to it.

I then hugged him tightly and to my surprise, he hugged me back.

“10 seconds left,” I heard someone say and then everyone started the countdown.

“I love you Addie,” I heard Adam say.

“I love you too my best friend.”

The moment we pulled apart; the fireworks started.

“Happy New year guys,” Ethan shouted

“Let’s make this year a memorable one,” I heard Adam say. Ethan hugged him tightly, a few seconds later they pulled apart and we had a group hug.

I hope we all have an amazing year ahead.

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