My Bestfriend Loves Me

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Chapter 19

“Did you just say that you hate Liam Hemsworth?” I said on the top of my voice so that everyone sitting around us could hear, I know I was being dramatic but sometimes being dramatic is fun.

“I didn’t say I hate him but I’m not a great fan too.” said Eric in a rather calm tone, he was way too embarrassed with all the stares we were getting from the people around.

“How can you say that? Liam Hemsworth is love.”

“That’s just for girls. How do you expect me to fall in love with him?”

“Everyone loves him. You are just the weird one.”

“Okay you need to lower your voice Adaline. Everyone is looking at us right now.” Though Eric was saying the truth about the people staring us but I didn’t really care because we were seated in a cafe on the outskirts of the city where anyone hardly knew who we were.

“Who cares? I don’t know these people.”

“You don’t know them but I do. I come here almost every other day.”


“Yes. It gives me time to think.”

“Wow. Then I’ll join you too from now on.”

“No. I don’t need company. I come here because I need some time away from the people.”

“Ouch. You are hurting my feelings Thompson.”

“So dramatic you are. Even today I wanted to be here alone but you forced me to bring you along.”

“That’s because school is boring and I needed a change of environment.”

“Yeah yeah I understand. Anything else you want to eat?”

“Can we order chessy fries? The side table just ordered​ it and it looks really tasty.”

This made Eric laugh so much that he couldn’t even speak for a few minutes. His face had turned all red and I was just wondering what was wrong.

“You are cute sometimes.” He said after his hysterical laughing came to a stop.

“I’m cute all the time.” I said and put my tongue out.

“Now eat fast. I need to go for the rehearsals soon.”

“Oh yes! How’s your practise going?”

“Pretty good. How about you?”

“I practise every night. I hope we both get selected in the coming round.”

“Yes I hope so too. But...”

“But what?” I asked

“Have you ever thought about this? What if we have to compete against eachother in the final face off?”

“Okay I don’t want to talk about that.” I said because I hadn’t really given a thought to this, competing with Eric would be so difficult. Whoever wins, one of us will surely be disappointed about the other.

“Yes I think you are right.” He said and started chewing his food. The atmosphere around us got really awkward so I randomly asked him, “Were you always passionate about singing?”

“I was three when I first tried playing the guitar.”

“I don’t know to play any instruments yet.” I said

“Seriously? I could teach you if you want.”

“I’m very passionate about playing the piano but never got a chance to learn.”

“I can play almost every instrument. You just name it.”


“Yes I can play that.”




“Yes I even know that.”

“Damn. You could just start a band on your own.”

“If only I could play all the instruments at one time.” He said and sighed.

“You should make me the lead singer of your band. I’m definitely sure it’ll reach great heights if I’m a part.”

“That was a nice joke. Now eat fast. I’m getting late.”

“What does winning this competition mean to you Eric?” I asked and he looked a little shocked prolly because he wasn’t expecting such a question from me.

“Everything Adaline. Winning means everything for me. You have no idea how much I want to win. I’m ready to give up on everything to win. I have always wanted to make a career in singing and this is one of the greatest opportunity I have got so I don’t want to waste it.”

“Wow. You are so determined to win.”

“Yes I am Adaline.”

“I think we should go. I promised to meet Racheal at lunch.”

“Yes let’s go.” Eric said and made his way towards the counter to pay the bill. While he was paying the bill, I overheard the conversation between him and the owner, “You need to man up and tell her what you feel.”

“She isn’t going to accept my feelings mate.” Eric said and handed over his credit card to the man.

“How can you say that? Seven years is a long wait Eric. Tell her before it’s too late.”

“I need to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Eric said and turned around.

We made our way to his car and all through the journey the only thing stuck in my mind was the conversation that I overheard at the cafe, Eric likes someone since seven years but hasn’t told about his feelings to the girl yet. Who could she be? And how did the man in the counter know all about this? There’s so much I want to ask Eric but I guess all that has to wait for now.


“How can a hot guy like Mike date that bitch Tessa?” Racheal asked while we met during the break for lunch.

“I don’t know Rae. Who cares anyway.” I said while grabbing a freshly made sandwich and an orange juice for myself.

“I have heard Mike is pretty serious about her.” Felicia said

“That’s not possible Fel. Mike is a player.”

“Yes Adaline is right. We dated for a few months and he sucks on bed.” Racheal said.

Obviously. How could I forget the epic relationship of Racheal and Mike. Adam had asked Racheal to break up so many times but she never did that until she found out Mike cheating on her with some cheerleader of his school.

“But you can’t deny that they look hot together.” Felicia said

“Oh yes! They do.” I replied

Racheal wasn’t really pleased with my reply because she made an ugly face which showed her displeasure regarding our current topic. After having a few bites or so from her plate Racheal excused herself saying that she had to go some place important and by that I was definitely sure that she was going to meet her current boyfriend and have a hot makeout session with him before the next lecture commences.

A few minutes after Racheal left, Adam and Ethan joined our table and both looked really happy.

“Why are you boys smiling so much?” I asked

“Yes. It’s very unusual.” Felicia added

“You have no idea what news we have.” Ethan said with a big smile on his face.

Since when did these boys started having gossips?

“Spit it out fast. I hate suspense.” Felicia said

“Mike is such a pussy in front of Tessa. We recorded a video of Tessa scolding Mike and his expression in the whole video is priceless.” Ethan said and laughed along with Adam.

“How about you both upload this on YouTube!” Felicia suggested

“That’s not a bad idea Fel.” Ethan said

“No. You can’t do that Ethan. That’s thier personal matter, there’s no point in going between them.” I said because I wasn’t interested to be a spectator to another fight of Adam and Mike.

“Yes. Addie is right. Mike won’t just sit back and watch if this happens, he’ll do something to bring us down so let’s not initiate a fire between us again.”

“Aye aye captain.” Ethan said

“Ethan are you free tonight?” Felicia asked

“Actually no Fel. I have some work to do. How about tomorrow night?”

“Wait! Where are you guys planning to go without us?” I asked

“We aren’t planning to go anywhere. We go to the same person for math tutor so I just asked whether he is free tonight so I could call sir and ask him to come home.”

“Since when did you two join math tutorial?”

“Since we started flunking in that subject.” Ethan said and smiled looking at Felicia.

“Time to go mate!” Adam said and patted Ethan shoulder indicating him to get up fast.

“Where are you guys going?” Felicia asked

“Football practice​.” Adam replied

“When does the premiere league start?”

“Next week.”

“Cool. Have fun boys.”

“You too.” Adam said and left along with Ethan.

The moment they left I turned to Felicia and asked, “Math tutor? Seriously? Then why do you learn from me everyday?”

“Umm..That is because...”

“Stop beating around the bush and just speak the truth.”

“Honestly my math tutor sucks. I don’t understand a word he says.

“Then why do you even go?”

“Because that’s the only time I get to spend with Ethan alone.”

“What? Ethan? Fel you like Ethan?”

“Yes I do. I don’t like him Adaline. I love him.”

“Since when? And why didn’t you tell me about this before?”

“Because the whole school knows he’s madly in love with Racheal so there was no point in telling. Adaline, I know you and Racheal have a better bond than we both share but please don’t tell about this to Racheal.”

“Fel why would I tell this to Racheal? You can trust me and it’s nothing like I like Racheal more than you. You both are my bestfriends.”

“I don’t know what to do Adaline. It hurts.”

“You love a guy who is already in love with a girl since so many years, it’s definitely going to hurt Fel.”

“I hate it when he looks at her the way I want him to look at me. Sometimes I just feel like slapping Racheal and making her realise how stupid she is for not accepting what’s right in front of her.”

“I know. Even I feel the same.”

“I don’t know why I fell for him Adaline. I’m stupid.”

“No you’re not. You can’t help it Fel, love just happens. No one has any control over it.”

“I try a lot Adaline. Every single day I try to move on but I can’t. It’s just that I have no control over these feelings.”

“It’s okay Fel. Everything will be fine. You just need to make sure that Ethan doesn’t come to know about all this.”

“Will he start hating me if I tell him how I feel?”

“He won’t hate you Fel. He’ll just start distancing himself from you. Ethan is a nice guy, he wouldn’t want to give you any unnecessary hopes so he’ll definitely choose to distance himself.”

“Yes even I thought the same. Don’t worry I’m not letting this come out.”

“Even my lips are sealed.” I said and acted of locking my mouth and throwing the keys somewhere far. Felicia laughed after seeing my actions and then hugged me tight saying, “I’m glad to have you in my life Adaline.”

“Me too Fel.”

“Let’s go before the lecture starts.” Felicia said and got up holding her plate so we could throw it in the trash while moving out.

“Yes! Let’s go.”


What do you guys think about Felicia’s feeling for Ethan? Who do you think Ethan suits more with?
Team Racheal or Team Felicia?
Comment down below to let me know your thought ;)

Love you all <3

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